When 75 percent of guys say if they were ever given a "me or the dog" ultimatum, they would choose the dog, reports Men's Health. Want more?

80 percent of guys slip morsels from meals to their begging pooch
An occasional nibble is fine, Dr. Vogelsang says, as long as it's a dog safe food think lean meats and vegetables. Be aware, though, that many human-safe foods can be dangerous for canines; raisins, chocolate, and garlic are just three examples. Also, high-fat and friend foods can cause intestinal trouble and even pancreatitis.

33 percent of men say they're willing to spend any amount to save their dog's life
Most veterinarians require you to pay in full up front, so try to set aside 5,000 for emergency health expenses, says Jessica Vogelsang, D.V.M. Can't swing that much? Get pet insurance. It'll cost about $500 a year, but it could save you from an agonizing financial decision when your best friend is in need.

33 percent decrease in 12-year mortality for singles who own a dog
It includes a 36 percent drop in risk of death from cardiovascular disease and an 11 percent drop in heart attack mortality risk. Looking for a cardio pal? Weimaraners, Vizsals, and Rhodesian ridgebacks are ideal running companions, says professional dog runner Bryan Barrera. Wait until the dog is a year old and clear it with your vet. Start slowly, mixing three or four 100-meter intervals in your regular walk, avoiding any slack in the leash. Work up to a mile after about a moth of training.

70 percent of American men ages 18 to 44 own a dog
Topping the list of favorite breeds: Labrador retriever, German shepherd and golden retriever.

38 percent of guys credit their "wing" dog with helping them score a date
With a 13.4 percent boost in sexiness when a man takes a photo with a puppy, compared to only a 3.1 percent boost when a make takes his photo with a kitten. According to OKCupid, your dog's a catch. Men who mention heir furry friend are 20 percent more likely to carry a conversation for four or more messages. It shows you can care for a living creature, which may increase long-term attractiveness, according to the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology.


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