• As the 15th and final season of American Idol is close to beginning, one of the big questions remains -- will Philip Phillips have anything to do the with the show, since he's currently in court fighting to break his contract with them.
  • A bit of a "Glee" reunion coming up on "Supergirl." Back on Glee, Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner played girlfriend and boyfriend, Marly and Ryder. Then, in real life, they got married. Then, she landed the role of "Supergirl" and now he's going to join the show as a potential love interest.
  • In last Sunday's Bangkok marathon, the course directors messed up... and actually created a course that was 28 kilometers long, instead of 21. Oops.
  • CBS is doing well in the ratings this year, with 15 shows each averaging over 10 million viewers.
  • Director Steven Spielberg, entertainer Barbra Streisand, baseball legend Willie Mays and composer Stephen Sondheim are among the 17 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients this year.
  • KFC says it is planning on starting delivery service in L.A. and San Francisco.
  • American Airlines says it will change its frequent fliers program to be based not on miles traveled but ticket prices.
  • A report says that 700,000 drones are expected to ship in the U.S. in 2015.
  • Donald Trump went on Twitter and mocked Ronda Rousey for losing her fight this past weekend.
  • In Pope Francis' latest weekly address, he criticized people who use their phones at the dinner table.
  • Robot designers in Japan have created a robot that actually passed standardized exams, like the SATs.
  • Even while he's in rehab, he can't stay out of trouble. Now, Josh Duggar is being sued by a porn star -- Danica Dillon -- who alleges that Duggar assaulted her while they were having consensual sex in Philadelphia back in March.
  • Doug Flutie's father and mother both died yesterday morning less than an hour apart from each other. His dad died of a heart attack while in the hospital. Shortly after, his mom died following a heart attack. The two had been married for 56 years.
  • Taylor Swift is said to have planned two weddings for next year to Calvin Harris -- one in London, the other in Nashville or Los Angeles.
  • The 16th annual Latin Grammy Awards were held last night in Las Vegas.
  • There are those blaming Russell Wilson's girlfriend Ciara for the Seahawks lackluster season. Now, there are Cheeseheads blaming Aaron Rogers girlfriend, Olivia Munn for the Packers losing three games in a row.


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