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John Oliver Enlists Alex Trebek, Catherine O'Hara, Billy Porter and More To Help Quash Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories. Rather than take a hostile position in confronting family and friends who may believe misinformation, the celebrities encourage rational thinking in short videos. John Oliver has collected a stable of stars to help stamp out novel coronavirus conspiracy theories. The Last Week Tonight host on Sunday addressed the amount of misinformation that is rampant online about the pandemic; dangerous because some is neatly packaged which makes it seem more legitimate. Oliver singled out President Donald Trump as one of the most egregious when it came to spreading conspiracy theories. While talking about Trump and his misinformation, Oliver played a clip of radio host and Trump supporter Rush Limbaugh, who noted that Trump never says he believes the conspiracy he is sharing, he just sends them out to the masses, which was likened to pouring gasoline on a fire. Rather than tak


Nicki Minaj Is Pregnant, Expecting Her First Child With Kenneth Petty. Nicki Minaj revealed that she's expecting her first child with husband Kenneth Petty. Get the details on her pregnancy announcement! Nicki Minaj is going to be a mom! On Monday, July 20, the superstar rapper took to Instagram to confirm that she's pregnant. In a series of photos on the social media platform, a bikini-clad Minaj can be seen cradling her baby bump. The 37-year-old star captioned one of her posts, "#Preggers." Shortly after announcing her baby news, Minaj thanked her fans for the well wishes. "Love. Marriage. Baby carriage. Overflowing with excitement & gratitude," she wrote. This will be her first child with husband Kenneth Petty, who she wed in Oct. 2019 after more than a year of dating. As fans might recall, Minaj and Petty obtained a marriage license in July 2019, months before officially announcing the news. "I think I have what I was striving for, just happine


The type of friends you prefer reveals a lot about your personality, says psychologist Dr. Elayne Kahn, co-author of "1001 Ways You Reveal Your Personality." Just one close friend You need someone to confide in and trust. You don't trust people very easily, but once you do you're very loyal. You take friendship very seriously and never take your friends for granted. Friends of your own sex only You enjoy tradition and believe boys should be boys and girls should be girls. You're more comfortable when people are in more traditional roles. You enjoy friends who have something in common with you. Friends of the opposite sex only You enjoy being the center of attention, but don't like competing for it. Intimacy is very important to you, and you're capable of deep relationships. Friends you just party with You love to socialize, but don't like people getting too close. You're very independent and want to stay that way - and you especially don't like


Have you ever wondered if the things you do in private, such as picking your nose or popping your pimples, are normal? Dr. Mehmet Oz has set the record straight on what's normal and what's not when it comes to our personal hygiene. How often do people pick their noses? Dr. Oz says it's five times an hour! "I'm talking about just going to your nose, not trying to touch your brain," he said. The problem is that viruses live on your hands, and when your fingers enter your nostrils, you're transferring those viruses into your body. Your nose is like a petri dish with moist mucous membranes that are perfect for colonizing viruses. Dr. Oz's best advice? Whether you pick, scratch or just brush your nose with your fingers, try to keep your hands clean. After you blow your nose, do you look inside the tissue? Dr. Oz says smart people do this. Peering into the dirty tissue is a way of auditing what's going on inside your body. Snot says a lot. The big warnin


( Women's Health ) What's old is new again -- at least when it comes to the healthy-snack aisle. Freshen your favorites with these more nutritious options created from ancient power foods. Because life is too short to eat the same thing every day. If you like popcorn, you'll love popped water lily Water lilies have seeds, and when roasted, they turn out puffed and airy. One serving of theaquatic plant has three grams of protein, aminoacids and half the fat (or less) of most popcorn -- plus, it's grain free. Try brands like Taali, Bohana and Makhana. If you like crispy chickpeas you'll love lupini beans This Italian "super bean," which looks like a tan lima bean, has about 50 percent more protein and fiber than garbanzos (chickpeas) and way fewer carbs and calories. Snack on the pickled version right out of the bag -- Brami has five varieties -- or toss them in salads. If you like peanuts you'll love baru nuts These aren't pretty (they look like rab


When it comes to body confidence, both men and women admit they have issues. We think we look fat. We hate our thighs. And we wish we were less jiggly. Still, we're comfortable enough to walk around the house in the buff and have sex with the lights on.  Fitness  magazine and Yahoo! surveyed 15,000 men and women, asking them to bare it all about their feelings on body image and nudity. On Body Image: 57% of women think they look fat naked and wish they were more toned and less jiggly. 48% of men think they look good naked. The most hated body part among women is their thighs, while men despise their butt. When it comes to flaunting it, women ranked their cleavage as the body part they most like to show off, followed by their butts and their legs. On Nudity: Only 19% of adults say they would go to a nude beach during the day, but 29% would brave it at night. 47% of women feel sexier in lingerie than being naked--and 53% of men agree! 71% of adults have sex with the lights on. 63% of

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Iceland is encouraging people to come to their country and scream to help deal with the coronavirus. I do that every night with my TV when I watch the news.

Music Calendar...

In 1956 Billboard magazine calls Elvis Presley "the most controversial entertainer since Liberace." In 1958 "Hard Headed Woman" by Elvis Presley hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 2 weeks. In 1962 Chubby Checker performs "Dancin' Party" on "American Bandstand." In 1971 Carole King's album "Tapestry" and single "It's Too Late" are both certified gold. In 1972 Elvis Presley appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. In 1972 Rod Stewart's album "Never a Dull Moment" is released. In 1973 "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 2 weeks. In 1975 "Wildfire" by Michael Murphey is certified gold. In 1977 Linda Ronstadt joins the Rolling Stones onstage in Tucson, Arizona. She and Mick sang "Tumblin' Dice." In 1979 Genesis' first album in over two years, "Duke," is certified gold. In 1979 &qu

Today In History...

In 1831 Belgium gains its independence from the Netherlands and Leopold I is proclaimed king. In 1861 The first Battle of Bull Run is fought at Manassas, Virginia, resulting in a Confederate victory. In 1873 Jesse James pulls off the world's first train robbery. In 1925 The so-called "monkey trial" ends in Dayton, TN, with John T. Scopes found guilty of violating state law for teaching Darwin's Theory of Evolution. (The conviction was later overturned.) In 1940 The Soviet Union annexes Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In 1944 U.S. forces land in Guam during World War II. In 1944 The Democratic National Convention meeting in Chicago nominates Senator Harry S. Truman to be vice president. In 1949 The U.S. Senate ratifies the North Atlantic Treaty by a vote of 82 to 13. In 1954 France agrees to give independence to North and South Vietnam. In 1955 During the Geneva summit, President Eisenhower presents his "open skies" proposal under which the U.S. and the Soviet

Born On This Day...

In 1620 French astronomer, Jean Picard In 1816 Businessman, Paul Julius Baron von Reuter (founded Reuters news) In 1863 Actor/singer, Sir C. Aubrey Smith (Prisoner of Zenda) In 1864 Frances Folsom Cleveland, wife of President Grover Cleveland In 1881 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, John "Johnny" Evers (Cubs) In 1898 Country singer, Sara Dougherty Carter (The Carter Family) In 1899 American poet, Hart Crane (The Bridge) In 1899 American writer, Ernest Hemingway (Farewell to Arms) In 1905 Author/critic, Diana Trilling [d: 10-23-96] In 1911 Writer, Marshall McLuhan (The Medium is the Massage) [d: 12-31-80] In 1920 Violinist, Isaac Stern (Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack) [d: 9-22-01] In 1921 Bandleader/pianist, Billy Taylor (David Frost Show) [d: 12-28-10] In 1922 American singer, Kay Starr (Rock & Roll Waltz, Club Oasis) [d: 11-3-16] In 1924 Actor, Don Knotts (Andy Griffith Show, Ghost & Mr. Chicken) [d: 2-24-06] In 1926 Director, Norman Jewison (Moonstruck, And Justice For All)

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45% of women either don't know or don't care about about their real shoe size. It costs about $170 a year to power your flat screen TV, but only about $3 a year to power your radio or smart speakers. A recent study says cruising through photos of puppies online improves your focus It's estimated that Americans only do what half as much cooking at home as we did in 1976. Maybe, more this year. 14% of dogs have chewed on eyeglasses and ruined them. According to Men's Health, 40% of men can not remember the last time they wrote a thank you note. Close to 20% of people in a recent survey said picking their nose while driving nearly caused them to get into an accident. Only seven out of every one thousand people will live to be 100. About one in every five men say they couldn't leave for vacation without packing a hair dryer. 41% of people have returned from vacation and lied about this? They claimed to have no cell service. While the term "hipster" is used the


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Tyra Banks is moving from judging the catwalk to hosting in the ballroom ... the OG top model is taking over MC duties for "Dancing With the Stars." Just a day after ABC dropped Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews leading into season 29, TMZ has learned the former supermodel is strutting her way into that role. In addition to smizing in front of the camera, Tyra will also be an Executive Producer of the show. We've learned she was in talks with the network long before ABC cut ties with Tom and Erin. On Monday, Tom announced the show would be continuing without him, and said his 15 years hosting were the "most unexpected gift of my career." ABC and BBC released their own statement about Tom and Erin's departures ... saying the show is embarking "on a new creative direction." Sources close to Tom tell TMZ the news came as quite a shock to him, and he was only informed of his departure this week. The pair had been co-hosting together since 2010, after Erin