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Spotify Hits 100 Million Paid Subscribers. The music streaming service now has 217 million active monthly users as it looks to grow its advertising and video revenue. Music streaming giant Spotify on Monday reported a smaller fiscal first-quarter loss and said it grew its user base to 100 million premium subscribers and 217 million total active monthly users. Premium users were up from 96 million in the fourth quarter and 75 million in the year-ago period, while active monthly users were up from 207 million in the fourth quarter and 173 million in the year-ago period. Spotify had predicted the former to reach 97 million-100 million and the latter to hit 215 million-220 million in the latest quarter. The premium user gain was "driven by a better-than-plan promotion in the U.S. and Canada and continued strong growth in Family Plan," Spotify said. "We also saw strong growth from the expansion of our Google Home Mini promotion, as well as the price reduction to our Spotify …


Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Make Red Carpet Debut With Her Kids at 'UglyDolls' Premiere. It was a family affair for Gwen Stefani and her sons Kingston, 12, Zuma, 10, and Apollo, 5, at the UglyDolls premiere on Saturday, April 27 -- and the "Cool" songstress' boyfriend, Blake Shelton, also tagged along! The couple posed with Stefani's children, whom she shares with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, on the red carpet for the first time at L.A. Live in Los Angeles and appeared to have the best time together. The younger two boys posed alongside Shelton, 42, while the 49-year-old No Doubt singer's eldest stood by her side. Stefani sported black heels with bedazzled jeans and a patterned jacket for the outing, while Shelton rocked a plaid shirt, blue jeans and matching jacket. The California native's brood all went casual for the event, wearing a mixture of denim and graphic tops. Though the couple ? who started dating in the fall of 2015 -- are serious about …


Madonna's performance for the ages at the Billboard Music Awards ain't gonna be cheap ... it's gonna cost Madge a whopping FIVE MILLION BUCK$. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the Queen of Pop's gonna cough up the money herself with ZERO assistance from Billboard as it gears up to unveil Madonna's groundbreaking performance slated to air Wednesday live from the MGM Las Vegas. What M has planned is already being billed as one of the most ambitious performances ever attempted on live TV ... a set that'll include holograms and CGI. We're told Madonna's appearance will last almost 7 minutes. Madonna's clearly rehearsing ferociously. She posted a video Sunday saying she wants her feet to hurt. The performance comes on the heels of Madonna releasing a new track "Medelln" ... featuring Colombian superstar Maluma. The Material Girl's also set to drop her new album, "Madame X" June 14. So, while everyone's champing at th…


Prince William Jokingly Says He Has 'No Idea' When Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Baby Is Due. Prince William had a hilarious response to the question we're all wondering: How much longer until he becomes an uncle again? During his visit to New Zealand, the father of three was asked about the imminent arrival of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby. Fans and locals, who are on royal baby watch, inquired about Meghan's due date, with one boldly asking: "Any signs of the royal baby?" "I haven't got my phone on me. I have no idea! You guys will find out before I do at this rate!" William responded, as seen in a video shared on a fan account Saturday. William, who is dad to Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, who turns 4 on May 2, and Prince Louis, arrived in the country on Thursday (local time) for the start of his two-day visit made on behalf of the Queen and at the request of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. Meanw…


Chris Hemsworth Shares Childhood Memory While Reflecting on Avengers Handprint Ceremony. Chris Hemsworth is sharing a poignant link between his childhood in Australia and his accomplishments as a Hollywood actor. On Sunday, the Thor star posted a series of photos on Instagram from his handprint ceremony that occurred on Wednesday outside the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The Avengers: Endgame actors, including Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo gathered outside of the famous theater to quite literally cement their legacy with the storied Marvel franchise. The historic moment reminded Hemsworth of something that he did when he was a young boy. "I remember many years ago carving my name into wet concrete on the sidewalk outside my grandmas place," he captioned the pictures. "Little did I know that years on those skills would come in handy!" Practice makes perfect. He concluded his caption by talking a bit about the …


If you adopt a kitten this year, it will cost you roughly $4,300 during its lifetime.Experts recommend it's good for your weight to go for a walk in the morning.Of all the fast-food joints, Subway has the most worldwide locations.A survey says that the average American is willing to drive up to 36 miles out of the way for a good meal.39% of us have trouble falling asleep on a Sunday night.4 out of 10 employees worry most about someone looking at their Internet browsing history.Houses next to a cemetery take longer to sell, but bring in up to 10% more money than comparable properties when they do sell.90% of people have embarrassed themselves by doing this in a quiet setting. Stomach growl.


Opening weekend for "Avengers: Endgame" hit $1.2-billion, worldwide.In Hong Kong, a man came out from a screening and announced to the crowd for the next showing the surprise at the ending. The crowd beat him until police arrived. In China, a woman cried so uncontrollably that she had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.Director John Singleton was taken off life support yesterday and died at the age of 51 after suffering a stroke. He was the first black director ever nominated for an Oscar.Looks like that Woodstock 50th anniversary concert they were hoping to put together has fallen apart. says it has been canceled, no official word from organizers yet.Joan Collins is sharing some of her #metoo moments and, at age 85, she's got a lot of them. Among the best stories-that a studio head offered her Liz Taylor's role in "Cleopatra" if she had slept with him; among her great loves-Warren Beatty, Harry Belafonte and at least one of her five …


Wow, we blew through that month. May Day! May Day! Tomorrow is May 1st!

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot celebrates birthday number 34 today... any way she wants to. You'd think a wonder bra would be a great gift idea, but I'm sure it's been done.

Kirsten Dunst celebrates her 37th birthday today. It was 25 years ago that she did "Interview with a Vampire."
She started modeling at age 3, so she's already a 34-year show biz veteran.
She launched her career in "Interview With A Vampire" before vampires were cool.
Spider-Man plans to bring her a cake later and let her blow out the candles upside down.

Johnny Galecki turns 44 today. Talk about the actor who hit the trifecta: "Roseanne," "The Big Bang Theory" and "Christmas Vacation?"

NASCAR's Michael Waltrip is making his 56th lap today.

Willie Nelson turns 86 today, despite his best efforts. He insists the smoke is from his birthday candles.

Cloris Leachman is still alive and kicking…


On this date in 1798, The U.S. Navy was established. Everybody sing: "Anchors a weigh, a ton, anchors a weigh..."

It was on this date in 1789, George Washington was sworn in as our first-ever president.
And all we gave him was a dollar and a quarter and a monument that doesn't even look like him.
Think about it -- he had to be president and didn't have a predecessor to blame everything on.
His famous quote: "Finally, now, maybe we can get a national holiday in February."
His goal was to lead this new nation into the future and to some day, appear on it's money.
He really had the toughest job as president -- he had no predecessor to blame for all of his problems.

In 1904, the ice cream cone made it's world debut.
Several newspapers got the scoop.
It gave both Baskin and Robbins a great idea.
And we don't get this day off as a holiday. Go figure.

On this date in 1939, NBC demonstrated television for the first time to the public at the New York World's Fa…

Music Calendar...

In 1885 The Boston Pops are formed.
In 1941 Saxophonist Charlie Parker records his first jazz solos as a member of Jay McShann's Orchestra.
In 1955 "Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White" by Perez Prado Orchestra hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 10 weeks.
In 1964 The Beatles receive their first royalty check from sales of Beatles chewing gum.
In 1965 Bob Dylan begins his "Don't Look Back" tour in England with the Band backing him up.
In 1965 Herman's Hermits begin their first U.S. tour, with opening act the Zombies.
In 1965 The Kinks begin their first headlining tour in the UK with the Yardbirds and Goldie & Gingerbreads.
In 1966 Folk singer/novelist Richard Farina (the husband of Joan Baez's sister) is killed in a motorcycle accident at age 29.
In 1966 "Good Lovin'" by the Young Rascals is #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart.
In 1969 George Harrison records the lead guitar solo for the single version of the Beatles' "Le…

Today In History...

In 1789 George Washington takes office in New York as the first president of the United States.
In 1798 The U.S. Department of the Navy is established.
In 1803 The U.S. purchases the Louisiana Territory from France for $15 million.
In 1808 The first practical typewriter is finished by Italian Pellegrini Turri. He built it for a blind friend.
In 1812 Louisiana becomes the 18th U.S. state.
In 1900 Engineer John Luther "Casey" Jones of the Illinois Central Railroad rides to his death on the Cannonball Express near Vaughn, MS, after staying at the controls in an attempt to save the passengers.
In 1900 Hawaii becomes a U.S. territory.
In 1904 The ice cream cone makes its debut.
In 1939 The New York World's Fair, billed as a look at "The World of Tomorrow," opens.
In 1939 NBC makes the first U.S. demonstration of television at the opening of the New York World's Fair.
In 1945 As Russian troops approach his Berlin bunker, Adolph Hitler commits suicide along with his wife of…

Born On This Day...

In 1933 Country singer/guitarist, Willie Nelson (On The Road Again) (86)
In 1602 English astrologer/author, William Lilly
In 1662 Queen Mary II Of Great Britain (wife of William III)
In 1770 Explorer/geographer, David Thompson (Columbia River)
In 1777 Mathematician/astronomer, Carl Friedrich Gauss
In 1823 Painter, William Bradford
In 1857 Psychiatrist, Eugen Bleuler (introduced the term schizophrenia)
In 1858 Mary Scott Harrison, second wife of President Benjamin Harrison
In 1870 Hungarian composer, Franz Lehar
In 1871 College football coach, Fielding Yost (Michigan)
In 1896 Blues singer/guitarist, Reverend Gary Davis
In 1899 Actress, Lucie Mannheim (East Meets West, 39 Steps, High Command)
In 1909 Princess Juliana of the Netherlands (Queen, 1948-80) [d: 3-20-04]
In 1912 Actress, Eve Arden (Our Miss Brooks) [d: 11-12-90]
In 1914 Editor/columnist, Vermont Connecticut Royster [d: 7-22-96]
In 1923 Actor, Al Lewis (Leo-Car 54, Grandpa-The Munsters) [d: 2-3-06]
In 1926 Actress, Corinne Calvet (Rope Of San…


A human could swim through a blue whale's veins! (Yes)The group ABBA turned down $1 BILLION to do a reunion tour. (Yes)Abraham Lincoln was the only president in U.S. history to make his own clothes. (B.S., it was Andrew Johnson)When seated in a plane, the tail section experiences the bumpiest ride. (Yes)Genetically speaking, children of identical twins are siblings, not cousins. (Yes)During World War II, prisoners of war in Canada didn't want to leave. (Yes - prisoners were given paying jobs and were able to enjoy handball, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, tennis, skating, and more activities.)Only 5 copies of "Moby Dick" were sold during author Herman Melville's entire lifetime. (B.S. - it was actually 50)If they could build the road, it would only take you about an hour to drive into outer space. (Yes)Comic Sans is known as the world's most hated font! (Yes)Along with other things, Viagra can make flowers stand up straight. (Yes)In a recent survey 50% of peop…


A recent study found couples who have brothers and sisters are more likely to have happier marriages.70% of women think that men over the age of 35 look ridiculous when they wear their hat backwards.According to a recent survey, the average parent has 15 minutes of free time daily.One in ten women love their pet more than their partner.A survey says that 14% of people have changed their political or social views because of social media.Men are five times more likely to get struck by lightning.Once you hit 80, you will live longer if you have a job.41 is the average age when people start doing this in order to get healthy. Take vitamins.


A Michigan State University study says that people who check their email less each day are more productive and less-stressed.Bruce Springsteen has a new album on the way June 14. A 13-song collection called, "Western Stars."A woman in Uganda must have the record -- she's had 44 kids by age 36, all with the same father, including three sets of quadruplets, four sets of triplets and six sets of twins.Duchess Meghan Markle is due any day now.Samsung has temporarily delayed the release of their "Fold" phone, the one with the folding screen.Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deleted a tweet Thursday after she attempted to call out "older male" Republicans for posing next to a cardboard cutout of her. Turns out he was Democrat.John Havlicek, (HAV-la-check) the all-time leading scorer with the Boston Celtics, died last Thursday in Jupiter, Florida. He was 79.Microsoft has hit the $1 trillion market in market value.CVS is moving into dental care with a …


Rap singer Master P turns 49 today. Master P is what I try to do when I go to bed every night. TMI?

Uma Thurman turns 49 today. Her ex-husbands include Ethan Hawke and Gary Oldman. She had two children with Hawke and one with none-of-the-above.

Singer Carnie Wilson turns 51 today. Before her lap-band surgery, she was two-thirds of the group, Wilson-Phillips.

Eve Plumb, who played Jan from "The Brady Bunch," is 61 today. She coined the phrase, "Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!" These days, she's looking like her own bunch.

Jerry Seinfeld turns 65 today. He's planning to do what his TV series was based on-nothing.
You know what's wrong with that many birthday candles.
No birthday cake soup for you!
Basically, a birthday about absolutely nothing.


On this date in 1429, Joan of Arc entered the besieged city of Orleans, to lead France in a victory over the British.
I believe she scored a goal in the second overtime.
Although, in time, they were the ones asking, "How do you like your stake?"
The British never forgot and eventually, held a roast in her honor.

In 1865, New Orleans fell to Union forces during the Civil War. But at least they got a song out of the deal.

On this date in 1913, the zipper was patented by Swedish-born engineer Gideon Sundback.
Up until that time, "your barn door is open" simply meant the door on your barn wasn't closed.
Up until that time, it was common for people to say to each other, "Uh, nothing is down."
Please, don't wear it at half-mast in its honor.
Before then, the phrase, "Careful. The horse may get out of the barn!" only applied to animals.

On this date in 1965, a 6.5 earthquake hit Seattle. It was the last time the city would shake that much until years lat…

Music Calendar...

In 1950 "The Third Man Theme" by Anton Karas hits #1 on the charts and remained there for 11 weeks.
In 1963 The Rolling Stones sign Andrew Loog Oldham as their manager.
In 1967 Cindy Birdsong, replacing Florence Ballard, makes her first public appearance as a Supreme, when the group sings at a Hollywood Bowl charity concert.
In 1967 "Respect" by Aretha Franklin enters the U.S. top 40 chart.
In 1967 "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" by the Monkees peaks at #2 on the U.S. top 40 chart.
In 1969 President Nixon awards Duke Ellington with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his meritorious contributions to American culture.
In 1971 Bill Graham announces plans to close the two Fillmores, the East in New York and the West in San Francisco.
In 1971 The Jackson Five appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.
In 1972 "Tumblin' Dice" by the Rolling Stones enters the U.S. top 40 chart.
In 1973 More than 15,000 attending a rock concert featuring Elvin Bis…

Today In History...

In 1429 Joan of Arc enters the besieged city of Orleans, France, to lead a victory over the British.
In 1857 Headquarters for the U.S. Army Division of the Pacific, are permanently established at the Presidio.
In 1861 Maryland votes against seceding from the Union.
In 1865 New Orleans falls to Union forces during the Civil War.
In 1894 Several hundred unemployed men known as "Coxey's Army" arrive in Washington, DC, to ask Congress for help.
In 1913 The zipper is patented by Swedish-born engineer Gideon Sundback.
In 1916 Irish nationalists who had siezed control of the General Post Office in Dublin surrender to British authorities.
In 1918 Germany's main offensive on the Western Front in World War I ends.
In 1945 During World War II, American soldiers liberate 32,000 Nazi victims in Germany's Dachau concentration camp.
In 1946 28 former Japanese leaders are indicted in Tokyo for war crimes.
In 1957 The first military nuclear plant opens in Fort Belvoir, Virginia.
In 1965 Fiv…

Born On This Day...

In 1745 Third U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Ellsworth (1796-1800)
In 1854 French mathematician/astronomer, Jules "Henri" Poincare
In 1855 Astronomer, William L. Elkin (first to photograph meteors)
In 1863 Newspaper publisher, William Randolph Hearst (SF Examiner)
In 1879 Conductor, Sir Thomas Beecham (London Symphony Orchestra)
In 1893 Chemist, Harold C. Urey (Nobel, 1934) (discovered deuterium)
In 1899 Bandleader/arranger, Duke Ellington [d: 5-24-74]
In 1901 Japanese emperor, Hirohito (1926-89) [d: 1-7-89]
In 1904 Bandleader/composer, Russ Morgan [d: 8-8-69]
In 1907 Director, Fred Zinnemann (From Here To Eternity) [d: 3-14-97]
In 1909 Actor, Tom Ewell (Seven Year Itch, Baretta) [d: 09-12-94]
In 1912 Actor/director, Richard Carlson (I Led Three Lives) [d: 11-25-77]
In 1915 Singer, Donald Mills (The Mills Brothers) [d: 11-13-99]
In 1919 Actress, Celeste Holm (Anna Rossini-Falcon Crest, Loving) [d: 7-15-12]
In 1922 Football coach, George Allen (Rams, Redskins) [d: 12-31-90]
In 1922 Writ…


Riverdale Airs Luke Perry's Bittersweet Final Scene as Fred Andrews. We now know what Luke Perry's final Riverdale scene was, and it was a fairly fitting one. Fred Andrews, who Perry played from the pilot until his death on March 4, hasn't yet been written off the show, but according to executive producer Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, Wednesday night was the last episode Perry filmed, and his last scene was "a beautiful, true moment between a father and his son," which is fairly accurate. At the end of last week's episode, Archie's boxing opponent Randy died in the ring, which was distressing for many reasons, as he was also foaming at the mouth at the time. Veronica spent much of Wednesday night's episode trying to prove that it was Elio's drugs that killed Randy, while Archie was racked with guilt anyway. Lucky for him, Fred was there to at least offer him some comfort. "Son, from everything you've said, it's clear that Randy died from th…


Rami Malek to play villain in Daniel Craig's final James Bond movie. The 25th James Bond movie and Daniel Craig's last one as 007 is heading home to Jamaica. Craig, Bond producers and director Cary Fukunaga on Thursday launched the film from the Caribbean island nation where Ian Fleming wrote all of his Bond novels. The still untitled film will be partly set in Jamaica, also a setting in "Dr. No" and "Live and Let Die." Rami Malek is joining the cast as the villain. The recent Oscar winner said in a videotaped message that he'll make sure Bond "will not have an easy ride of it" in Bond 25. Fukunaga took over directing from Danny Boyle, who departed last year over creative differences. Bond 25 is due out in April 2020. (PageSix)

Bradley Cooper Rejects 'A Star Is Born' Tour But Has Another Idea for a Reunion With Lady Gaga. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga made magic together in A Star Is Born -- and now the actor is considering ideas for a f…

Music News

Sam Smith No Longer Performing at Billboard Music Awards as He Focuses on 'Recovery and Health.' A representative for dick clark productions confirms to Billboard that Sam Smith will no longer be performing at the Billboard Music Awards, adding that Normani also will not perform. After cancelling three concerts in South Africa two weeks ago, representatives for Smith announced via Twitter that he would not be performing at two upcoming events; the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku, and the BBMAs. The statement says that his medical specialists are "requiring him to have further rest," therefore sidelining him from his upcoming performances. "We apologize for the disappointment for those affected, but the primary focus at this time needs to be on Sam's recovery and health," the statement reads. Smith was set to headline the Saturday (April 27) post-qualifying concert at this year's Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, and was set to perform "Dancing wit…