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Batwoman boss teases 'pretty serious Batman villain' in season 1. Showrunner Caroline Dries explains her 'back to basics' approach to Kate Kane and 'Batwoman'. Batwoman has been in production for only a few weeks, but Ruby Rose is already loving it. "It has a completely different feel than any other job that I've done before," says the Orange Is the New Black alum, who appears on the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. "I wake up and I feel a lot of gratitude and excitement for what's going to come in the day ahead." Rose's red-haired vigilante grappling-hooked into the Arrowverse in last December's "Elseworlds," but the actress' new series is set before that topsy-turvy crossover. Premiering Oct. 6, Batwoman begins with Bruce Wayne's cousin Kate Kane (Rose) returning home to a beleaguered Gotham after years of training, and picking up the Bat-mantle in Bruce's absence. "She's eve…

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Greta Gerwig is set to inject a feminist spin into the live-action Barbie film starring Margot Robbie and we're so here for it. The dream team. When Warner Brothers announced Barbie was undergoing a modern-day makeover in a new live-action film, no one expected Robbie would be cast in the role. While it seems like an obvious fit aesthetically, it doesn't scream revolutionary. In the past, the Barbie doll has garnered widespread criticism for projecting unrealistic body ideals onto young girls, so with the news of a film, we presumed the doll would be reinvented for a progressive, 21st century audience. But don't panic just yet. There's still hope. Ladybird's Greta Gerwig has confirmed she'll be joining forces with her long-term partner Noah Baumbach to co-write the script, with the screenwriter in talks to direct the film too. And if there's one thing guaranteed with Greta, it's a female-led film with strong feminist messaging. Oh yes. "For us, the…

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Cardi B has compassion for A$AP Rocky and wants him freed ASAP, but she's not about to boycott a country that has shown her unbridled love ... i.e., Sweden. Cardi literally (well, almost) stopped Bev Hills in its tracks when she perused the shelves at Prada, with throngs of fans craning their necks to sneak a peak. Our photog asked if she's down with pulling the plug on appearances in Sweden in protest of Sweden's decision to keep A$AP Rocky in jail while prosecutors noodle over whether to charge him with aggravated assault. Cardi is clearly empathetic to the plight of A$AP, who's been stuck in a Swedish jail for more than 2 weeks. The State Dept. is actively trying to get him out and, with a little help from Kim and Kanye, President Trump is on board as well. Cardi hadn't seen our video with Quavo, who said he too was abused by cops in Sweden. As for A$AP, the next 24 hours could be game-changing because we're told the State Dept. is putting the squeeze on Swe…


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's New Foundation Name Revealed. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are beginning a new chapter as the directors of their own charitable foundation. It's been nearly a month since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they will be parting ways with the Royal Foundation, as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton. But it seems like they took no time in establishing their own foundation titled, "Sussex Royal." According to documents obtained by E! News, the new parents are officially naming it the "Sussex Royal The Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex," or "Sussex Royal" for short. With the creation of the charity, the Sussex's are truly creating a brand centered around their titles. Their business savvy plan is hardly a surprise considering they have PR guru Sara Latham joining them as one of the four directors. The American is currently their Communications Secretary, and formerly worked on robust po…


Surprise! Bradley Whitford and Amy Landecker Are Married. Congratulations are in order for Bradley Whitford and Amy Landecker! The Transparent co-stars have tied the knot. The 49-year-old actress shared the big news via Instagram on Wednesday and revealed the couple had eloped. "Of Bradley. #eloped," she wrote alongside a photo from their special day. The bride wore a periwinkle dress with a pink floral print for the momentous occasion. However, it looks like she had planned on wearing white. After a commenter noted she had "loved the white one, too," Landecker revealed she had a bit of a fashion emergency. "I destroyed it with makeup right before the wedding," she wrote in the comments section. "Thank God I packed this!" The star also wore her hair down for the big day and carried a white bouquet of roses. As for the groom, he opted for a sharp suit. The dynamic duo celebrated the major milestone with their puppy pals. They also received severa…


People out there have a lot of funny ideas about quiet people, the worst one being that all quiet people are alike. There are about 10 million reasons why someone might not talk very much, running the gamut from being shy, to hating you, to having sold their voice to a witch in return for legs. People who don't recognize this come up with their own ridiculous assumptions about what quiet people are up to. Even quiet people themselves are guilty of assigning their own traits to all other quiet people in the world. Here's a few of those assumptions.

Quiet People Are Looking For Your Help
There's a common assumption that all quiet people really want to be talkative, but can't be. They just lack confidence, or are really bad with words, but if you just reached out a helping hand and gave them a gentle push, you could rescue them from their silent prison, from which they must constantly look out in misery at normal people talking and enjoying themselves. First, many people ar…


Men's Health gives us this survey on money and the above average guy:
62 years old is the average age an American man retires
$1.8 million - What the experts say he'll need to live comfortably until he dies or turns 92.
$124,831 - Is the amount of money he actually has saved, by the time he's 52.
38 - Years is the amount of time it would take to become a millionaire if you save $1,000 a month, staring right now, at a 4 percent annual rate of return.
$3,154 - Is the amount of money guys spend dining out each year.
$1,100 - Is the sum you'd save if you packed your lunch every day instead of blowing it at the deli.
$200,000 - Annual income the average family man thinks, he needs to attain life satisfaction. Most guys aren't even close.
$35,594 - Is the average guy's annual income by the time he's 30 years old.
$57,239 - Is his average annual income by the time he hits 50.
46 percent - Of U.S. men who own zero stocks.
56 percent - Of guys keep and stay on a budget.


Chances are, it is you who is miserable at work. 64 percent of U.S. adults young and old are unhappy at their job -- and their bad bosses are primarily to blame. This is more than workplace whining. It has a big effect on the bottom line. Unhappy employees are not as productive and that is costing businesses nationwide a whopping $360 billion annually. Led by Michelle McQuaid of, the study concluded that bosses are leaving American workers feeling unappreciated, uninspired, lonely and miserable.

The top 10 facts the study found to which bosses should pay attention -- or else:

1. Only 36 percent of working U.S. adults are happy at their job.

2. Fully 65 percent say a better boss would make them happier in the workplace, compared with 35 percent who would choose a raise to put a smile on their face.

3. Nearly one-third (31 percent) of employees polled feel uninspired and unappreciated by their boss, and close to 15 percent feel downright miserable, bored and lonely.

4. Only …


Cosmopolitan polled readers on which micro-cheating aka nonphysical infidelity moves are the absolute worst:
11 percent - Looking at or "Liking" a particular hot model's Instagram posts
13 percent - DM'ing a celebrity crush
17 percent - Watching an ex's or a crush's Insta Story
18 percent - Posting thirst traps lots of sexy selfies
73 percent - Liking or commenting on an ex's posts if the ex isn't a platonic friend
84 percent - Snap-chatting cuter pics to a hot coworker
84 percent - Complaining about your current relationship to a potential romantic prospect via text


Many a woman (and probably a few men, too) have long known that shopping can give them a boost of happiness. But such episodes of retail therapy have been branded as nothing more than a lost and lonely soul trying to fill a void by buying stuff and becoming more lost and lonely in the process. That might not always be an accurate assessment. Researchers from Tilburg University in the Netherlands have concluded that the relationship between shopping and loneliness can go both ways -- and which way it goes has a lot to do with why you shop. While loneliness can encourage materialism, they found that the right type of materialism can reduce loneliness. There are three types of shoppers, and it's quite likely we switch back-and-forth between them:

1. The One-Upper
People who purchase things to increase their social status tend to get more lonely. The biggest house, the most clothes or the most expensive car don't actually make them feel better.

2. The Comfort-Seeker
These shoppers bel…


If you own a smart phone you're more likely to be a victim of identity theft.Sleep is the first thing most people think about every day.The first male flight attendant started in 1922, the first female in this profession started in 1930.The typical American child will go through 730 crayons before their 10th birthday.Ivory soap was accidentally invented in 1879 when a worker made a mistake while making a product. The product was shipped out because the worker didn't tell anyone, but it turned out people ended up asking for the "soap that floats."A recent poll suggests that, contrary to popular belief, men really do enjoy watching romantic films, even if they might not admit to it.68% of U.S. adults take vitamin supplements. 53% are regular users, while 12% are occasional users. 72% of women who take supplements and 64% of men also take supplements.According to USA Today, the average person has at least an old key on their keychain that they haven't u…


Beyonce's song from "The Lion King," "Spirit" isn't happening. It topped out at number 3 on the iTunes chart and is now at 66. It's not on any Spotify streaming charts. On AppleMusic, "Spirit" isn't on the USA top 50. It appears at number 92 on the Global Streaming chart for Apple Music.Instagram is tweaking their program, starting in Australia. When the new platform takes over, you'll be able to see how many likes your photos have gotten, but not everybody else's. The idea is to create a "less pressurized environment where people feel comfortable expressing themselves."The Atlantic League recently installed robot umpires as part of a three-year agreement with Major League Baseball. A coach was ejected from the game after just one inning for arguing about the robot ump's strike zone.135,000 are in San Diego this weekend for Comic-Con International, which launched on Wednesday night.In Buena Park, California, a dog was…