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Box Office Estimates Week Ending 11-29-15

WAYS TO HAVE A GREEN CHRISTMAS This year, instead of wishing for a white Christmas, think green. An environmentally friendly holiday can be just as festive. Here are 15 ways to do just that. 1. Trade in those incandescent lights for LEDs, which use a fraction of the energy. 2. Look for recycled content in wrapping paper. This can be difficult to find and may actually require online ordering, but expressing demand will help drive its availability. 3. Recycle your own wrapping paper, boxes and plastic packaging. 4. Scale back the elaborate outdoor displays. You can be festive without being Times Square. 5. If you do use outdoor light displays, use a timer so the lights are on display only at times when there is an audience. 6. Give your cookies away on a real plate or recyclable plate. Likewise, if you're hosting a party, either bite the bullet and actually do all those dishes or use recyclable ones. 7. Take the time in your holiday party aftermath to
TEN CYBER MONDAY FACTS THAT YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T KNOW Gone are the days when people used to shop on Black Friday as if there was no tomorrow. The rapidly expanding world of the Internet has also given birth to an interesting day referred to as the 'Cyber Monday'. Created by retailers in order to encourage more online shopping-a culture that is increasingly gaining popularity in the 21st century-Cyber Monday is the Monday following Thanksgiving and Black Friday during which many people go online to shop. However, despite popular belief, the day is not the busiest online shopping day of the year. Online shopping tends to spike during the days near to Christmas. Here are 10 Interesting trivia, or fun facts for you to know about Cyber Monday: Cyber Monday was a term first invented via a press release in 2005 by The press release cited a research that reportedly said 77 percent of online retailers witnessed a surge in their sales on the Monday following the Tha
TOP U.S. CITIES FOR DOGS Living in a small apartment or condo in a big city is a real estate dream-come-true for many people who love the bustle and excitement of urban life. Best of all, dogs can even fit into this lifestyle, thanks to cities that not only have dog parks, but also accessible places to walk dogs and affordable veterinary care. analyzed data from 50 U.S. cities to determine which ones are the best for pooches. Top 10 U.S. cities for dogs: 1. Portland, Oregon In addition to 32 off-leash dog parks, which is the most of any city other than New York, Portland has puppy romps and holiday parties for dogs. 2. San Francisco, California Dogs can play in 27 dog parks, many of which have breed-specific events, such as Pug Sunday at Alta Plaza Park in Pacific Heights. 3. Las Vegas, Nevada Not only does Las Vegas boast affordable pet care, but also more than four dog parks per 100,000 residents. Some have special features, such as the Desert Bre
THE STRANGEST PACKAGED FOODS OF ALL TIME Ironic as it sounds, there can be an immense feeling of relief that comes along with eating a bag of peanut M&Ms washed down with an ice cold Coca-Cola on a humid summer day in rural China. The availability of certain packaged foods like Oreos and Pringles across the globe provides the satisfying comfort of a familiar taste. It's one of modern civilization's greatest conveniences, and yet at the same time, one of the major advantages of this globalized market is the sheer number choices. distribution networks ensure that a vast majority of our favorite packaged foods, whether Cheerios or Oscar Mayer wieners, are available in supermarkets from sea to shining sea, what do you do if the same old Hostess Cup Cakes you've been eating since grade school become boring? The same old Skippy peanut butter or the identical Wrigley's Spearmint gum can lose its sheen, and you may find yourself on an insatiable quest for variety and new

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Desert Radio AZ On The Lighter Side..... Red Lobster says it will increase the size of the shrimp they use in certain dishes after complaints from customers they were too small. Isn't there a size where shrimp stop being shrimps? So we've hit the point where it's no longer too early to play Christmas music. Yet, it's still too early to talk about running for president, but do we pay attention to that? NOOOOOOO!!! Every year, the Butterball turkey talk hotline receives more than 100,000 phone calls. At their end, carefully trained volunteers who manage not to burst out laughing until after they hang up. Not making this up -- a local strip club had up on their readerboard, "Pumpkin Spiced Lap Dances." Is That With or Without Whipped  Cream? There was another White House fence jumper over the holiday weekend. We're getting closer and closer to that becoming an Olympic sport.
DID YOU KNOW? Before falling asleep, 90% of your mind begins to imagine stuff you'd like to happen. 51% of people who have a sunroof or convertible top have never used them. 8% of men would give up lovemaking for more hair. 66% of women still clean even though their husbands say they've already done it? A poll of U.S. adults reveals that 41% of them say they look forward to checking their mail every day.
Perpetual Youth Day or the late Dick Clark 's birthday -- Small changes in the way you live will improve your looks. Being beautiful isn't all about makeup, hair dye, and the right clothes. It's also about good health. The healthier you are, the better you will look. Change your lifestyle and you'll be prettier. Here are some tried and true tips for looking your best: Smoking ruins your skin and hair -- The primary reason to not smoke -- or stop if you do -- is to prevent potentially fatal diseases, including cancer and stroke. But did you know smoking damages the microcirculation to the skin and hair, reports the BBC News Online . When this happens, both are dull, gray, and lifeless. Smoking also leads to early wrinkles, especially around the mouth. Booze packs on the pounds -- What you drink and how much you drink affect the size of your waistline. The type of alcohol that's consumed seems to contribute differently to the accumulation of abdominal fat, Hea
National Day of Friendship -- The type of friends you prefer (and we're not talking Facebook) reveals a lot about your personality, says psychologist Dr. Elayne Kahn, co-author of "1001 Ways You Reveal Your Personality." Just one close friend -- You need someone to confide in and trust. You don't trust people very easily, but once you do you're very loyal. You take friendship very seriously and never take your friends for granted. Friends of your own sex only -- You enjoy tradition and believe boys should be boys and girls should be girls. You're more comfortable when people are in more traditional roles. You enjoy friends who have something in common with you. Friends of the opposite sex only -- You enjoy being the center of attention, but don't like competing for it. Intimacy is very important to you, and you're capable of deep relationships. Friends you just party with -- You love to socialize, but don't like people getting too close.
ON THIS DAY Author Jonathan Swift was born on this date in 1667. He had success with the book, "Gulliver's Travels" and thanked all the little people who made it possible. On this date in 1782, the American Revolutionary War ended... and the first series of Time-Life books was born. In 1804, the first U.S. Supreme Court Justice to be impeached, Samuel Chase, went on trial. He was acquitted and went on to lead a Chase and decent life. He was acquitted so I guess that makes me feel better about my money being in his bank. When you think about it, that kind of explains where we are today. Good day for authors: Samuel Clements, alias "Mark Twain," was born on this date in 1835. He kept writing one great book after the other: "Tom Sawyer," "Huckleberry Finn," "The Prince and the Pauper"... readers all across America couldn't wait to catch the next Twain. On this date in 1922, Japan launched the world's fir
Music Calendar...    In 1940 Charlie Parker records "I've Found A New Baby" with the Jay McShann            Band at KFBI in Wichita, KS.    In 1943 Nat "King" Cole and his trio record "Straighten Up and Fly Right."    In 1944 "The Trolley Song" by Judy Garland debuts on the charts.    In 1965 Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs appear on TV's "Where The Action Is."    In 1968 "Son-Of-A Preacher Man" by Dusty Springfield and "Everyday People"            by Sly & the Family Stone both enter the U.S. top 40 chart.    In 1968 "Love Child" by Diana Ross & The Supremes hits #1 on the U.S. top            40 chart and stayed there for 2 weeks.    In 1969 Simon & Garfunkel's first TV special airs.    In 1969 Neil Diamond performs on the "Ed Sullivan Show."    In 1972 The BBC bans "Hi, Hi, Hi" by Wings for a supposedly subliminal drug            messa
Today In History...    In 1782 The U.S. and Britain sign preliminary peace articles in Paris,            ending the Revolutionary War.    In 1803 Spain completes the process of ceding Louisiana to France.    In 1804 The first U.S. Supreme Court justice to be impeached, Samuel Chase,            goes on trial. (He was acquitted.)    In 1900 Irish author Oscar Wilde dies in Paris, France.    In 1922 Japan launches the Hosho, the first aircraft carrier.    In 1936 London's famed Crystal Palace is destroyed by fire.    In 1939 The Russo-Finnish War begins as Soviet troops invades Finland over a            border dispute.    In 1949 Chinese communists capture Chungking.    In 1954 Elizabeth Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama, is injured when an 8 1/2            pound meteorite crashed through the roof of her house.    In 1957 Honolulu has record wind gusts of 82mph and beaches on Kauai report            35-foot waves.    In 1958 The first guided missile destroy
Born On This Day...    In 1427 King Casimir IV of Poland (1447-92)    In 1554 English poet, Philip Sidney (Arcadia)    In 1667 Author/poet, Jonathan Swift (Gulliver's Travels, A Modest Proposal)    In 1809 Publisher, Mark Lemon (founded Punch magazine)    In 1810 Rifle maker, Oliver Fisher Winchester    In 1817 German historian, Theodor Mommsen (Nobel-1902)    In 1835 Writer, Samuel Clemens [Mark Twain] (Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn)    In 1874 British prime minister, Sir Winston Churchill (1940-45, 1951-55)    In 1892 Financier, Cyrus West Field (laid first Atlantic Telegraph cable)    In 1898 Football Hall-of-Famer, Roy "Link" Lyman (Bears)    In 1913 TV host/editor, John K.M. McCaffery (American Mecury) [d: 10-3-83]    In 1915 Singer/guitarist, Brownie McGhee (Brownie & Sonny) [d: 2-16-15]    In 1916 Actor, Michael Gwynn (Dunkirk, Barabbas, Cleopatra) [d: 1-29-76]    In 1920 Actress, Virginia Mayo (Out of the Blue, White Heat) [d: 1-17-
Spend an evening under the stars (Maricopa County) – Join local astronomy experts, Tony and Carole La Conte, from Stargazing for Everyone, on Saturday, December 5 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Desert Outdoor Center at Lake Pleasant as they bring the universe, planets and information about the winter solstice to you!  Learn about the constellations, planets, star clusters and nebulas as you peer through large telescopes and binoculars and enjoy stories about the night sky. The two-hour stargazing event is a great way to learn about the upcoming Germinid Meteor Shower. After the presentation, guests are invited to meander over to the telescopes where they can view the planets Neptune and Uranus close-up. In addition to the stargazing program, this family-friendly event will feature kid’s crafts, and the centers animal exhibit hall full of deserts critters. For guests who don’t have time to grab a bite to eat before the event, staff will be grilling up, and selling hamburgers,

help homeless pets in Cochise County

You can help homeless pets in Cochise County by donating food, treats, and more at the C-A-L Ranch Store, 673 N. Highway 90, Sierra Vista. C-A-L Ranch has placed a bin by the check out area to collect your donations. The bin is decorated with pictures of animals that you can help. You can donate items you have at home or bought at other locations. Not sure what to donate? Ask for a Wishlist at the checkout to help guide your donations. All About Animals-Cochise County thanks C-A-L Ranch Store for their generosity and you.
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TURKEY FACTS The average weight of a turkey purchased at Thanksgiving is 15 pounds. The heaviest turkey ever raised was 86 pounds, about the size of a large dog. A 15 pound turkey usually has about 70 percent white meat and 30 percent dark meat. The five most popular ways to serve leftover turkey is as a sandwich, in stew, chili or soup, casseroles and as a burger. Turkey has more protein than chicken or beef. Turkeys will have 3,500 feathers at maturity. Male turkeys gobble. Hens do not. They make a clucking noise. Commercially raised turkeys cannot fly. Turkeys have heart attacks. The United States Air Force was doing test runs and breaking the sound barrier. Nearby turkeys dropped dead with heart attacks. A large group of turkeys is called a flock. Turkeys have poor night vision. It takes 75-80 pounds of feed to raise a 30 pound tom turkey. A 16-week-old turkey is called a fryer. A five to seven month old turkey is called a young roaster.
THANKSGIVING FACTS THROUGHOUT HISTORY Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the United States. Sarah Josepha Hale, an American magazine editor, persuaded Abraham Lincoln to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday. She is also the author of the popular nursery rhyme "Mary Had a Little Lamb" Abraham Lincoln issued a 'Thanksgiving Proclamation' on third October 1863 and officially set aside the last Thursday of November as the national day for Thanksgiving. The annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade tradition began in the 1920's. In 1939, President Roosevelt proclaimed that Thanksgiving would take place on November 23rd, not November 30th, as a way to spur economic growth and extend the Christmas shopping season. Congress to passed a law on December 26, 1941, ensuring that all Americans would celebrate a unified Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November every year. Since 1947, the National Turkey Federation has presented a l
Desert Radio On The Lighter Side....A study says that music is good for helping patients' bodies heal after surgery. OK, maybe not the songs "Loser" or "I just died in your arms tonight"... but you get the idea. A study says that people who drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day are less likely to die prematurely. Well, at least I'll be awake for it. Apple is acknowledging mysterious shutdowns with the new iPad Pro... which means this one's more like Windows than any Apple computer so far.
TOP FIVE THANKSGIVING TRADITIONS WE WISH WOULD GO AWAY "Having the Butterball Help Line on speed dial" "Shoot, forgot to take off the feathers again this year" "No, those aren't meatballs -- the gravy's just a little lumpy" Uncle Earl saying, "Whoops! It must have been the tripto-fart" Trying to explain the dried-out bird by saying, "Oh, we're having turkey jerky this year"

GSA Auctions Trailers, Tractors and Manuf. Housing Update

TRACTORS, WHEELED 11/25/2015 06:12 PM EST CURRENT BID: $25    STATE: AL    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 12-02-2015 05:12 PM CT.   Asset 571143, PN F482202, 1999 John Deere 6310 Green Ag Tractor, 4x4, enclosed cab with am/fm radio and air conditioning. Serial number L06310X228831; Diesel fuel; 2,675 hours of use; Automatic transmission. Air conditioning is in need of repair/replacement. Four wheel drive system needs repairs and other repairs may be required. Tractor comes with attached Tiger brand 50" boom mower. Boom mower is in need of extensive repairs to include major parts replacement and structural repairs. Pre-bid inspection is highly recommended. Mower attachment is PN F482223, Asset 571160. Viewing of property is highly recommended. Property may be viewed by appointment only. Parts may be missing and repairs may be required. Please contact property custodian for all questions regarding a description of the property. 14435253030001 DEUTZ TRAILER 11/25/20

GSA Auctions Motorcycles and Bicycles Update

2006 BIG BEAR CHOPPERS SLED 300 MOTORCYCLE 11/25/2015 01:00 PM EST CURRENT BID: $11,400    STATE: IN    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 12-10-2015 12:00 NOON CT.   2006 Big Bear Choppers Sled 300 Motorcycle, 2 Cyl, Make of Tires: Avon, Model of Tires: Venom X, Specialty Rims: Yes, Color: Red, Rear Wheel Drive, Engine: 1.63 L V, Mileage cannot be verified, Condition: Excellent**********This item requires a bid deposit of $2280. Bid deposits must be in the form of a cashiers check or money order and should be made out to G.S.A. and mailed to: GSA, 4QSCA, 77 Forsyth Street SW, Suite 100, Attn: Tonya Dillard, Atlanta, GA 30303. Prospective bidders must provide their GSAAuctions Login Name, Sale and Lot Number, Address, Telephone Number, and Email Address. Once bid deposit has been received, bid rights will be assigned*****All bid deposits will be returned within four business days from the closing date of the sale. All bidders must be registered via website***
Paving work resumes on westbound I-10 starting Monday (Nov. 30) Motorists traveling on westbound Interstate 10 will encounter travel restrictions next week when the Arizona Department of Transportation resumes paving operations between Tucson and Benson. The following restrictions are scheduled for the week of Nov. 30 through Dec 4: On Monday (Nov. 30), the right lane of westbound I-10 will be closed for shoulder paving starting three miles west of Marsh Station Road (mileposts 288-281) from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Tuesday (Dec. 1) through Friday (Dec. 4), the right lane of westbound I-10 will be closed from west of SR 90 (Exit 302) to west of Mescal Road/J-Six Ranch Road (Exit 297) from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. On Wednesday (Dec. 3), the westbound on and off ramps at Mescal Road/J-Six Ranch Road (Exit 297) will be closed from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. During the ramp closures, motorists can detour to eastbound I-10 to access Exit 297. The posted speed limit will be reduced to 45 mph t

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Celebrities Say the Darndest Things! David Letterman *** "Way too much coffee. But if it weren't for the coffee, I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever." Arnold Schwarzenegger *** "I love Thanksgiving turkey... it's the only time in Los Angeles that you see natural breasts." Reba McEntire *** "To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone."

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BEST AND WORST SONGS FOR DRIVING One of the best ways to pass the time while driving and curb any potential feelings of road rage is to sing! Sing out loud! Sing out strong! But what should you sing while tooling down the highway? surveyed 2,000 drivers and asked them to choose the best--and worst--songs for driving, as well as the music they listen to in the car and won't publicly admit they like. The top 10 best songs for driving: "Don't Stop Believin'" (Journey) "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Queen) "You Shook Me All Night Long" (AC/DC) "Any Way You Want It" (Journey) "Life is a Highway" (Tom Cochrane) "Dancing Queen" (ABBA) "American Girl" (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" (Michael Jackson) "Born to Run" (Bruce Springsteen) "Fortunate Son" (Creedence Clearwater Revival) The top 10 worst songs for driving: &q
THINGS TO NEVER TELL YOUR BOSS If you want to keep your job, watch your mouth in the office. And we're not talking about swearing, although you shouldn't do that either. Saying the wrong thing to your boss -- even if it's true -- could put your job security on the line. has helpfully compiled a list of the nine things you should never, ever say to your boss -- or risk getting fired. 1. "I need a raise." That is not to say you can't ask for a raise during salary negotiations, but don't phrase it in terms of what you "need." Instead, negotiate for a higher salary by highlighting your successes and offering hard data on what other people in your industry at your level earn. 2. "That just isn't possible." Even if it really isn't possible, don't admit it. Instead, focus on what can be done. Solve problems; do not create new ones. 3. "I can't stand working with _____." When you complai

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Nothing says you're a beer drinker more than bringing a bottle of 2-Buck Chuck to a party. Isn't a mincemeat pie without meat just a mince pie? I'll be honest -- the first time I heard the headline, "Russian Jet Shot Down By Turkey" I was thinking, "Maybe we should switch to ham this year." Angelina Jolie was quoted as saying the other day, "I actually love being in menopause." Her husband Brad hurried out of the room and outside... for some reason... Hillary Clinton said during an interview that her biggest guilty pleasure is chocolate. Immediately afterwards, Bill yelled out, "That makes one of us!" Two Boeing workers have been fired for sexting to each other on company phones. They were also reprimanded for inappropriate use of the words "Jumbo," "777x" and "Dreamliner.
TOP FIVE PHRASES YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO HEAR ON THANKSGIVING DAY "Two cheeseburgers and fries. OK please pull forward to the second window" "Stuffing has gluten, so we're not having it this year" "What do you mean we were supposed to take out the stuff inside the turkey?" "Mom, my new girlfriend just told me she's allergic to turkey" "I'll be back from the mall in time for dinner"
DID YOU KNOW? A poll of U.S. Americans reveals that 40% of Republicans and 23% of Democrats say it's never necessary to raise taxes. According to Marie Claire , 65% of men have been asked out by a woman. Research suggests that holding grudges makes you physically weaker. A waiter or waitress can expect 20% more tips if they wear red. People who apologize, according to Harvard Business School, are perceived as more trustworthy. The highest recorded number of children born to one mother is 69. (She was the first wife of Feodor Vassilyev (1707-1782) of Shuya, Russia. Between 1725 and 1765, in total of 27 confinements, she gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets. 67 of them survived infancy.)
THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW After two years on 'Fox and Friends', Elisabeth Hasselbeck is calling it quits. Sofia Vergara's 22-year-old son brought (a picture of) Taylor Swift as his date to his mom's wedding last Sunday. Benedict Cumberbatch is back with "Sherlock: The Abominable Bride" on Friday, January 1st on PBS at 9pm. Netflix is going to reboot the old TV series, "Lost in Space." Sorry to report that soap actor David Canary, who played Adam and Stuart Chandler on "All My Children" has died at age 77. A new study says that being lonely increases your chances of dying earlier... as the loneliness lowers your immune system. This year marks the 60th anniversary of Green Bean Casserole. The Boy Scouts of America are now under pressure to allow girls to join. Our economy grew 2.1% in the third quarter, which was better than expected. It's said that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have pretty much been a secret item since 2013.
ON THIS DAY On this date in 1758, in the French and Indian Wars, the British capture Fort Duquesne at what is now Pittsburgh, thanks to a couple of controversial calls by the officials. So, technically speaking, the British were the first stealers in town. They sacked the quarterback four times. In 1884, evaporated milk was invented when a cow was vaporized. On this date in 1885, Thomas Hendricks died, the first vice-president to die while in office. Tough way to get semi-famous. In 1922, the entrance to King Tut's tomb was discovered. Of course, being out in the middle of the desert, none of the workers had enough money for the cover charge. He was buried there so he could be close to his mummy. The head of the expedition grew very attached to his mummy. That same day, FTD introduced their Mummy's Day Bouquet. As they walked in, everything seemed like it was made of clay. One researcher wrote, "I tot I taw a putty Tut!" One month from today, peop
Music Calendar...    In 1911 "Down By The Old Mill Stream" by Authur Clough & Brunswick Quartet            is #1 on the charts.    In 1949 Tap dancing great Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, the inspiration for the            Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Mr. Bojangles," dies at age 71.    In 1954 Miles Davis begins his first recording session.    In 1957 Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps appear on the "Ed Sullivan Show."    In 1957 "Oh, Boy!" by Buddy Holly and "Great Balls Of Fire" by Jerry Lee            Lewis both enter the U.S. top 40 chart.    In 1961 The Everly Brothers are inducted into the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve,            reporting to Camp Pendleton for duty.    In 1964 Manfred Mann and the Everly Brothers appear on TV's "Shindig."    In 1964 The Zombies record "Tell Her No."    In 1965 Harrods in London opens after hours to allow the Beatles to shop            for
Today In History...    In 1758 In the French and Indian Wars, the British capture Fort Duquesne at            what is now Pittsburgh.    In 1783 The British evacuate New York, their last military position in the            U.S. during the Revolutionary War.    In 1884 John B. Meyenberg of St. Louis, Missouri, patents evaporated milk.    In 1885 U.S. Vice President Thomas A. Hendricks dies at age 66, eight months            after taking office.    In 1920 WTAW in College Station, TX, broadcasts the first play-by-play            description of a football game, between the University of Texas and            Texas A&M.    In 1922 The entrance of King Tut's tomb is discovered.    In 1933 The first Soviet liquid rocket attains an altitude of 261 feet.    In 1944 Baseball Commissioner Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis dies at age 78.    In 1952 Agatha Christie's "Mouse Trap" opens in London.    In 1957 President Dwight D. Eisenhower suffers a s