• Georgia Engel has died, at the age of 70. She was in so many shows, including "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", "The Betty White Show", "Hot in Cleveland" and "Everybody Loves Ray." She was a Christian Scientist, so she didn't consult with doctors.
  • Owen K. Garriott, one of the original scientists selected to explore the cosmos firsthand and the first astronaut to operate an interstellar ham radio station, died on Monday at his home in Huntsville, AL. He was 88.
  • The 17.4 million people who watched the season eight premiere April 14 surpassed the 16.9 million who watched the season seven finale and the 16.1 million who tuned in for the season seven premiere.
  • They got to see the season premier of "Game of Thrones" in China the other night... minus the 6-minutes of sex and gore cut out by government censors.
  • Russell Wilson has signed a 4-year, $140 million deal with the Seahawks -- including a $65 million signing bonus. So, as of now, he is the highest-paid player in the NFL, until the next one.
  • It took 12 hours and the efforts of 400 fire-fighters to put out the blaze at Notre Dame. The church's main structure was saved after firefighters prevented the flames from spreading to the northern belfry. The two iconic 69-meter (226-foot) bell towers remained intact. The cathedral's spire and two-thirds of the roofing were burned, however. The cathedral's world famous 18th century organ with 8,000 pipes also survived, officials said. A relic known as the Crown of Thorns, which many believe was worn by Jesus Christ, also was spared.
  • Billionaire businessman François-Henri Pinault, better known as Salma Hayek's husband, has pledged over $100 million towards restoring the Cathedral at Notre Dame.
  • At last check, over $700 million has been pledged by businesses and the rich, to restore the cathedral.
  • New data from Parks Associates shows in early 2019, 36% of U.S. broadband households own at least one smart speaker with a voice assistant.
  • The redacted Mueller Report is scheduled to be released tomorrow morning.
  • The author of "Fifty Shades of Grey," E.L. James, has a new book out, called "The Mister."
  • This Friday is Good Friday. That same day, we'll get our full moon for the month, called a "Pink Moon" in April.
  • Bakers across the U.S. are saying that Vasectomy Cakes are becoming a thing. Yes, cakes to celebrate the snip.
  • Kylie Jenner's first perfume comes in a bottle shaped like lips and costs 40. Just in time for Easter.
  • Ariana Grande and her ex-boyfriend, Big Sean, have reportedly been seen hanging out lately.
  • Hoda Kotb announced Monday on Instagram that she's adopted a new daughter, Hope Catherine.
  • Carly Simon is writing a book about Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Apparently, the two were friends. The book comes out October 22.
  • Bella Thorne has split from her boyfriend Mod Sun after two years together, after a pretty awful fight at Coachella last weekend.
  • In case you wondering, yes there will be a sunrise Easter service at Coachella.


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