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Who Won The Amazing Race Season 31? Those who race together stick together, apparently. The last remaining Big Brother team of this CBS reality show all-star season of The Amazing Race found themselves on their own against three other couples who were all Amazing Race alums, and all clearly working together to land an all-Race final three. Nicole and Victor didn't really need help from their fellow pairs, but they definitely noticed that Christie and Colin, Tyler and Korey, and Leo and Jamal were all helping each other out whenever they could, particularly during a challenge that required them to decode a secret message. Christie did need help, and she and Colin ended up in last place for a bit after she really struggled with that challenge. Leo and Jamal, meanwhile, spent the first portion of the finale in first place, while Nicole and Victor and then Tyler and Korey were right behind them. Then everybody had some real struggles in London. Nobody could kayak, so that detour was ju


Box Office: 'Annabelle Comes Home' Scores Promising $7.2M on Opening Day. The horror pic came in No. 2 on Wednesday behind 'Toy Story 4,' which will jump the $200 million mark in the next few days. New Line's Annabelle Comes Home opened to $7.2 million on Wednesday, a promising number for a horror pic opening midweek. That puts the movie on course for a five-day opening in the $30 million to $33 million range, in line with expectations. Wednesday's gross included $3.5 million in preview grosses. Playing in 3,525 theaters, Annabelle came in second behind Toy Story 4, which earned another $12.3 million for a domestic tally of nearly $170 million. The Pixar and Disney title is doing impressive midweek after opening to $120.9 million last weekend and will have no trouble staying atop the chart this weekend. Annabelle Comes Home is the seventh title in the Conjuring Universe, and the third Annabelle installment. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles as

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Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey Debut New Song in Charlie's Angels Trailer. The Angels are back! It's been almost two decades since Charlie's Angels hit the big screen. On Thursday, Sony Pictures released the first trailer for its 2019 reboot. The new version stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska. In the film, the women work for Charles Townsend, whose investigative and security agency has gone global. With this new international force of Angels, the agency is taking on the toughest jobs around the world. The movie is directed, written and produced by Elizabeth Banks and promises to bring both action and the comedy. However, Stewart, Scott and Balinska aren't the only power trio featured in the film. The trailer also includes a new single by Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey. The artists teased the collaboration via social media on Wednesday, and fans' excitement went full throttle. As fans will recall, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymo


Prince Harry 'Recommends' Duchess Meghan 'Move With Ease' Amid Charity Rift. Prince Harry is standing by Duchess Meghan after the duo decided to break away from Prince William and Duchess Kate's charity, the Royal Foundation, early this month, a royal insider exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. The Duke of Sussex, 34, "supports" his wife's choices, says the insider, "but recommends that she move with ease." Which is just what the former Suits actress, 37, has aimed to do, while subtly challenging royal norms. "It's hard for Meghan in London because the press is so vicious to her there," the insider continues. "This is her life. But her mentality is like, 'Well, if this is what it's going to be like, I'm going to do what I want to do. I won't play by these rules.'" Us previously revealed that the Fab Four experienced creative differences ahead of the split. "There were definitely


Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Arrive at Wedding Venue . . . Big Smiles At French Chateau. The French chateau is a restored 18th century castle with 9 rooms, a luxurious pool, a winery and a tennis court ... so yeah, it'll be perfect for the 'gram. Joe and Sophie's arrival at the Chateau follows a week-long trek across the country that started in Paris -- where they were joined by Nick and Priyanka -- with a stop in a Provence village away from everyone else to get some R&R. It looks like it's the final countdown to the wedding ceremony now, though ... and we'll be on the lookout to see who's on the guest list, besides Dr. Phil. As you may know, the TV host spilled the beans about the date of the wedding on an Instagram comment earlier this week, when he said ... "Easy now! 1 week to go! Ha! See you at the wedding!" Of course, the couple already tied the knot in early May in a surprise Vegas ceremony officiated by an Elvis impersonator ... but word


(Women's Health) Your weight, mood, memory, longevity, you would be hard-pressed to find a single aspect of your health that does not depend on getting enough shut-eye. Do not let these seven sneaky sleep disruptors keep you up at night: Your peppermint face scrub "Right before bed is the one time you want to tamp down all five sense," says Travis Stork, M.D. "Avoid anything stimulating even if it is just a scent." The nightcap "Alcohol is one of the worst things, for a good quality sleep," ways Jennifer Ashton, M.D. Try tart cherry juice instead it contains melatonin, a sleep hormone. A too-early bedtime If eight hours is good, 12 is not better, says Stork. Too much sleep invites its own problems. Decaf coffee Surprise Decaf does not always mean caffeine-free, says Ashton. Some products contain up to 10 milligrams of caffeine enough to keep you up. Tight bottoms "Restrictive panties can keep you uncomfortable and awake," says Stork. "Ju


100-year-old gems still apply today. Although American author, salesman and philosopher Elbert Hubbard lived over a century ago, his sage words of wisdom are just as relevant today. A recently discovered cardboard-bound book he wrote shortly before his death aboard the torpedoed Lusitania contains priceless gems of straight forward, valuable advice, such as: Better mend one fault in yourself than a hundred in your neighbor. Before you are fit to give orders, you must be willing to take orders. The leader of the orchestra has always been a man who has played second fiddle. Talk less and listen more. One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man. Talk less and listen more. The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge. The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fear you will make one. It is easy to get everything you want, provided you first learn to d


If you've got a summer baby, welcome to the club. There are more babies born in the summer in America than any other season. It's certainly not a bad time to give birth -- less fears of germs getting your baby sick and plenty of sunshiney days for backyard birthday parties when they're older. But what does having a baby in summertime mean for your child as they grow up? Turns out the season when you were born can have a real effect on everything from your health to your personality. Check out what the scientists have found out about summer babies: 1. They're destined for mediocrity. Think your little Cancer or Leo is bound for the stars? Well, think again. When researchers from the University of British Columbia looked at the birth dates of the CEOs of some 375 S & P 500 companies, they found a shocking disparity. Turns out only 6.1 percent were born in June and 5.9 percent were born in July. 2. They're klutzier. Well, your little Junebug is, anyway. A report in


So why do people want to quit a job? Relationships, health and finances may cause some employees to quit their job, but the number one reason by far is a bad boss. More than half of respondents in a poll conducted by Yankelovich said that long hours, low pay and bad assignments were all trumped by a difficult boss when it came to assessing the top reasons for disliking a job and wanting to quit, reports MoneyWeb. Employees are so miserable at work that: 44 percent said they put in just enough effort to not get fired. Only 23 percent said they work to their full potential. 75 percent admitted they could be more effective on the job. Two out of three disgruntled employees are so annoyed at their boss, they are actively seeking different employment opportunities. Four ways a boss can make a difference to employees: 1. Make it safe. It's difficult for an employee to express a concern to a boss, but managers have a responsibility to create a safe and approachable environment. "Peop


(Men's Health) What if the other person really is driving like an idiot? In the future, your car may be able to help you out with that. At the Consumer Electronics Show, auto company Kia announced that it's working on technology to assess a driver's emotional state and automatically alter the cabin environment based on that. For not, it's DIY. Learn your warning signs, says Robert Nemerovski, Psy. D., of California. Those might include grinding teeth, balling hands into fists, and swearing. Pull over and: Take a step back Try not to take things personally. What you perceive as a personal slight may just be an error on the other motorist's part. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Inhale, Exhale, Repeat Not only will this help short-circuit an angry, adrenaline-driven response, but the act itself is calming. Try taking five long, deep breaths while relaxing your arms and face. Talk yourself down Turn off the political talk radio that's on your last nerve and ask


The average woman colors her hair twice a year. 34% of people say knowing that you smell good boosts your confidence. Peanut butter is the food that causes people to choke more than any other. The average age for a woman to have an affair is 45. According to The Great Male Survey, 60% of men are nostalgic for the days when a handshake in business meant something. 9 out of 10 women over 30 years old won't exercise outside. 30 percent of U.S. adults have sleepwalked at least once in their lives. A recent study says more attractive people get more sleep. It's summertime and 67% of us say we hate doing this? Going on a picnic.


Twitter said Thursday it will start labeling tweets from influential government officials, including President Trump, who break its rules against bullying and abusive behavior. The first presidential primary debate of the 2020 campaign drew a pretty big audience -- but not 2016 big. The debate featuring 10 Democratic hopefuls drew a 7.0 household rating in metered markets on NBC. That could translate to 10 million viewers. Ford is going to eliminate 12,000 jobs next year... in Europe. There is a restaurant in Minnesota that makes a pickle pizza. Just imagine a pizza, but with pickle slices instead of pepperoni. They also offer 'Minnesota sushi' which is pretty much ham and cheese wrapped around a pickle. Max Wright, who played the dad on "Alf" has lost his 10 year battle with cancer. He was 75. The wife of "Dog the Bounty Hunter", Duane Chapman-Beth-lost her battle with cancer on Wednesday. She was 51. The Dixie Chicks are working on their first new a

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In 1928 Louis Armstrong records "West End Blues." In 1948 "Woody Wood-Pecker" by the Kay Kyser Orchestra is #1 on the charts. In 1961 Glenn Miller's album "Glenn Miller Story" is certified gold. In 1962 The Drifters record "Up On the Roof." In 1965 The Beach Boys' album "Summer Days (And Summer Nights)," which contained the single "California Girls," is released. In 1968 Jefferson Airplane appears on the cover of Life magazine. In 1968 Aretha Franklin is featured on the cover of Time magazine. In 1968 "Beautiful Morning" by the Rascals is certified gold. In 1969 Crosby, Stills & Nash release their self-titled debut album. In 1969 "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond and "Get Together" by the Youngbloods both enter the U.S. top 40 chart. In 1969 "Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet" by Henry Mancini Orchestra hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 2 weeks. In 1973 Br

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In 1778 Mary Ludwig Hayes gains the name "Molly Pitcher" when she aids American forces at the Revolutionary War Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey by carrying them water. In 1820 The tomato is proved to be nonpoisonous. In 1832 A cholera epidemic is reported in New York and eventually spreads to other states claiming over 10,000 lives. In 1836 James Madison, the 4th U.S. president, dies in Montpelier, Virginia. In 1838 Britain's Queen Victoria is crowned in Westminster Abbey. In 1859 The first dog show takes place in Newcastle, England. In 1889 Maria Mitchell, the first American woman astronomer, dies at age 71. In 1894 Labor Day is established as a holiday for federal employees on the first Monday of September. In 1914 Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife, Sofia, are assassinated in present-day Sarajevo, by a Serbian revolutionary, an event that triggered World War I. In 1919 Harry S. Truman marries Elizabeth Virginia Wallace. In 1919 The Treaty of Versailles,

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In 1476 Religious leader, Pope Paul IV (1555-59) In 1491 King Henry VIII of England (1509-47) In 1577 Flemish Baroque painter, Peter Paul Rubens In 1712 Philosopher/author, Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Man is Born Free) In 1824 Anthropologist, Paul Broca In 1867 Italian writer, Luigi Pirandello In 1873 French scientist/biologist, Alexis Carrel In 1889 Silent movie actor, Frank Mayo In 1891 U.S. general, Carl Andrew Spaatz (leading combat air WWII commander) In 1894 Actress, Lois Wilson (Alice-The Aldrich Family) In 1902 Bank robber, John Dillinger (first Public Enemy #1) [d: 7-22-34] In 1902 Composer, Richard Rodgers (Rodgers & Hammerstein) [d: 12-30-79] In 1903 Actor, Alan Bunce (Young Dr. Malone) [d: 4-27-65] In 1907 Trumpeter, Jimmy Mundy (Benny Goodman) [d: 4-24-83] In 1909 Author, Eric Ambler (Epitaph For A Spy) [d: 10-22-98] In 1914 Country singer/guitarist, Lester Flatt (& Scruggs) [d: 5-11-79] In 1925 Country singer, George Morgan [d: 7-7-75] In 1926 Cartoonist, George Booth


Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn Are Making the Cut on Amazon: Get the Scoop on Their New Show. Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are going from "make it work" on Project Runway to Making the Cut. Amazon revealed new details about the new fashion series coming to Prime Video after the first runway challenge was filmed in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France on Tuesday, June 25. The new show, coming in 2020, features 12 entrepreneurs and designers from around the world competing to take their brands to the next level and become a global powerhouse. Here's how the new show diverts from Project Runway: Looks from the series will be shoppable on Amazon and the winner will receive $1 million to invest in their brand. Judges and guest judges on the series include Naomi Campbell, the global superstar model, Nicole Richie, a veteran of The Simple Life and Great News who is also the creative director of fashion brand House of Harlow 1960, Carine Roitfeld, the former editor in chief of Vogue Paris


Third BTS Film 'Bring The Soul: The Movie' to Get Summer Release. The first BTS film broke event cinema records. Korean pop phenomenon BTS are hitting big screens once more. Bring the Soul: The Movie, the third film from the seven-piece boy band, is set for global release on Aug. 7. The film  being distributed by Trafalgar Releasing comes on the heels of 2018's record-breaking Burn the Stage the Movie, which became the highest grossing global event cinema release of all time with $18.5 million and Love Yourself in Seoul from earlier this year. Bring the Soul finds BTS at the end of their "Love Yourself" tour in Europe, which included 24 concerts in 12 cities. On the day following the final Paris concert, the boys begin a small after-party on the rooftop table in the city, sharing their own stories. "Trafalgar Releasing is thrilled to collaborate with Big Hit Entertainment again for Bring the Soul: The Movie, giving fans around the world an intimate opportunit