Country Star Chris Lane and Bachelor Alum Lauren Bushnell Are Engaged: All the Proposal Details. The country singer proposed to the Bachelor alum on Sunday in the backyard of her family's Oregon home, PEOPLE confirms exclusively. Chris Lane has found his forever "Take Back Home Girl" -- and it's Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell. The country singer, 34, proposed to Bushnell, 29, on Sunday in the backyard of her family's Oregon home, PEOPLE confirms exclusively. "I knew she wouldn't want some elaborate crazy proposal," Lane tells PEOPLE. "So, I decided to keep it pretty casual. I asked her parents for different places in Portland I could potentially take her to, but after a lot of thought I decided doing it at the family cookout would be the most laid-back setting and that she'd appreciate the simplicity of me proposing to her in her parents' backyard." "I was initially worried that doing it on Father's Day might not be the best move, but her dad, Dave, said that it could only add to his Father's Day and that's when I decided Sunday, June 16 was the day," he continues. "Shout out to Lauren's parents, Dave and Kris, for having the yard in tip-top shape!" (People)

Cara Delevingne Confirms Relationship with Ashley Benson as the Pair Mark Their 1-Year Anniversary. The pair have been linked since August 2018, when they were spotted kissing at Heathrow Airport. Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson are in a relationship! Three days after Delevingne shared a steamy clip on Instagram of her pulling Benson in close to share a passionate kiss, the model opened up about her decision to share the smooch -- and, in doing so, confirmed their highly-speculated romance. Ahead of the TrevorLIVE Gala on Monday, the model, 26, revealed to E! News that she decided to post the clip in honor of the Stonewall Riots' 50th anniversary and her one-year anniversary with Benson. "I don't know because it is Pride, it's been 50 years since Stonewall happened and I don't know," she told the outlet. "It's been just about our one-year anniversary so, why not?" Despite revealing that she and Benson, 29, had been together for nearly a year, Delevingne still refused to put a title on their romance when asked if the clip meant the pair were Instagram official. "Sure, I don't like the official thing, but it's a little something," she added to the outlet. At the gala on Monday, Delevingne was honored with the Hero Award for her commitment to supporting The Trevor Project's mission of ending suicide among LGBTQ youth. After being introduced by Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski, Delevigne took the stage and delivered an acceptance speech in which she lovingly thanked her girlfriend for her support. "I also have another very special woman in this room to thank and you know who you are," she told the audience, according to E! News. "She's one of the people who help me love myself when I needed it most and I really needed it. She showed me what real love is and how to accept it, which is a lot harder than I thought." Delevingne finished the sweet shoutout to her girlfriend by calling Benson by her nickname. "I love you, Sprinkles," she told the Pretty Little Liars alum. While she was on stage, Benson proudly recorded the moment from the audience and shared the clip to her Instagram Stories. "Love you @caradevingne proud of you @trevorproject," the actress supportively captioned the clip. Later in the evening, the model also performed a song with British singer/songwriter Will Heard -- a moment that was also captured on Benson's Instagram Stories. The actress was first photographed kissing the model on Aug. 14 after they landed at London's Heathrow Airport, and has been snapped packing on the PDA multiple times since. They've also publicly supported each other at various events, like when Benson sat front row at the Balmain runway show featuring Delevingne in September. That same month, the actress commented "mine" in the comments section under a photo Delevingne shared of herself on Instagram. In August 2018, Benson told PEOPLE Now that she's always valued privacy in a relationship. "I think [privacy is] the best way in any relationship," Benson said. "I've always been very private about them, and I think it's just better." "I mean it's hard, I don't know, you kind of can't get away from that if you're in the public eye," added the actress. "I just kinda try to keep myself as private as possible." While Delevingne has also shied away from publicly discussing their relationship, she has spoken candidly of her fluid sexuality, discussing the difference between dating men and women on RuPaul's What's the Tee? podcast in March. "That whole courting process of power is very interesting, and it's different with men and women," she said. "I'm always very submissive with men. Always. But with women, I'm the opposite. So, it's weird." The model previously dated indie rocker St. Vincent before the pair split in 2016. (People)

Maren Morris Poses Topless for Playboy and Gets Real About Handling Haters. Maren Morris is loving the skin she's in. The 29-year-old singer poses topless for her new interview with Playboy and gets candid about handling haters and breaking down barriers. "I'm speaking such a loud, noisy concept of what it means to be a woman in the music industry right now," she tells the magazine in an interview with Andrea Domanick released Tuesday. "This feels like I'm amplifying a message I've been passionate about since the beginning that has intensified in the past year. I feel I've already challenged a lot of sexual norms. It's funny, because it's not that risque in the grand scheme of things. Even the cover of GIRL is slightly risque, but it feels like me -- throwback but a little modern. I knew it would piss some people off that I was in a bra top. Doing Playboy has been a really fun challenge. I'm trying to do more things that scare me. Every year I'm trying to peel back my layers emotionally -- and I guess physically." Morris is definitely no stranger to criticism. Whether she's crossing genres from country to pop or singing about sex, she's found that people often have something to say. She's even been body-shamed and slut-shamed online. But make no mistake: "The Middle" star isn't afraid to put her haters in their place. "Every time I've spoken up or clapped back at some troll, it has been very much me," she says. "I wouldn't go back on any of it, because they deserved it. Body-shamers? They're asking for it. I would never regret calling them out." She's also faced scrutiny after sharing her political views. During the interview, the star recalled losing 5,000 followers after posting a picture with Emma Gonzalez, one of the survivors of the Parkland shooting, online. "To not be able to share an opinion, or to lose fans and ticket sales over it, is so mind-boggling to me, because it's an American right -- a human right -- to be able to voice your opinion," she says. "Of course, any fan has the choice to quit buying your music or listening to it. But as a tax-paying citizen, I should be allowed to speak up when I'm passionate about something. It's always to increase awareness. It's to let my fans know where I stand." While the Grammy winner says, "not many country artists speak up," she's refuses to stay quiet. "I could just shut up and sing, keep my head down, not talk about politics or sexuality in my songs," she says. "But I swear quite a bit. I talk openly about drinking. I'm learning things about myself that are starting to freak me out, in a good way. I'm growing up, and that doesn't necessarily mean becoming more mature or wiser or buttoning things up a bit more. Sometimes it's letting it all be a little more freewheeling." Even though she's been fighting these battles on her own for years, she's also found support from her new husband Ryan Hurd. "Being married for the past year has also helped me figure out more who I am independently," she says. "For example, my husband is very much a feminist, and I've never really done anything that's freaked him out. He has always been accepting. Even with Playboy, he was like, 'That's really hot.' It's awesome to be with somebody who is an equal and isn't trying to make you feel like a skank because you're proud of your body -- someone who's not watering down your ideologies for patriarchal and bulls--t standards that women in country music have been locked into for the past several decades." To read her full interview, visit Playboy.com. (Eonline)

Supermodel Bella Hadid is apologizing to fans who were offended by a recent post on her Instagram Story. The controversy started after Hadid, 22, posted a photo on her Instagram Story featuring her shoe up against an airport window. In the background are airplanes from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Critics were upset as in the photo, her foot was positioned so that she showed the sole of her foot towards the flags on the plane's tails which is disrespectful in Arabic culture, spurring the hashtag #BellaHadidIsRacist. Several on Twitter also called for brands that work with Hadid, like Dior and Calvin Klein, to stop using her in their ad campaigns. A representative for Hadid did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment. Hadid apologized in both English and Arabic on her Twitter and Instagram Story, saying that photo had "nothing to do with politics," and in a separate tweet on Monday added that "this was an honest mistake on an early morning." "I am posting this to clear up a few things that have been weighing on my heart," Hadid wrote on her Instagram Stories Monday. "To begin, I would never want my posts or platform to be used for hate against anyone, especially those of my own beautiful & powerful heritage. I love and care so much about the Muslim and Arab side of my family, as well as my brothers and sisters throughout the world." "Not only do I have so much respect from the bottom of my heart, I have always tried to stand up for what I feel is right, especially regarding the great Middle East." The model continued to express her respect for the Middle East, saying "I have never and will never be the one to talk down on these countries... Only to spread love, and the true beauty of them, as the way I was taught by my Teta and my father. To feel as if I have disappointed you is what hurts me the most." "The photo of my shoe on my Story yesterday had NOTHING to do with politics. I promise," Hadid said. "I never noticed the planes in the background and that is the truth. I would never mean to disrespect these airlines, let alone these amazing countries. I absolutely love these airlines, with the best planes and people." She concluded by sending "a sincere apology to those who ever thought I would put blame on them, especially to Saudi Arabia and the UAE." "This was never the case, and I hope you can understand the misunderstanding," she told her fans. "I will be more responsible when bringing awareness to all causes, including my beloved Middle Eastern community. Thank you for taking the time. I love every single one of you." Not everyone was very accepting of her apology, however. "I never liked you and now I have a reason not to," one Twitter user said. The right way to defend our country is to stop purchasing cloths [sic] from brands like Dior, Bulgari, Burberry etc." tweeted another. "We know that she deliberately did it, and apologized because she feared for her work and not for our respect #BellaHadidIsRacist" said another on Twitter. (People)

Good news about David Ortiz ... the Boston Red Sox say his condition has been upgraded from "serious" to "good" just 9 days after he was shot in the Dominican Republic. "This morning, David's condition was upgraded to 'good' by his doctors and he continues to make progress with his recovery in the Intensive Care Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital," the team said in a statement. "We remain grateful to everyone who has helped David through this ordeal, both in the Dominican Republic and here in Boston." "David's journey to good health has been bolstered by the many expressions of love that have come to us from across the globe. Your support has lifted his spirits tremendously during this challenging time." As we previously reported, Big Papi was shot in the back on June 9 while hanging out with friends outside of a hotspot in Santo Domingo. Ortiz was initially treated in the D.R. -- but was flown to Boston in an air ambulance on June 10 to receive care in the U.S., where his family and personal doctors live. DR police released the mug shot for the man they say shot Ortiz -- 25-year-old Rolfi Ferreira Cruz -- and at least 9 others have been arrested in connection to the shooting. (TMZ)

XXXTentacion's Friend C Glizzy, 16, Shot in the Head 1 Year After Rapper's Tragic Death. XXXTentacion's friend and rapper C Glizzy is recovering in the hospital after being shot in the head. The tragic event comes exactly one year after the rising star was fatally gunned down during an armed robbery in South Florida. The 16-year-old, whose real name is Christian Moore, was struck by a bullet on Saturday while outside a convenience store in Pompano Beach, Florida, reports WPLG Local 10. While rushing him to Broward Health North, his brother and his friend lost control of their car and crashed into a highway exit ramp. After being transported to the hospital, Glizzy underwent hours of surgery to remove the bullet. "@CGlizzyofficial's mom tells me he is heavily sedated and not talking right now, but she is expecting and hoping that he'll survive the gunshot wound he sustained to the head," tweeted WPLG's reporter Madeleine Wright. "Someone opened fire on him as he was leaving a store on MLK Blvd. in Pompano Beach yesterday." An update was posted on the teen's Instagram Story: "Glizzy Still In The Hospital Keep Him In Yo Prayers." The teen was often seen on social media hanging out with XXXTentacion, who was gunned down in South Florida on June 18, 2018. He was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital, the Broward County Sheriff's Office confirmed. Four men were later indicted on first-degree murder charges in connection with his killing. Erykah Badu, Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty paid their respects at a private funeral in Florida. Following his death, more than 22 million copies of his records sold. (Before, he had sold approximately 1 million copies of music.) The artist, born Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, also received two posthumous awards: the Favorite Album - Soul/R&B at the 2018 American Music Awards and Best New Hip Hop Artist at the 2019 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Our thoughts go out to C Glizzy's friends and family at this time. (Eonline)

Cuba Gooding Jr. remembers 2 things distinctly about his accuser -- that he absolutely did NOT touch her breast, and also that unlike most fans he meets ... she claimed to LOVE one of his worst movies. Cuba's lawyer, Mark Heller, tells TMZ ... the actor says when his accuser approached him at the NYC club, sitting down on the couch next to him and his girlfriend ... she said she was a fan of his movies, especially "Snow Dogs." If you've seen it, you know why that would stand out to Gooding. That initial interaction is what you see in the surveillance video TMZ obtained. We're told, Gooding initially thought she was messing with him because she shouted out "Snow Dogs" over his Oscar-caliber classics, but he decided to be friendly since she was a fan. As for the touching that's evident in the video ... Heller says Gooding admits placing his hand on her thigh as a cordial gesture -- as friends might do when sitting closely. Then he says he brought his hand up to her hand -- NOT her breast -- and brought her hand to his lips for a kiss. Again, Gooding says it was all a "friendly gesture." The actor insists he did not touch the woman's breast and wasn't hitting on her ... as he was ever mindful his girlfriend, Claudine De Niro, was sitting in between them. After the encounter, Cuba and Claudine went downstairs at the club to make out on a couch when the accuser confronted Gooding's security about the alleged groping. We're told Gooding says he had no idea what she was talking about and was confused about who she even was, because he'd met so many people that night. He then got up to leave. When the case hit the media, Gooding claims he only remembered his interaction with the woman ... mostly because the surveillance video triggered his memory about her love of "Snow Dogs." As for initial reports about club security having to break up a heated argument between Cuba and the accuser ... Heller says it didn't happen. He adds there are no witnesses nor video to support it either. As we reported, Gooding was arrested Thursday and booked for misdemeanor forcible touching and sexual abuse in the third degree ... but Heller told us he sees "no criminality" on his client's part in the security video. (TMZ)

Screenwriter and director Max Landis is being accused of sexual abuse and emotional torture ... as 8 women have gone public with their allegations. The women claim the son of legendary director John Landis has a pattern of manipulative and vicious behavior. Many of the accusers claim he got violent and even raped them during their relationships. The allegations come on the heels of one of the women, Ani Baker, taking to Twitter to warn other women about Landis, saying ... "the experience/aftermath of this person is really destructive, and it will be riddled with pain and emotional work that you don't need to spend your precious energy on." Baker claims once, after they had sex, she playfully slapped Landis' butt and he responded by violently putting his hands around her throat and threatening to kill her. While Baker may have opened the floodgates with her post, she's hardly the first woman to accuse Landis of abuse. He was widely accused of misconduct on social media back in 2017 when the Will Smith movie "Bright" was released -- which was written by Landis. Actress Anna Akana wrote, "Written by a psychopath who sexually abused and assaults women, right? Cool." The women claim Landis' MO is to use his circle of friends, which he dubbed "The Colour Society," to entice women to get close to him ... then torment them through a series of insults, intimidation, humiliation and in some cases, sexual violence. One woman described him as a "cult leader." Another accuser, in the Daily Beast expose, claims Landis would pretend to hit her, then laugh when she flinched. Another claims he fat-shamed her, while another described him this way ... "He would systematically try to have sex with all the women I knew. We're not people to him." Landis is also accused of forcing abuse and humiliation porn on a woman, and the worst of it -- forcefully holding down a woman and raping her despite her saying "no" repeatedly. We've reached out to Landis ... no word back. He has yet to comment about any of the allegations. (TMZ)


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