Spring arrives this afternoon at 5:58pm EDT.

Bathing suit model turned furniture salesperson Kathy Ireland turns 56 today. She Missed a St. Patrick's birthday by 3 days. How perfect would that have been? When I say, "Some day, I'd like to visit Ireland," that's who I'm referring to.

David Thewlis turns 56 today. Who? Let's bring a face into focus: Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies and the bad guy in one of seasons of TV's "Fargo."

Holly Hunter turns 61. She still looks great. Of course, I'm basing that on the "Incredibles" movies. She's at the stage of being an actress where the best jobs are on TNT.

Spike Lee turns 62 today. Had hoped for an Oscar for his birthday. He plans an enjoyable night court side at Madison Square Garden because the Knicks are out of town.

Basketball coach Pat Riley turns 74 today. Nothing special planned. Just going out and having the oil changed on his hair.

Carl Reiner is still going and alive and well on Twitter at age 97!


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