• The average time you'll own your car is 10 years.
  • According to restaurant food delivery guys, hair salons are the worst tippers.
  • The latest statistics show the average driver will lock their keys in their vehicle about nine times in their life.
  • A recent survey asked Americans, what is the biggest cause of stress in their lives. The #1 answer was making the mortgage payment every month.
  • According to USA Today, Americans purchased 720 million slices of pie every year.
  • Americans spend over $5 billion on graduation gifts every year.
  • 76 people injure their eyes on drinking fountains every year.
  • 73% of women struggle with getting out of bed in the morning.
  • 35% of women say it's a huge turn-off when a guy does this too much. What is it? Work on their tans.


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