• 45% of women either don't know or don't care about about their real shoe size.
  • It costs about $170 a year to power your flat screen TV, but only about $3 a year to power your radio or smart speakers.
  • A recent study says cruising through photos of puppies online improves your focus
  • It's estimated that Americans only do what half as much cooking at home as we did in 1976. Maybe, more this year.
  • 14% of dogs have chewed on eyeglasses and ruined them.
  • According to Men's Health, 40% of men can not remember the last time they wrote a thank you note.
  • Close to 20% of people in a recent survey said picking their nose while driving nearly caused them to get into an accident.
  • Only seven out of every one thousand people will live to be 100.
  • About one in every five men say they couldn't leave for vacation without packing a hair dryer.
  • 41% of people have returned from vacation and lied about this? They claimed to have no cell service.
  • While the term "hipster" is used these days to describe someone who tries (perhaps too hard) to be stylish and trendy, the term is actually much older. According to Dictionary.com, the word was originally used (along with the similar "hepster") in the 1930s to refer to someone in the jazz scene.


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