Desert Radio AZ... On the Lighter Side

Nothing says you're a beer drinker more than bringing a bottle of 2-Buck Chuck to a party.
Isn't a mincemeat pie without meat just a mince pie?

I'll be honest -- the first time I heard the headline, "Russian Jet Shot Down By Turkey" I was thinking, "Maybe we should switch to ham this year."

Angelina Jolie was quoted as saying the other day, "I actually love being in menopause." Her husband Brad hurried out of the room and outside... for some reason...

Hillary Clinton said during an interview that her biggest guilty pleasure is chocolate. Immediately afterwards, Bill yelled out, "That makes one of us!"

Two Boeing workers have been fired for sexting to each other on company phones. They were also reprimanded for inappropriate use of the words "Jumbo," "777x" and "Dreamliner.


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