• A study says that millennials are getting divorced 18% less than the previous generation.
  • Hormonal is the top thing women dislike being called.
  • According to one recent study, daylight savings time cuts down on the risk of death from heart attacks and car accidents.
  • The average American child eats 62 pounds of pasta each year.
  • According to experts, adults are 50% more sloppy when it comes to handwriting, as compared to kids.
  • 53% of men and 27% of women say sitting next to someone who's good looking makes flying on an airplane more interesting.
  • The average woman owns eight pairs of jeans.
  • According to Reader's Digest, about one third of us have a problem with food touching other food on their plate when eating dinner.
  • In a new survey, one third of us say this is a sign that you have your life together. You smell good.


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