Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson Are Married: All the Details on Their Bachelor in Paradise Wedding. There's no place like paradise for this Bachelor Nation couple! One summer after Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson got engaged on ABC's Bachelor in Paradise, the couple returned to Mexico for a special wedding ceremony. People reports the couple got married at the Vidanta Hotel in Puerto Vallarta. "We are so excited to start this new chapter of our lives together," the bride shared in a statement. "We will have each other's backs forever." As for specifics about the guest list, vows and more, fans will just have to tune in later this summer once the show comes back. However, it has been reported that none other than host Chris Harrison officiated, and castmates Ashley Iaconetti, Jared Haibon, Becca Tilley and Ben Higgins were there for the festivities. Perhaps the televised wedding shouldn't come as a major surprise to fans. Last fall, E! News chatted with the newly engaged duo who were open about documenting their big day for America. "My life is shared publicly so [it's] definitely going to be on the Instagram Stories," Krystal joked to us. "As far as being televised, we're not opposed to it. We just care about wine, food and music." "We don't want to worry about any details. I see so many of my friends who get married, and they're so stressed out as brides and they don't get to enjoy it," Krystal added. "That certainly [is] not our plan." And back in May, the couple gathered their closest friends and family together for a special engagement party. In fact, the celebration was so spectacular that some people mistook it for a surprise wedding. "That's what everyone couldn't stop talking about because it felt like a wedding," Chris shared with us. Fans first met Krystal when she pursued Arie Luyendyk Jr. .'s heart on season 22 of The Bachelor. As for Chris, he competed on Becca Kufrin's season before getting a second chance of love in paradise. "I think our love story promotes giving a second chance at whatever it is in life or whatever type of relationship because there's always light at the end of the tunnel and it's not how you start but how you finish," Chris previously shared with E! News. Congratulations to the happy couple on their big day! We can't wait to watch it unfold. (Eonline)

Nipsey Hussle's family has a new argument for why they should retain custody of his daughter -- they claim there's ample proof her mother is unfit, based on her 2 other children. Sources close to the late rapper tell TMZ ... his family's lawyers think they can win the custody battle for his 10-year-old girl, Emani Asghedom, by highlighting Tanisha Foster's track record with her 18-year-old daughter. We're told the girl is currently in juvenile detention in L.A. and has been in and out of the system since she was 12. Our sources say she's in juvi now for petty theft, and nobody will come forward to claim her ... including Tanisha. Even though her daughter is 18, we're told the detention center won't release her because she doesn't have a GED or a stable environment to which she can return. Our sources say Tanisha's been MIA most of her daughter's life and has refused to attend her court hearings. We're told Foster also has a 17-year-old son who bounces around from home to home and doesn't attend school regularly. Nipsey's family claims the proof is in the pudding and feels Foster is not a fit parent -- and definitely isn't qualified to care for Emani. We broke the story ... the family also believes Foster is unstable due to her long rap sheet and current legal issues. Emani is currently living with Nipsey's sister, Samantha, who kept custody of her after a court hearing last month ... much to the chagrin of Tanisha. We reached out to Tanisha and she had no comment. The next custody hearing is set for July. (TMZ)

Tracy Morgan just learned a hard lesson about owning a Bugatti -- fixing a scratch is the equivalent of plunking down enough money to buy the car that sideswiped it. We broke the story ... Tracy was sideswiped by a Honda CR-V 15 MINUTES after driving his $2 million ride out of the showroom. The Honda driver nailed the front bumper, and to replace it ... an unreasonable $22,000!!! But wait, there's more. The fender on the driver's side quarter panel was also damaged, and we're told that will cost $10,000, and that doesn't include labor. Cops say the accident was the Honda driver's fault ... we don't know her insurance policy limits, but it better be substantial. The Honda chick is lucky ... if there were structural damage, she'd have to sell the farm. As you can clearly see from the video, Tracy was none too pleased as he assessed the damage on the street. This all makes a good case to NOT buy super expensive cars on the mean streets of New York! (TMZ)

Bryshere Gray -- best known for his role as one of the Lyon children on "Empire" -- desperately needs to make a trip to the DMV ... because he was arrested for some driving-related offenses. Bryshere was in Chicago Thursday when he was pulled over for a registration issue ... the tags didn't match the car. Cops then discovered he was driving his 2014 Rolls-Royce without a license or insurance. The actor was booked on a misdemeanor -- registration that was not authorized on the vehicle -- and released. He was also cited for not having a license or insurance. This is the latest woe of "Empire." As you know, Jussie Smollett was arrested and charged with lying to cops over what they say was a fake attack. The prosecutor later dropped the case. "Empire" is now in its last season. Fox has canceled the run after that, and cocreator Lee Daniels blames it on Jussie. (TMZ)

Cuba Gooding Jr. Denies Sexually Assaulting Claudia Oshry. Cuba Gooding Jr. is denying Claudia Oshry's claims of sexual assault. Just days after the 51-year-old actor was accused of grabbing a woman's breasts at a club in New York -- an accusation he has denied -- the social media star brought forth a separate allegation against him on her podcast The Morning Toast. "At the end of the day, like, I don't know if I've ever considered myself to be, like, a victim of sexual assault because I'm not," she said on the June 11 episode. "There are people who are real victims that I would never compare myself to them. But yes, when I was in high school -- I was f--king 16 years old -- Cuba Gooding Jr. put his finger up my butt, and I felt wild. Like, I felt -- I don't even know what the right word is. And now, it's just become, like, a part of who I am. It's a part of my story." On Monday, Gooding's attorney, Mark Heller, denied Oshry's accusation. "Cuba says this incident never happened and he has no recollection of this individual either," Heller said. During the podcast, Oshry, who became famous for her account Girl With No Job, said she includes the alleged incident as part of her "shtick" in her Dirty Jeans comedy tour. "You want to put your finger up my butt without my consent? Fine. But I'm going to use it for all that it's worth," she said. "It's become, like, this really funny bit in my story." Since doing so, she said other people have shared their accusations against Gooding with her, as well. "At the end of the day, when I tell people this at my meet-and-greets and just anyone who's ever come to my show, there's, like, at least once every show, someone who comes up to me, they're like, 'Oh my God! Me and my friends were at a club and the same thing happened to me' or 'the same thing happened to my friend,'" she said. "This is not the first time that I've heard, but this is the first time I've heard that police are involved," she said. Oshry also applauded Gooding's anonymous accuser for coming forward. The actor was charged with forcibly touching and sexual abuse in the third degree after the unidentified woman spoke to police. "Good on this girl," Oshry said. "Because ow many f--king people is he going to grope before one of them calls the police? Mine was 10 years ago!" In addition, she spoke about her decision not to go to the police at age 16. "I know why I didn't go to the police because I was like a kid who was 16, underage at a club and I thought I was going to get in trouble for being in the club," she said. "So, I just shut my mouth." (Eonline)

Gloria Vanderbilt Dead at 95: Anderson Cooper's Tribute to His "Extraordinary" Mom. Anderson Cooper is remembering his mom Gloria Vanderbilt's everlasting legacy. The artist, author, actress and fashion icon passed away today from stomach cancer. She was 95. "Gloria Vanderbilt was an extraordinary woman, who loved life, and lived it on her own terms," Anderson, 52, said in a statement. "She was a painter, a writer, and designer but also a remarkable mother, wife, and friend. She was 95 years old, but ask anyone close to her, and they'd tell you, she was the youngest person they knew, the coolest, and most modern. She died this morning, the way she wanted to -- at home, surrounded by family and friends." The journalist went on to pay homage to his mom during CNN's Newsroom With Poppy. "Gloria Vanderbilt, my mom, lived her entire life in the public eye," he began. "Born in 1924, her father Reginald Vanderbilt was heir to the Vanderbilt railroad fortune but gambled away most of his inheritance and died when my mom was just a baby. Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, her mother, wasn't ready to be a mom or a widow. My mom grew up in France not knowing anything about the Vanderbilt family or the money that she would inherit when she turned 21. She had no idea the trouble that money would create." At age 10, he explained, Gloria's aunt sued to take his mom away from her own mother. The custody battle, at the height of the Great Depression, caused headlines. In the end, she was handed over to her Aunt Gertrude. "As a teenager she tried to avoid the spotlight but reporters and cameramen would follow her everywhere," Anderson stated. "She was determined to make something of her life. Determined to make a name for herself and find the love and family that she so desperately craved." At 17, she married her first husband. After a decade, they split and she married Sidney Lument then Anderson's father Wyatt Emory Cooper. "If you were around in the early 1980s, it was pretty hard to miss the jeans she helped create, but that was her public face, the one she learned to hide behind as a child," he continued. "Her private self, her real self was more fascinating and more lovely than anything she showed the public. I always thought of her as a visitor from another world. A traveler stranded here who had come from a distant star that burned out long ago. I always felt it was my job to try to protect her. She was the strongest person I've ever met but she wasn't ever tough, she never developed a thick skin to protect herself from hurt. She wanted to feel it all. She wanted to feel life's pleasures, its pains as well. She trusted too freely, too completely and suffered tremendous losses, but she always pressed on, always worked hard, always believed the best was yet to come." And, as Anderson said, she was always in love, whether it be with men, friends, books, art or her family. "Love is what she believed in more than anything," he added. "Earlier this month we had to take her to the hospital. That's where she learned she had very advanced cancer in her stomach and that it had spread. When the doctor told her she had cancer, she was silent for a while and then she said, 'Well, it's like that old song, show me the way to get out of this world because that's where everything is.' Later, she made a joke and we started giggling. I never knew we had the exact same giggle. I recorded it and it makes me giggle every time I watch it." Anderson went on to quote writer Joseph Conrad, who said, "We live as we die. Alone." But that's not the case for Gloria. "I know she hoped for a little more time, a few days or weeks at least," he said. "There were paintings she wanted to make, more books she wanted to read, more dreams to dream, but she was ready. She was ready to go...She was surrounded by beauty and by family and by friends. The last few weeks every time I kissed her goodbye, I'd say, 'I love you, mom.' She would look at me and say, 'I love you, too. You know that.'" "And she was right," he concluded. "I did know that. I knew it from the moment I was born and I'll know it for the rest of my life. And in the end, what greater gift can a mother give to her son. Gloria Vanderbilt was 95 years when she died. (Eonline)


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