• Packin the puddin'
  • Fluffing the stuffin'
  • Creaming the corn
  • Basting the Butterballs
  • Whip the potatoes
  • Riding the Mayflower
  • Trimmin the turkey
  • Glazin' the ham
  • Snaping the Wishbone
  • Sailin on the Santa Maria
  • Candyin' the yams


  • When the Pilgrims were sailing to America in 1620, what game did they play? (Darts)
  • Ben Franklin tried to get the turkey, named the national bird.
  • Neil Armstrong's first meal on the moon was turkey.
  • A turkey has about 3,500 feathers.
  • What was one of the main reasons that the Pilgrims stopped at Plymouth Rock? (Because they ran out of beer)
  • At the very first Pilgrim Thanksgiving in 1621 they feasted on deer meat, turkey and what else? Popcorn brought by the Indians
  • How much vitamin turkey feed is necessary to raise a 30 lb turkey? (84 lbs.)
  • Running speed of wild turkeys? (25 mph)
  • Turkey meat gobbled up last year by the average American? (18.1 pounds)
  • The first settlers weren't called Pilgrims. Instead, they referred to themselves as Saints.
  • They didn't wear big hats with buckles either! That was invented by artists.
  • The first Thanksgiving was no solemn religious occasion. It was instead a 3-day party that included drinking, gambling and target shooting.
  • It didn't take place in November but sometime between late September and mid-October.
  • There's no evidence they celebrated Thanksgiving the following year.


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