Here are some actual office Christmas party tips you can use from

  • Even though the music is playing, food and alcohol is being served, and people are laughing - the office party is a business function. Keeping this in mind before your every action can only lead to successful behavior.
  • Arrive on time, mingle, speak to the boss, eat a few hor d'ouevres, thank the host, make a graceful exit.
  • Eat and drink in moderation. It is better to go back for seconds than to put the entire buffet table on your plate. Keep the alcohol to the barest minimum. This is the worst place ever to get drunk. This action usually leads to the undoing of many. If you do plan to drink, it is a good idea to eat a little before you arrive to reduce the effects of alcohol.
  • If the party is not actually at the office, make sure you have accurate directions, so as not to arrive late.
  • Upon arrival, don't head straight to the bar or food table. You are at the party to socialize with your co-workers, boss, and to make new connections. Circulate the room before you make your plate or get a drink.
  • Make sure you chat with your co-workers and tell them how great it was to work with them all year. Remember to thank those that worked with you on projects throughout the year

Some "Other" Things to remember to do at the office party.

  • Don't bring up Ned Beatty scene in "Deliverance movie" to the boss' fat brother
  • Don't compliment boss wife on color of panties
  • Bring chapstick so lips don't get sore kissing ass all night
  • Don't tell boss you've seen bigger raises at impotency clinic
  • Don't tell friend's you have to leave early because you only have date hired for two-hours.


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