The final day of April is one week from today. Wow.

John Cena and John Oliver both turn 42 today. You know, you never ever see them in the same place. And so is Kal Penn. But I have seen them together.

George Lopez hits 58 today. What was the name of that show he had for a while on ABC? Oh, yeah -- "The George Lopez Show!"

Valerie Bertinelli celebrates her 59th birthday today.
Yes, "One Day at a Time."
She's the middle aged version of perky.
Oh, I'm sorry. It's not nice to share a lady's age. She's now over half a century old.
I'll never forget her in "The Facts of Life." No, wait... it was "Different Strokes"... no... huh. I forgot her.

Joyce Dewitt from the old "Three's Company" Show turns the big 7-0 today. DeWitt was the least famous one on "Three's Company," you know the brunette (Janet Wood). She now stars in her own show, "One's Company"... in her mind.

Lee Majors, the "$6 Million Man" and "The Fall Guy," turns the big 8-0 today. Back then, he was a bionic wonder human. Today, $6 million is what it takes to get a backup shortstop for a year.


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