Cosmopolitan offers up these stats on sex and dating:
  • Vegans are 10% less likely than their meat-hungry friends to want to have sex.
  • 9% of people who have done the deed at a music festival prefer it in the porta potty.
  • 22% of couples say that 10pm is the ideal time to have sex.
  • Drive a gray car? The odds that your boo cheats on you are lower.
  • 32% of people would give up sex for one month in exchange for never having to deal with Wi-Fi issues again.
  • 30% of people would give up sex for an entire year in order to keep their Netflix subscription.
  • 56% of partner spread fecal bacteria when they share shower towels.
  • 41% of women would rather have the ability to read their dog's mind than their significant other's.
  • 75% of women don't want to date a man who calls himself a feminist.
  • 63% of couples use the toilet with the door open.
  • Having a hamster in your profile picture on dating app Zoosk will boost your incoming messages by 351%.
  • 31% of Cosmo readers would consider it a hard nope if their date pronounced Chipotle incorrectly.
  • When it comes to going somewhere you haven't been before: 59% of you have your dates pick where to meet up.
  • Your typical first-date move is to: 31% show up early, while 52% show up exactly on time and 17% show up late.


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