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South Mountain Freeway construction to ramp up in 2018

Arizona’s largest single highway project ever on schedule to open by late 2019 One year after major construction began on the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway, bridges have been built from the ground up, a massive amount of earth has been moved and compacted, and an emerging I-10 interchange has changed the West Valley skyline. The South Mountain Freeway is more than 35 percent complete from design to utilities to right-of-way acquisition to construction. Work is currently underway in all but one section of the 22-mile corridor. To date, crews have installed 8 miles of drainage pipe, moved 3.6 million cubic yards of dirt and used 2,900 tons of rebar manufactured from recycled steel. In 2018, construction will expand as the Arizona Department of Transportation moves toward opening the freeway by late 2019. Work is scheduled to begin this spring in the Center segment, a 3-mile stretch between 51st Avenue southeast and 32nd Lane. This week, ADOT and Connect 202 Partners, the developer resp

Beer and Mathematics!



Mark Zuckerberg is Having a Bad Week Like Facebook doesn't have enough bad PR right now. Child development experts and advocates are urging the social media giant to pull the plug on its new messaging app aimed at kids under 13 years old. A group letter sent Tuesday to CEO Mark Zuckerberg argues that younger children aren't ready to have social media accounts, navigate the complexities of online relationships, or protect their own privacy. Facebook launched the free Messenger Kids app in December, pitching it as a way for children to chat with family members and parent-approved friends. It doesn't give kids separate Facebook or Messenger accounts. Rather, the app works as an extension of a parent's account, and parents get controls such as the ability to decide who their kids can chat with. Facebook claims it fills "a need for a messaging app that lets kids connect with people they love but also has the level of control parents want." But a group of 100 expe


According to a survey from Good Parenting magazine, 68% of women said they craved nachos the most while they were pregnant.  One in 4 women have said "no" to a marriage proposal at least once in their lifetime.  A survey reveals that 40% of men admit to playing up their cold and flu symptoms to get attention.  A USA Today survey found that most people say they are afraid of the garbage disposal in their own house.  15% of women confine themselves to their office so they won't shop during their lunch hour.  The average woman can say "thank you" in three different languages.  On average, we spend just over 40 minutes eating every day.


Jim Caviezel is in talks to reprise the role of Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson's upcoming sequel to The Passion of The Christ, according to USA Today. The film will reportedly cover the resurrection of Christ.  Quincy Jones had some harsh words for Taylor Swift's music. Not sure where that came from...  Sunday Night's Grammy's had its lowest numbers since 2008.  Supermodel sisters Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid appear on two covers and pose nude for the March 2018 edition of British Vogue.  In Italy, police have found a half-ton of undelivered mail in a postman's garage.  The feds are going to investigate Apple in the wake of reports that claimed their older software slowed down that, of course, you'd want to buy a new, faster one.  United Airlines denied a woman boarding one of their flights, after she tried to bring an "emotional support peacock" with her.  The body of Mark Salling was found in the Los Angeles river yesterday, the rest


On this date in 1606, Guy Fawkes, convicted for his part in the Gunpowder Plot against the English Parliament and King James I, was executed. See, back then they'd execute you if you were in charge of the Fawkes network. For the record, no relation to Megan Fox. The classic composer Franz Schubert was born on this date, back in 1797. One of his most famous works was his last, "The Unfinished Symphony." We'll have that score for you as soon as it comes in. On this date in, 1862 Telescope maker Alvin Clark discovered the dwarf companion of Sirius. It redefined what made a Sirius relationship. He wanted to name it 'Shirley" until the giant star spoke and said, "I am Sirius and stopping calling it Shirley." It was on this date back in 1905 that a person drove a car over 100mph for the very first time. His first words: "I gotta get those brakes fixed!" On this date in 1948, the magnetic tape wire recorder was invented. It would be great to have

Music Calendar...

In 1955 RCA demonstrates the first music synthesizer. In 1958 Little Richard quits music at the height of his fame to attend evangelism college, where he stayed for 4 years. In 1959 Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper play Duluth, Minnesota, three days before their fatal plane crash. In 1963 17-year-old Neil Young performs his first professional gig at a country club in Winnipeg, Canada. In 1963 Tony Sheridan & the Beat Brothers record "What'd I Say" and "Ruby Baby." In 1963 The Beach Boys record "Surfin' USA." In 1968 "Judy In Disguise With Glasses" by John Fred & his Playboy Band and "Bend Me, Shape Me" by the American Breed are both certified gold. In 1969 Bobby Darin walks off the "Jackie Gleason Show" when he is not allowed to sing "Long Line Rider." In 1970 Creedence Clearwater Revival begins work on a TV special. In 1970 Phil Leash and Bob Weir of the Grate

Today In History...

In 1606 Guy Fawkes, convicted for his part in the Gunpowder Plot against the English Parliament and King James I, is executed. In 1862 Telescope maker Alvin Clark discovers the dwarf companion ofSirius. In 1865 General Robert E. Lee is named general-in-chief of the Confederate armies. In 1917 Germany serves notice that it was beginning a policy of unrestricted submarine warfare. In 1934 President Franklin D. Roosevelt devalues the dollar in relation to gold. In 1944 During World War II, U.S. forces begin invading Kwajalein Atoll and other parts of the Japanese-held Marshall Islands. In 1945 U.S. Army Private Eddie Slovik is shot by an American firing squad in France during World War II, becoming the only American soldier executed for desertion since the Civil War. In 1948 The magnetic tape wire recorder is developed by Wireway. In 1949 "These Are My Children," TV's first soap opera begins on NBC. In 1950 President Harry Truman announces he had o

Born On This Day...

In 1797 Austrian composer, Franz Schubert In 1830 Journalist, James Gillespie Blaine (co-founded Republican Party) In 1831 Inventor, Rudolph Wurlitzer (electric playing organs) In 1868 Chemist, Theodore Richards (atomic weights) (Nobel-1914) In 1875 American novelist, Zane Gray (America West) In 1881 Physical chemist, Irving Langmuir (Nobel-1932) In 1892 Comedian, Eddie Cantor (Colgate Comedy Hour) [d: 10-10-64] In 1894 Actor, Percy Helton (Homer Cratchit-The Beverly Hillbillies) In 1903 Actress, Tallulah Bankhead (Black Widow-TV's Batman) [d: 12-12-68] In 1903 Publisher, Gardner Cowles (founded Look Magazine) [d: 7-8-85] In 1912 Actor, John Boylan (Twin Peaks) [d: 11-16-94] In 1913 Football Hall-of-Famer, Don Hutson (Packers) [d: 6-26-97] In 1913 Football Hall-of-Famer, Wayne Millner (Redskins) [d: 11-19-76] In 1914 Boxer, "Jersey" Joe Walcott (heavyweight champ 1951-52) [d: 2-25-94] In 1915 TV personality, Garry Moore (I've


Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott Gives Birth to Twins. The Baby Bellums are here! Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott has given birth to twin girls, she announced on Instagram Monday. This marks Hillary and husband Chris Tyrell's second and third child together, as the longtime couple also raises 4-year-old Eisele Kaye. Scott wrote in a heartfelt statement, "Our family is thankful and proud to announce the arrival of our precious baby girls. They were born in the early hours of January 29th, 2018 and we can't wait to share more about them in the days to come. Thank you to everyone who prayed and prayed for these little ladies, and thank you Lord for healthy babies. #twins". The country music performer was forced to skip out on the 2018 Grammys because of her pregnancy, but bandmates Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood made sure Hillary's presence was felt by bringing a cardboard cutout of her face to the big show. Scott, 31, first announced she was expecting twins