Meghan Markle May Just Persuade You to Adopt an Animal. Meghan Markle may have just persuaded us to adopt a new furry friend. In between raising baby Archie, the Duchess of Sussex was able to write a forward for Mayhew's annual report where she expressed her support for adopting and rescuing animals in need. "As a proud rescue dog owner, I know from personal experience the joy that adopting an animal into your home can bring," she shared. "The role that we, as people, play in rehoming and rescuing these animals is vital, but the role of organizations such as Mayhew is unparalleled." Meghan continued, "What initially struck me about Mayhew specifically is their community-based approach not simply on rehoming animals, but in the preventative care that inhibits these cats and dogs from ending up in shelters in the first place." For those who may not recall, Mayhew is an animal shelter and charity that was chosen as one of Meghan's four initial causes she hopes to support as a royal. "The choice to adopt a pet is a big decision that comes with much responsibility but infinite return on investment. It will undoubtedly change your life," she wrote. So, what can royal watchers do to show their support? Meghan encourages getting involved in "whatever way you can." For some, that may be a pet adoption but for others, it could simply be volunteering. "We are all interconnected and through these animals, we find an even greater link to community and the part we can play," she shared. "I am proud to support Mayhew and to work alongside them as they continue to improve the lives of animals and people, to create more supportive and compassionate communities both in London and internationally." Other charities Meghan has supported includes The National Theatre, The Association of Commonwealth Universities and Smart Works. (Eonline)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exiting Prince William and Kate Middleton's foundation this week. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's split from the Royal Foundation -- the charitable initiative they ran with Prince William and Kate Middleton -- will come Wednesday, sources told Page Six. It was rumored that Harry and Meghan will exit the foundation after reports of a royal rift between the couples. The foundation will continue without them, and the news will be announced after a board meeting this week. A source told us: "It's not an easy time right now at the foundation .?.?. Everybody is massively stressed ahead of this meeting." Harry and Meghan have already moved miles from Kensington Palace, where they once lived near William and Kate. But we hear they're being reined in, as the Queen has ensured their staff is based at Buckingham Palace. A spokesperson said: "We announced earlier this year the Royal Foundation was reviewing its structures .?.?. Any announcement regarding this review will be made in due course." In the meantime, sources confirmed to us that Meghan will guest edit the September issue of British Vogue. She won't appear on the cover -- as Middleton has -- but will appear inside. (PageSix)

Ashley Graham Gets Reals About Finding Her Voice and Reclaiming Her Body. In case you missed it, Ashley Graham's body is hers and hers alone. The trailblazing model and host of American Beauty Star has not only shut down Internet trolls who shame her appearance but has also told photographers to not even think about Photoshopping out her stretch marks. But, as she revealed in the July issue of Allure, Graham has often felt objectified. "My body has always been treated as a thing and not mine," the 31-year-old told the publication. "You're the sexy girl. You're the naked girl. Men are going to idolize your hourglass figure." "It was always about what others thought about my body, until I gained a voice," she continued. "Now I get to tell people what I think of my body." Today, she's hoping that voice will help pave the way for more diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry. "You can't just check the box and be like, 'Oh, we did it,'" she said. "I have never looked at tokenism as a bad thing, as long as the brand, the client -- whoever has the mission -- continues to branch out and say, 'This was our first time; next time we're going to add more of the race, the gender, the sexuality, the religion, the disability,' whatever it is,. Stop talking about hiring [diverse candidates] and just do it." After all, her platform has allowed her to be far more than just a catwalker. "Women are actually paid more than the male models," Graham, wed to Justin Ervin, said. "I don't know if there's any other industry where women get paid more. Now, as a model, you have a voice; you have a brain; they want to hear what your platform is and what you stand for." And she's using that opportunity to inspire and help other females: Her team is made up entirely of women. "I'm proud of it," she raved. "I feel like a boss when I walk in -- it's me and my girls. I imagine the beginning of Entourage: We're walking in slow motion; everyone's hair is blowing. It's like, 'We're here to own this s--t.'" Preach! (Eonline)

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry did a pretty cool thing on Sunday -- organizing an event in his hometown of Austin, Texas to give haircuts and shaves to people in need. Henry says he didn't just want to hand out cash and call it a day -- his focus was put boots on the ground and do something for the people that would really make a difference in their lives. So, after talking with local organizations, he decided to spearhead a shave and haircut event -- because a lot of homeless people had been telling him the way they look can be a tough hurdle to overcome when trying to find a job. Mark connected with the people from the Austin Area Urban League and the Maestro's Classic beard care company to set up the event ... where they offered free shaves, haircuts, food and water to anyone who needed the help. Henry says he learned A LOT while talking with the people who came through his event -- especially when it comes to the way homeless people are treated by the rest of society. "People don't acknowledge them. They treat them like they're invisible. 9 times out of 10 people just look at them and don't talk to them. That's gotta be a horrible existence." Mark says he was so moved by the experience, he's already planning more events in cities across the country. "I got a lot of joy out of seeing people smile and feel good about how they looked, it meant a lot to them," Henry says. The former Olympic powerlifter says he wants people to know it takes money to put on these events -- and if you want to help, contact your local Urban League or housing authority for information on how you can contribute. (TMZ)

James Corden and Michelle Obama Face Off in Epic Celebrity Dodgeball Game. Are you ready for some dodgeball? Michelle Obama and James Corden showed off their patriotic pride and faced off in an epic dodgeball tournament on Monday's episode of The Late Late Show. It all started when the former first lady and the late-night host got into a debate over whether the United States or the United Kingdom was better. After comparing musicians and sports, the two decided to settle this on the dodgeball court. So, they each recruited a few of their celebrity pals and had a friendly Team U.S.A. versus Team U.K. competition. For Team U.S.A., Obama enlisted the help of Mila Kunis Allison Janney, Melissa McCarthy, Lena Waithe and Kate Hudson. "Listen, when Michelle Obama calls and asks you to do anything, you just say yes," Kunis said. As for Team U.K., Corden brought on Harry Styles, Benedict Cumberbatch, John Bradley and Reggie Watts (the latter of whom isn't actually British). "When James Corden calls you, you initially ignore the call," Styles said. "Then, he keeps calling you. Then, he keeps texting saying 'Hey, did you get my call?' Then, he shows up at your house, your work, your hairdresser, your Pilates class and your shower." After the singing of the national anthems, the tournament began. Team U.S.A. took the first round. However, after a quick tea break, Team U.K. rallied and won the second. It all came down to the third and final round, which took place after a quick signing of Obama's new book, Becoming. In the end, it was Team U.S.A. who took home the trophy. (Eonline)

Mama June may have moved back into her home, but that doesn't mean her famous daughter is following behind anytime soon ... quite the opposite, actually. Sources close to Mama June's family tell TMZ ... 13-year-old Alana -- AKA Honey Boo Boo -- adamantly refuses to move back in with her troubled mother, as long as she's got her BF, Geno, hanging off her hip. We're told Geno being in the picture is a straight-up nonstarter for Alana. She wants MJ to ditch Geno ... and get herself into rehab. There's grave reason for concern. TMZ broke the story . . . Geno was so wasted behind the wheel a few days back he crashed into Mama June's home and couldn't even walk. He collapsed on the ground and Mama June needed help from a neighbor to drag Geno inside. HBB begged her mom to straighten out her life a while back, tearfully pointing out that she's currently living with her older sister, Pumpkin ... and not by choice but by necessity. It's pretty obvious she wants to be with her mom, but not in a chaotic, unstable and dangerous environment. And, there's this ... we're told if push comes to shove and nothing changes, Pumpkin will go to court and fight to gain custody of her little sister. Our sources say so far, June hasn't expressed interest in getting her daughter back. Tough situation, for sure. (TMZ)

Kim Kardashian's West is helping convicts who were just trying to make a living selling drugs ... at least that's the way a former drug kingpin who served hard time sees it. "Freeway" Rick Ross -- who went to federal prison in 1996 after making millions as a drug kingpin during the '80s crack cocaine epidemic -- made his sentiments clear at LAX ... selling drugs is not a violent crime -- it boils down to simple economics. Ross says drug dealers are mostly trying to support their families, and that's why they got in the game. He praises Kim for spearheading the Lyft partnership ... which will help up to 5,000 soon-to-be-released prisoners get a ride to job interviews. Ross tells us this is a huge deal ... even though he had a girlfriend to drive him around once he got out in 2009 ... many others at the halfway house with him weren't so lucky. The ex-drug boss also praises Kim for doing the right thing ... even if it means working with President Trump. As we reported, she was at The White House last week with the Prez to announce her new partnership with Lyft . . . and it wasn't her first visit. Ross says Kim's doing what she has to do to make good things happen, and he's got nothing but respect. (TMZ)

Lindsay Shookus shook up SoulCycle at Cannes Lions. The "Saturday Night Live" producer kicked off her 39th birthday on Tuesday with the cult spin class at 8 a.m., but quickly became the center of attention as everyone, including SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan, wished her a happy birthday. Because the class took place outdoors, the spinners, including chef and cookbook author Jennifer Segal, were given headphones to listen to pop beats in a silent-disco style, but that didn't stop Shookus, who was seated next to Whelan on the center podium, and everyone else from belting out the chorus of Pink's song, "What About Us." After Shookus, who split from Affleck for the second time in April, expertly "tapped it back" in class, an instructor presented her with a fruit and yogurt plate, complete with a sparkler, in honor of her birthday. Given the amount of partying taking place throughout Cannes on Monday night -- and every night during the festival -- - it wasn't a surprise when about 20 people didn't make it to the earlier class at 7 a.m., an insider told Page Six. "The waitlists are 20 people deep but they're getting in last-minute because a lot of people can't make it after a night out," the source said. The sentiment was reflected by one person who happened to make it to Shookus' class. "This could go poorly for some people after dinner last night," the spinner said. Fortunately, the class ended with burned calories and earned rose. (Page Six)

Focusing on fitness. Rob Kardashian posted a Twitter photo on Monday, June 17, from what seems to be the first day of his new gym regimen. "Day 1 all good," the 32-year-old wrote alongside the pic, which shows workout equipment in front of a sliding glass door, with a basketball court outside. Rob's sister Khloe Kardashian gave her take on his physique on her E! series Revenge Body. "You feel trapped in your own body," she told a couple on the second season of the show. "And, you know, I feel that for my brother who has gained a lot of weight. It's debilitating." Khloe, 34, also commented on his body during the show's first season. "My brother, when he gained a lot of weight, I told him I felt like, 'You became invisible for a couple of years,'" she said at the time. Rob notably opted not to attend sister Kim Kardashian's 2014 wedding to Kanye West because he felt uncomfortable with his appearance. In the days before the nuptials, he laughed off reports that he had attended a weight loss camp. "So, I found out I was trending for being fat," he tweeted at the time. "Thank you, it really made my day To the blogs saying I went to fat camp or rehab, LOL. Then why am I still fat u fools? Y'all must have run out of real news." The Dancing With the Stars alum has been in the headlines for other reasons in recent days: His flirty tweets with Dominican singer Natti Natasha on Sunday, June 16, got Khloe's attention, for example. And one day prior, ex-fiancee Blac Chyna called him out for trying to prevent their daughter, 2-year-old Dream, from appearing on her new reality show. (US Weekly)

Sorry, LeBron ... you LOST the trade that made Anthony Davis your new teammate, so says Master P -- who tells TMZ Sports the Pelicans WON the blockbuster swap!!! "We got everything!" P says. Bron's squad orchestrated the biggest trade in L.A. history over the weekend ... sending off Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and a bunch of draft picks for AD. If ya think Master P -- who's a New Orleans legend that loves his Pelicans -- is busted up over the move ... think again, 'cause he thinks New Orleans actually got better!! P also tells us getting Davis will put a ton of pressure on LeBron in L.A. ... and says the King better start winning now. There's more ... P says he's still trying ink Zion Williamson to that monster $20 MILLION shoe deal -- and he's even pitching the future NBA superstar to come coach with him at a charity event next month! (TMZ)

Bill Cosby is lecturing inmates on life lessons while in prison. Bill Cosby is relishing him time behind bars -- where he's been lecturing fellow inmates on staying out of trouble and being a role model for their kids, according to his spokesman. The disgraced comedian and "sexually violent predator" has been doling out advice to crowds of more than 100 prisoners in as many as four lectures a week, TMZ reported Tuesday. "These are the types of men he has wanted to get his messages across to for years, and now he has a totally captive audience," said his spokesman Andrew Wyatt. Most of Cosby's work is with "Man Up," a group for inmates who are about to be paroled, where he pontificates about life lessons and not getting arrested again. The fallen funnyman, who weaves humor into his talks, also urges inmates to set good examples for their children and gives advice on finding work post-incarceration and job interview tips. The prison talks touch on substance abuse and how to stay clean. The 81-year-old felon formerly known as "America's Dad" was convicted last year of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand and sentenced to three to 10 years. Wyatt has painted a rosy picture of Cosby's time behind bars before. "Despite the circumstances, he said, 'This is an amazing experience,'" the publicist said in February. Cosby was recently roasted online after his Instagram and Twitter accounts sent out "Happy Father's Day" posts referring to him as ""America's Dad." (PageSix)


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