Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has decided he is NOT going to run for president next year.
Scientists in Kenya have found the fossilized remains of a giant lion that was previously unknown. They have determined it was the largest meat-eater ever to roam the earth, weighing over 3,000 pounds.
Meanwhile, in Siberia, they found the well-preserved remains of an ancient horse in permafrost that included internal organs and blood. They're talking about trying to use that blood to recreate the species.
Fleetwood Mac has announced some rescheduled concert dates, to make up for those shows they had to cancel when Stevie Nicks got the flu last month.
Prosecutors are asking for Felicity Huffman to spend 4-10 months in jail for her involvement in the college bribery scam.
Bradley Welsh, the former boxer who landed the role of a gangster in 2017's "T2 Trainspotting" has been shot dead near his home in Edinburgh, Scotland.
77-year-old Bob Dylan had a bit of a melt-down on stage in Vienna the other night. At one point, he almost fell after tripping on a wire. Then, he stopped mid-song at one point and said, "Take pictures or don't take pictures, we can either play or we can pose, OK?"
A new study says there is gluten in 32% of the restaurant food being sold as "gluten-free."
T-Mobile is getting into the bank biz. Called T-Mobile Money, the new service has no minimum balance requirements and no monthly, overdraft, transfer or late-payment fees. It also offers a potential 4% interest rate on balances up to $3,000.
The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas is for sale for $12 million.
Clippers coach Doc Rivers dropped $2,000 cash on a street in San Francisco which was immediately returned by a stranger.
The Mueller Report is nearly 400 pages long. The classic version of "To Kill a Mockingbird" runs 384 pages.
Botswana unveiled a super rare "Fancy Deep Blue" diamond weighing more than 20 carats - the largest blue diamond discovery ever made in the country.


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