Netflix Heartthrob Noah Centineo in Talks to Play He-Man in Masters of the Universe. Noah Centineo is getting the superhero treatment. The 22-year-old is in talks to play He-Man in the upcoming Masters of the Universe movie, according to Entertainment Weekly. Sony Pictures and Mattel Films are teaming up to bring the superhero to the big screen once again. The movie is based on the popular Mattel toy figures that spurned the 80's cartoon show He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The kids show also spawned the live-action 1987 film Masters of the Universe starring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man. Band of Robbers directors Adam and Aaron Nee are now helming the film and co-writing the screenplay. Centineo has emerged as the go-to heartthrob after his turn in back-to-back Netflix films in August. He first played the lovable and dreamy Peter Kavinsky in the hit To All the Boys I Loved Before, which is getting a sequel. Just a few weeks later, Centineo once again played the romantic lead in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, cementing his status as a rom-com hunk. Since then, the actor has booked roles on movies like the Charlie's Angels reboot and Perfect Date, another Netflix rom-com where he plays a guy who poses as the perfect boyfriend for hire. Centineo opened up to PEOPLE earlier this year about his designated role of "Internet boyfriend" after all his rom-com roles. "I want to keep doing those," he said. "But I want to branch out and risk and do other things, too." He also looked ahead to filming the highly-anticipated To All the Boys I Loved Before sequel with costar Lana Condor. "I haven't seen a script yet, but I know Lana [Condor] is stoked," he says of returning to Vancouver to shoot the film this spring. "We're all really, really excited. I'm over the moon." (People)

Too Afraid to See Us? Here's What Jordan Peele Has to Say About That. Horror movie fans are surely rejoicing that Jordan Peele's highly anticipated second film Us has finally arrived. It's hitting theaters almost exactly two years after Get Out, which awarded Peele with an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Chris Washington's (Daniel Kaluuya) unforgettable weekend at his girlfriend Rose Armitage's (Allison Williams) home as well as his journey into and escape from The Sunken Place have been etched into our minds for good after seeing it. Us had a lot to live up to for Peele fans, and reviews are showing that it surely did just that. It already has a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and has been given the stamp of approval by a fair share of critics. While Us may look just as scary as Get Out, Peele has some tidbits of information for anyone too afraid to buy a ticket at the theater. Peele chatted with E! News at the premiere on Tuesday night and discussed the film as well as why he loved working with its stars Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke. Peele hopes that moviegoers put their apprehension aside when strolling up to the theater because there is some light amid the frightening parts. "I think this is a scarier movie than Get Out, but I'm being told that people who don't like horror movies still like this movie," he told us. "I think the fun outweighs the scary." It may be time to say "get out!" to any horror movie fears for the sake of Us. The former Key and Peele star said that having Nyong'o and Duke in his newest film has been a "dream." He explained, "They're Yale grads, they know how to dig and find levels to their characters that you didn't know were there. It was a magical collaboration." Just like Get Out was layered with societal and cultural undertones and lessons, Us is no different and he does it that way on purpose. "Any time there's an Us, there's a Them, so I'm always going to be pointing my finger at society and what our societal equals are," Peele told E! News. Nyong'o has been repping the color red at a number of public appearances related to the film. At the London premiere, for instance, she wore red contact lenses that matched her red sequin dress. The hue is very prevalent throughout the film, and she told us on Tuesday that she wants to keep her looks "on-theme." The Black Panther actress reciprocated Peele's praise and called him an "incredible director." Although the film itself wasn't scary to make, she explained, "it was a very scary place that I had to go in order to get into my character and stay in it for as long as I did." Nyong'o said the set was actually very "joyful." Queer Eye's Karamo Brown shared his enthusiasm for horror films and reality TV with E! News at the premiere as well. It turns out that the Netflix star is a huge fan of reality shows, especially the Real Housewives franchise because he loves "the psychology behind it." "I think a lot of people miss that. These women are really dealing with some real, emotional issues and putting it out there for the world. I think if people could really evaluate what they're doing, I think people could really grow and have better lives, but sometimes we just get caught up in the drama," Brown said. There was one Housewife in particular that inspired him to do make an addition to his family: Lisa Vanderpump. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is currently ensnared in a situation being dubbed "puppygate" and all of it gave Brown the extra push to adopt a puppy himself. He gave E! News the exclusive on this info and joked that his canine's name is Elizabeth Diane, "but we're calling her Lizzie." Prepare for her social media intro sometime in the very near future. Brown, too, applauded Peele for his work and called him "one of the most amazing people of our time" and a "genius." In case you have any questions about horror movies, Brown may be your go-to because he said he's seen them all Jason, Nightmare on Elm Street, It, Saw, etc.  "14 million times." (Eonline)

Forrest Gump Almost Got a Sequel Covering O.J. and Princess Diana. O.J. Simpson's Bronco chase? A dance with Princess Diana? There was a lot more in store had Forrest Gump's story continued. That is, according to Oscar-winning screenwriter Eric Roth, who wrote the screenplay for the hit 1994 film. As he recently revealed to Yahoo!, he had penned a sequel script that featured Gump popping up at significant times and places of the 1990s, including in Simpson's infamous getaway car, the white Ford Bronco, as well as a charity dance with the late Princess Diana. Apparently, Gump knew his way around a dance floor. As Roth explained to Yahoo!, Gump also meets a Native American woman and eventually finds his "calling" as a bingo caller on a reservation. However, it would not have been all fun and games for Gump. The film would have began with a focus on his son, who was born with AIDS, and how other students did not want to go to class with him. Tragedy would strike in the form of a building blowing up behind Gump, who was sitting and waiting to eat lunch with his Native American friend who worked at a nursery school at a government building in Oklahoma City. It would turn out to be the deadly 1995 Oklahoma City terrorist bombing. In real life, tragic timing kept the script away from the silver screen. In the interview with Yahoo!, Roth said he turned in the script the day before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. "When 9/11 occurred, I think we felt maybe everything we had written was meaningless," he said. "Everything felt meaningless. "When asked if the script will ever "see the light of day," Roth was doubtful. "I would say not," he answered. "I think it wouldn't be our first choice and we thought this was pretty special and maybe it should just be left alone, but I tried." (Eonline)

San Francisco Film Festival to Present Tributes to Laura Dern, Laura Linney and John C. Reilly. It will also host a tribute to director Claire Denis, who will screen her new sci-fi film 'High Life.' Laura Dern, Laura Linney, John C. Reilly and director Claire Denis will all be treated to tributes at the 62nd annual San Francisco International Film Festival, which runs from April 10-19 at venues throughout the city. Presented by the nonprofit SFFilm, the festival, which announced its full line-up, will screen 163 films, including 46 narrative features and 40 documentary features. The fest will kick off with the already-announced world premiere of the first episode of upcoming Netflix series Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City and conclude with Gavin Hood's political thriller Official Secrets, starring Keira Knightley. Lulu Wang's The Farewell, starring Awkwafina as a broke Asian-American artist visiting her family in China, will screen as the fest's Centerpiece event on April 18. As for the tributes, Denis will take part in an onstage conversation preceding a screening of her new sci-fi film High Life, starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche; Linney, who stars in Tales of the City, will take part in a conversation before a screening of her 2007 feature The Savages, in which she shared the screen with the late Philip Seymour Hoffman; Dern is accompanying her film Trial By Fire, a true-life death row drama directed by Edward Zwick; and Reilly and producer Alison Dickey will take part in a Q&A following a screening of Jacques Audiard's Western The Sisters Brothers. Boots Riley, the writer and director of Sorry to Bother You, will give the fest's annual State of Cinema address on April 13. The festival's Launch program, which features world premieres, will present Cheryl Haines' Ai Weiwei: Yours Truly, a documentary about the Chinese artist's 2014 @Large art installation at Alcatraz, and Zachary Cotler and Magdalena Zyzak's When I'm A Moth, a fictional account of how Hillary Rodam Clinton spent the summer of 1969 working at a cannery in Alaska. The festival will present its persistence of vision award to documentary filmmaker Madeline Anderson and its George Gund III craft of cinema award to Claude Jarman, Jr., the former child actor who went on to head the San Francisco Film Society, now known as SFFilm, from 1965 -- 1980. Further details can be found at the festival's website. (Hollywood Reporter)

The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood trailer starring Margot Robbie and Leo DiCaprio is here. There really couldn't be a better all-star line-up than Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie. Throw director and writer, Quentin Tarantino, into the mix and we are already thinking one word: OSCAR. The film in question? Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - a tale woven in late 1960s Los Angeles where a washed-up Western star and his long-time stunt double struggle to maintain their fame in an ever-changing Hollywood landscape. Tarantino has been writing it for five years, no less! The famed director's new film will premiere at the Cannes film festival in May, and at long last expectant fans have got a glimpse of the most anticipated film of the year. While we don't see any plot teasers in the new trailer, which centers around the exploits of Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), a washed-up actor and his long-time stunt double against a backdrop of the grisly real-life Manson murders, we are fully transported to the height of the hippie Hollywood with a montage of Southern California in the late 1960s. "Actors are required to do a lot of dangerous stuff," Rick Dalton explains in the trailer. "Cliff, here, is meant to help carry the load." "What, carrying his load?," Cliff Booth responds. "Yeah, that's about right." Last summer it was revealed that none other than Lena Dunham will join the stellar line-up, starring alongside Margot Robbie, Dakota Fanning, Al Pacino, Kurt Russell and Damian Lewis who takes on the role of Steve McQueen. The part will be Dunham's first major feature film role, where she'll play a character named Gypsy. Joining Dunham will be our favorite rising star, Sydney Sweeney. The break out star from season two of the Handmaid's Tale and fresh from another star turn in Sharp Objects, Sydney's role is yet to be confirmed but 2019 is set to be the young actress' year with roles confirmed in Zendaya's new HBO series, Euphoria and Big Time Adolescence. Despite the film not being slated for release until 29th July 2019, Leonardo, who plays Rick Dalton, and Brad who plays Cliff Booth both fictional characters - have commenced filming and we have been served our first glimpse of the stars in action. Brad is seen doing for double denim what Britney and Justin did for the polarizing trend in 2001, wearing a 'true blue two piece', suede boots and naturally, the corner stone of any late 1960s Hollywood star's wardrobe: aviators. Leo, on the other hand, was seen wearing the brown leather structured jacket of our actual dreams and a coy Cuban heel. Niche, but we are into it. Margot unveiled her first glimpse of her new sassy and sixties look via Instagram. A pair of knee-high white boots, a snazzy mini skirt and black long-sleeved roll neck jumper transform her into the murdered actress and model, Sharon Tate. The comparisons are uncanny, and we are now going to spend the rest of the day researching all the Sharon Tate looks we can copy. Tarantino previously worked with Brad on Inglorious Basterds, which garnered an epic eight Academy Award nominations. Leonardo, on the other hand, starred in QT's Django Unchained, which swept two Oscars wins from five nominations. So, it's safe to say Once Upon a Time in Hollywood already has its sights set on golden glory. We will keep you updated on the film as and when we receive more updates. However, we can reveal one plot spoiler: WE. CAN'T. WAIT. (British Glamour)


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