Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's new nanny signed 'extensive' NDA. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reportedly hired a nanny for their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, and the gig is said to come with a strict NDA. Now that Meghan's mom, Doria Ragland, has returned home to the United States, Meghan, 37, and Harry, 34, found someone to help them with Archie around the clock, though she had to sign an "extensive" non-disclosure agreement, according to a report from "Entertainment Tonight." "I've heard from very reliable sources that the new nanny who has been appointed by the Sussexes has had to sign quite an extensive non-disclosure agreement," royal expert Katie Nicholl told the outlet. Although the couple has hired help, Meghan is reportedly staying up at night with Archie. "Meghan's been up in the night nursing, feeding on demand every few hours," Nicholl noted. "Apparently he's a hungry little baby." Meghan appeared in public over the weekend for the first time since introducing baby Archie to the world in May. At home, she is "being gentle to herself" and isn't rushing back to the gym. "Meghan hasn't been hitting the gym -- she hasn't been in any hurry to get back into shape," she said. "No hard training. No weights. She's enjoying this time -- she's being gentle to herself." (PageSix)

'Archie 1955' Comic to Send Riverdale Back in Time (Exclusive). Archie, Betty, Veronica and the rest of the gang are headed back to the '50s. Last year, the pals and gals of one Archie Andrews went back to the past with the Archie 1941 comic book series, which told an all-new story of the iconic characters in the period where they had originally been created. Later this year, Archie Comics is moving forward through the 20th century and headed for one of the most important eras for American teenagers in all of history, with the new series Archie 1955. A thematic sequel to Archie 1941 -- in other words, don't expect Archie, Betty, Veronica et al to be 14 years older than usual -- Archie 1955 is set during the early days of rock'n'roll, offering a new escape from the humdrum everyday (and maybe more) to a certain red-headed dreamer from Riverdale. "For as long as I can remember, rock and roll music has been the soundtrack of my life -- almost as big to me as were comic books -- and I have long been very interested in the 'overnight sensations' such as Elvis, Buddy Holly, and other legends," co-writer Brian Augustyn tells Heat Vision. "So, Archie 1955 comes from a sweet spot of my lifelong fascinations." The series sees Augustyn once again working with his Flash co-writer Mark Waid, following up on their earlier Archie 1941 mini-series. "As a boy who grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi, I've been a rock-origins aficionado my entire life. Doing Archie 1955 is my chance to visit that era I so love, and do it with an Archie spin," Waid explains. "As with Archie 1941, we're very true to the time while telling a story in a modern way that's exciting and dramatic. Using Archie as a lens through which to really examine the beginnings of rock 'n' roll is a blast." Augustyn adds, "Archie is the perfect analog for the budding star: Small-town guitarist and singer dying to crack show business and suddenly finding the rainbow bridge to the big time! What naive 19-year-old is ready for the on-rush of fame and all its joys and heartbreaks? The story will chart Archie's arc from meteoric rise to the stratosphere and back again. To be the Prince of Rock and Roll and the biggest star of all time is a lot at that age. More heartbreaks may come, and life will demand that he grow up fast -- and keep on singing." Joining the two writers on the project is fan-favorite artist Tom Grummett (Superboy, Section Zero) who, along with inker Bob Smith, create what Augustyn described as "the perfect vision for our vintage rock yarn." "As a teen in high school, I had two ambitions: comic book artist and rock star," Grummett recalls. "My guitar skills being what they were, rock star was pretty much off the table. It's going to be a kick to explore what might have been through Archie and his friends, at the very birth of rock 'n roll." The dawn of rock'n'roll arrives Sept. 18, when the first issue of Archie 1955 arrives in comic bookstores and digitally. Let's leave it to Augustyn to sing us out with one last tease of what to expect: "The sweeping story will feature laughs and tears, music and drama, and all the pals and gals. Get with it, hep-cats!" (Hollywood Reporter)

Vinny from "Jersey Shore" is gonna let it all hang out again for Chippendales ... they're inviting him back cause he was huge ... at the box office, that is. Due to popular demand, as they say, we're told Vinny will headline Chippendales during a 6-week run beginning July 26. It's no secret why the male revue would want him back -- Vinny's been very, very good for biz. We're told ticket sales during his April through May run rivaled Tyson Beckford's legendary 2017 run. 'JS' fans, or just fans of abs, will remember Vinny made the crowd go wild ... first with a sneak peek of his Italian stallions and then with a steamy shower scene. Fans should note, his ripped keto diet fueled bod will be on display for the Friday and Saturday night gigs at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. BTW, Vinny said Chippendales never told him to bare his ass in that shower scene, it was actually his choice ... "Because I've always been known to go hard or go home." Hehe ... go hard. (TMZ)

Here's an insanely human moment from a dude who's about to become a god ... MLB great Edgar Martinez says he's been thinking about his HOF speech, and he's freakin' nervous. Martinez was a 7-time All-Star, a 2-time batting champ (he had 2,247 hits and 309 HR's), and never saw a pitch he feared during his career, but when we got him out in NYC he admitted he's shook when it comes to public speaking. "For some reason, public speaking is not that easy. It's not something you do constantly every day." Edgar says the dread hasn't quite set in yet but told our guy the fear gets a little more real the closer he gets to Hall of Fame induction day next month. We gotta say ... EM talked with our guy for a while and did a fantastic job -- and seeing as our cameras reach millions of people, this was really kinda like a dry run that he nailed. Induction day is July 21 ... which is right around the corner, Edgar. We know you got this. (TMZ)

Mod Sun has some unanswered questions about Bella Thorne -- the first being, why can't she take a joke? The second being ... WHERE'S MY MONEY?!?! We got Mod Sun as he was leaving The Nice Guy in WeHo and had to ask him about what he said a couple of weeks ago. ICYMI ... he told our friends over at TooFab that Bella's stuff was still at his place -- dubbed the Mod Sun storage unit -- and threatened to hawk it all on eBay. Bella, of course, didn't take too kindly to this ... and blasted Mod as a fame whore. Mod strongly hints Bella's stuff is STILL at his place, but he also says his issues with her go beyond that. We're talking finances, and specifically ... debt!!! He claims she owes him some cold hard cash, and it sounds like the already bad breakup could get way worse. As we reported ... Mod and Bella ended their 18-month fairy tale romance after their weekend in Coachella back in April -- and when she tried to get her stuff from his place, the ugliness began. (TMZ)

Elizabeth Lederer, the woman who prosecuted the Central Park 5, just resigned from her position as a professor at Columbia Law School amid heavy pressure from black students. Lederer, the former Assistant D.A. who tried the infamous case back in 1989, resigned Wednesday. She was a part-time professor at Columbia but had come under fire since the Netflix series "When They See Us" debuted. Lederer, played by Vera Farmiga in the series, worked alongside Linda Fairstein. As we've reported ... Fairstein has also caught flak and recently resigned from a nonprofit board of directors and the Board of Trustees at Vassar College. Her book publisher also dropped her. The Black Law Students Association at Columbia called Lederer's actions in the CP5 case "racist" ... and pressured school administrators to remove her from the faculty. So, essentially, Lederer fell on the sword. (TMZ)


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