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For something we spend half our life doing, a lot of us are pretty awful at sleeping. Here are our top 10 tips for falling asleep faster, getting quality rest, and waking up easier in the morning. 10. Prepare a Worthy Bed While your bed probably isn't the primary cause of insomnia, snoring, or other sleep problems, it can certainly contribute to your comfort at night. Make sure you're using the right pillow based on your sleep type, and when it comes time to buy a new mattress, make sure you shop smart (and don't get fleeced). Once you know it isn't your bed, you can start getting to the bottom of your sleep issues. 9. Eat Better What you eat can greatly affect how you sleep, even during the early half of the day. Eat breakfast first thing in the morning to sleep better at night, and make sure it's a big one. After eating well throughout the day, avoid eating spicy or junk foods at night, and instead choose something that will help you drift off. And remember: no


If you're feeling a bit carsick, there may be a perfectly good reason for it. Your car is teeming with bacteria. Bacteria are swarming all over the steering wheel. And they're crawling on the dashboard. But the spot brimming with the most bacteria is the gear shift. According to research by microbiologists from Aston University in Birmingham, England, the typical car has 283 different types of bacteria in every square centimeter! The gear shift has 356 germs per square centimeter. Want more? We spend, on average, about three years of our life in our cars. 25% eat in their cars at least once a week. 25% admit their car is littered with food wrappers and empty drink bottles and cans. 16% confessed they typically leave uneaten food inside the vehicle instead of throwing it in the Trash! 50% agreed they would never let their home get as dirty as their car.


( The following seduce-him-silly ammo is guaranteed to blow a man's mind -- anytime, anyplace. Here are some flirtatious moves that make men melt: At a bar or coffeehouse, use the tip of your tongue to lick beer or espresso foam from your lip  Give him a long once-over from head to toe  Pull your hair loose from a ponytail holder or clip  Cross your legs and slowly move your top foot in circles  If you shake his hand, wrap your other hand around his  Grin and hold his gaze for three seconds and hold his gaze for three seconds  While at a bar, casually set your hand on your knee so that your palm faces up or lay the back of your hand on a table.  While conversing with a cutie, lean in so you are about six inches from his face  Rub your shoulder like you have a painful crick, then gently sigh  Walk past him, then slowly swivel your head halfway toward him, rest your chin on your shoulder and smile.


If you're not happy with the way you're feeling, just change the expression on your face. Or move your body into a new posture. Psychiatrist Dr. Martin Grotjahn says the simplest things can affect our mood. "For instance, if you wake up feeling depressed, try smiling," he says. "If your face is in a smiling position, it's impossible to feel depressed. "If you're feeling weak and listless, don't slump. Stand up as straight as possible. You'll feel stronger and more alert." The doctor offers some more tips: If you're sleepy, open your eyes wide -- and you'll feel more awake.  If you're disorganized and your body movements are erratic, you won't be able to think clearly -- so slow down and make deliberate movements. You'll be able to think better.  If you feel tense, just close your eyes and let your arms hang limp. That'll put you in a contemplative mood and you'll feel more relaxed. This can work for both th


You don't have to be a yoga girl to quiet your mind during the day -- but it doesn't hurt to take some advice from someone who is. Rachel Brathen, an Aruba-based yoga instructor, has amassed more than a million followers on Instagram with her inspirational (and enviable) images of pretty poses and Caribbean calm. Here are five tips from Brathen to lessen that midday stress -- no mat required. 1. Take a quick "breath break." "If it's one minute of deep breathing or if it's five or 10 minutes of meditation, whatever [kind of break] you can sneak into your day actually makes you more centered and focused and more productive overall," says Brathen of simply "closing your eyes, centering yourself and focusing on inhales and exhales." 2. Spruce up your workspace. "If there's clutter all around and papers and piles of things, it's very hard to find that peace of mind," says Brathen, who suggests replacing a stack of files wi


If you were pregnant, would you want to find out the baby's gender before giving birth? Expectant mothers who choose to find out the baby's sex may be giving subtle clues about their views on proper gender roles, according to researchers from The Ohio State University in Columbus. Moms-to-be who want to know the baby's gender in advance are more likely to be have a need for perfection when it comes to parenting, while those who want the baby's gender to be a surprise are more open to new experiences and view men and women as being equal. Translation: Women who want to know the baby's gender before his or her birth are more likely to want to have the proper clothes, toys and colors that match traditional gender expectations. That is, pink for a girl and blue for a boy. The study found: Mothers who knew the sex of their child tended to be less educated, have lower household incomes and were less likely to be married than women who did not know.  Women who scored hig


(Women's Health) Here a five unexpected ways to practice self-care: Take a Phone Fast Turn off all your electronic devices to disconnect from notifications and be committed to what you are doing in the present. Count your Blessings Feel like nothings is going right? Write down everything in your life you're thankful to have, from your close group of girlfriends to a steady job to your home. Get Creative Spend two hours alone on an "artist date," reading, attending a play, or even coloring. Laugh Download and watch a short clip of your favorite stand-up for an immediate mood boost. Dance Pull up Beyonce or Rihanna on Spotify and shake it like no one is watching.


Revenge is a Dish Best Served... in a Dish? In Khalapur, India, 23-year-old Pradnya Survase has been arrested for allegedly poisoning food served at a feast hosted by a relative that resulted in the deaths of five guests. Police say her motive was to kill her husband and his family. Survase confessed to mixing a powder used to kill snakes in the soup that was served to some of the guests at a feast hosted by a relative. He claims that during her two-year-marriage her in-laws have constantly insulted her for her dark complexion and criticized her cooking. In all, 84 of the 150 invited guests were hospitalized after being poisoned at the feast. Reportedly, Survase chose the house-warming party because she knew all those she wanted to kill would eat there. (Hindustan Times) So How Tall is Your Sixth Grader? Ren Keyu, an elementary school student from Leshan, in China's Sichuan province. He's only 11-years-old but already stands an astounding 6-feet, 9-inches tall and thinks h


The top 3 most hated foods in America are tofu, liver and anchovies.  56% of people would rather be late for work and get yelled at by their boss than do without morning coffee.  More phone calls are made in the U.S. during Mother's Day than during Father's Day, but the percentage of collect calls is higher on Father's Day.  "Nothing's wrong, I'm fine!" is the number one lie that a man will tell a woman.  According to USA Today, every year, enough Slurpees are sold to fill up 12 Olympic-sized swimming pools.  Sam's Club is the leading American retailer of wine.


Queen Elizabeth had to miss an event the other day because she was "under the weather," which has the rumor tongues wagging.  The Detroit Tigers have fired pitching coach Chris Bosio for making insensitive remarks to a team employee.  A study says the perfect women's body for women is athletic, while men prefer curvy.  So far, 132 candidates have been killed during Mexico's campaign season.  A Houston business owner was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly hired a hitman to kill a police officer who gave him too many nuisance tickets.  A Trump-Putin summit is set. We know it will be sometime in July, tacked on to his schedule European visit, July 10-14 and most likely, in Helsinki, Finland.  Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson was fined $2.75 million to support organizations addressing race and gender-based issues and fund league-wide workplace training as a result of NFL's investigation into workplace misconduct accusations made against him.  The Flor

National Celebrate Your Marriage Day is on Saturday, June 30

Getting married is very much like going to a continental restaurant with friends. You order what you want, then when you see what the other fellow has, you wish you had ordered that. At a cocktail party, one woman said to another, "Aren't you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?" The other woman replied, "Yes I am, I married the wrong man." Man is incomplete until he is married. Then he is really finished. Marriage is an institution in which a man loses his bachelor's degree and the woman gets her master's. A little boy asked his father, "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?" And the father replied, "I don't know son, I'm still paying for it." Young son: Is it true, Dad, I heard that in some parts of Africa, a man doesn't know his wife until he marries her." Dad: "That happens in most countries son." Then there was a man who said, "I never knew what real happiness was until I got

Hug Holiday

Hug Holiday -- a day to encourage people to hug those who need attention. Nowadays, real men hug each other, and they're doing it more often than ever, say experts on social customs and good manners. "If you are greeting someone in a casual scenario, I don't think a hug is out of place," says Jason Tesauro, the author of "The Modern Gentleman." "Saying goodbye is always safer because you've built up a fellowship." Men often hug at emotional moments during sports events, weddings and funerals, says professor Mark Mormon of Baylor University in Waco, Texas. "But if you are in the office, hugging generally doesn't work because there isn't a lot of emotion there," says Mormon. And most men aren't comfortable hugging for more than a second or two. If you're thinking of joining the group hug, consider these options: The quickie -- Two men shake hands and then use the free hand to clasp the other's shoulder or gently pat


On this date way back in the year 48 BC that Caesar defeated Pompey at Pharsalus... which, we believe, was an early form of backgammon. In 1767, the British Parliament approves the Townshend Revenue Acts, which imposed import duties on glass, lead, paint, paper and tea shipped to America. Everyone was surprised by these taxes -- no one knew the British Parliament was made up of Democrats. On this date in 1776, the Virginia state constitution is adopted, and Patrick Henry is made governor. Of course, Henry's famous for the phrase: "Give me liberty or give me death!" That was also the day the British coined the phrase, "No problem!" In 1916, a Boeing aircraft flew for the first time. Back then, their company slogan was, "Hey, if it's going, let's call it Boeing!" On this date in 1940, the first issue of "Batman" was published. Only hours later, the joke "Oh, he was in the batroom" was told for the first time. In 1953, congress

Today In History...

In 1767 The British Parliament approves the Townshend Revenue Acts, which imposed import duties on glass, lead, paint, paper and tea shipped to America. In 1776 The Virginia state constitution is adopted, and Patrick Henry is made governor. In 1854 The Gadsden Purchase (parts of Arizona, New Mexico) from Mexico for $10 million. In 1863 The very first First National Bank opens in Davenport, Iowa. In 1916 A Boeing aircraft flies for the first time. In 1940 In the spring issue of "Batman Comics," mobsters rubbed out a circus highwire team known as the 'Flying Graysons,' leaving their son an orphan. Bruce Wayne took in Dick Grayson as his ward and he became Batman's sidekick Robin. In 1941 Polish statesman, pianst and composer Ignace Paderewski dies in New York at age 80. In 1946 British authorities arrest more than 2700 Jews in Palestine in an attempt to stamp out alleged terrorism. In 1949 South Africa enacts a ban against racially-mixed marriages, a

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In 1858 Engineer, George Washington Goethals (Panama Canal) In 1861 American surgeon, William James Mayo (Mayo Clinic) In 1901 Actor/opera singer, Nelson Eddy [d: 3-6-67] In 1907 Actress, Joan Davis (I Married Joan) [d: 5-23-61] In 1908 Composer/conductor, Leroy Anderson (Sleigh Ride) [d: 5-18-75] In 1912 Author/journalist, John Toland (The Rising Sun) [d: 1-4-04] In 1916 Actress, Ruth Warrick (Citizen Kane, All My Children) [d: 1-15-05] In 1919 Actor, Slim Pickens (Dr. Strangelove, Blazing Saddles) [d: 12-8-83] In 1922 Pianist/composer, Ralph Burns: [d: 11-21-01] In 1925 Actress, Cara Williams (Pete & Gladys, Cara Williams Show) (93) In 1928 Actor, Ian Bannen (Eye of the Needle, Gorky Park) [d: 11-3-99] In 1930 Actor/director, Bob Evans (Love Story, The Godfather) (88) In 1935 Trombonist, Julian Priester (Duke Ellington band) (83) In 1936 U.S. figure skater, David Jenkins (Olympic-Gold-1960) (82) In 1936 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Harmon Kill


Congratulations are in order for Stacy Keibler! The former WWE wrestler welcomed her second child with husband Jared Pobre earlier this month. The parents first announced the news on social media Wednesday night. "Born at home, on 6.18.18," Stacy shared with her followers. "Our sweet little man Bodhi Brooks Pobre entered our world." It appears both mom and dad were able to hold onto their son's small hands as the cameras flashed for the sweet pic. Famous friends and fans immediately expressed their well wishes for the family in the comments section including Odette Annable. "Love you 4 so much," the actress wrote to her friend. Back in May, Stacy stepped out for a date night with her hubby at Avra restaurant in Beverly Hills where she showed off her pregnancy glow. And in the weeks leading up to her due date, Stacy has been enjoying extra special time with her daughter before she became a big sister. "Soon, we'll be a family of 4! Our hearts a


Queen Elizabeth II Skips St. Paul's Service After Feeling "Under the Weather." Queen Elizabeth II canceled her visit to St. Paul's Cathedral on Thursday after feeling unwell. "The Queen is feeling under the weather today and has decided not to attend this morning's service at St. Paul's Cathedral marking the 200th anniversary of the Order of St. Michael and St. George," Buckingham Palace announced. "Her Majesty will be represented by The Duke of Kent as Grand Master of the Order." There appears to be no reason for alarm. According to The Telegraph, no doctor was called and Her Majesty was reportedly not taken to the hospital. While The Queen wasn't able to make an appearance, Angelina Jolie was one of many in attendance. The Queen has certainly had a packed schedule. Earlier this week, she hosted the Young Leaders Awards at Buckingham Palace, where she celebrated the successes of young change-makers along with Prince Harry and Meghan Ma


Beyonce fans are doing the 'apesh*t challenge' and it's absolutely hilarious. We are lolling. The internet has seen some pretty strange challenges over the past few years - from the cinnamon challenge all the way through to the extremities of people eating tide pods. Because apparently putting a hashtag on something and calling it a challenge can convince the internet to do just about anything. But the latest craze is safe, hilarious, and involves none other than Beyonce. After Bey and husband Jay-Z dropped joint album, Everything Is Love, totally unannounced last week on Tidal, they let us ordinary folk in on the action by dropping one of their music videos on YouTube. The video for 'Apeshit' saw the couple take over the Louvre museum in Paris, dancing in front of epic masterpieces including the Mona Lisa, and Great Sphinx of Tanis - because why wouldn't they? Cultural commentators got massively excited about this, saying the video would engage more people who


Jessica Chastain still fighting for gender equality on the big screen. Jessica Chastain's in "Woman Walks Ahead." Which she's doing. She's way out there. On fire despite the red hair. Photographers crowded the building where her film screened. Others mobbed the room she'd enter. Like a wedding cake, layers of PR types with clipboards, cards, phones, attitudes. Plus bulletins: "Two minutes away .?.?. she arrived .?.?. in the elevator .?.?. coming to you now .?.?. she's here!" "I play Catherine Weldon, a late-1800s portrait painter from Brooklyn who travels to a Lakota Indian reservation for a portrait of Sitting Bull. She gets embroiled in the struggle for their land and lives there." What Sitting Bull wore when not sitting, who knows. For sure, her wardrobe living there wasn't the decollete black-and-white silk Givenchy with matching high-heel sandals she did at the screening. A feminist, she's opined on gender imbalance, passiv


John Gotti gave Armand Assante his blessing from prison for TV movie portrayal. Armand Assante never would have agreed to star in "Gotti," the 1996 made-for-TV movie, if John Gotti hadn't told him, "I would be honored to have you play me," a source said. The Gambino godfather was in prison, but spoke with Assante on a smuggled cellphone, the source told me. The actor won an Emmy and was nominated for a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the Teflon Don. That's quite a contrast from the critically panned performance of John Travolta in the recently released "Gotti" film. The Guardian noted his "truly dazzling array of crunchy-looking wigs." "John Gotti must be rolling over in his grave," laughed my insider. Assante, who has also played Friedrich Nietzsche and Odysseus, was just at the Los Angeles premiere of "Ulugh Beg: The Man Who Unlocked the Universe," in which he stars as the 15th-century astronomer. The docudrama wa


I Pray to Trump It's no secret that Donald Trump has some very loyal supporters out there but we've yet to hear about any of them worshipping him as a god. Well, until now. Bussa Krishna is a 31-year-old farmer from the remote village of Konne, India, and he prays to a photo of President Trump several times a day. He makes offerings of vermilion, turmeric and flowers to the photo and carries it with him wherever he goes, openly declaring his devotion to his unusual deity. Oh sure, his family and friends have called him mad but Krishna says that has only strengthened his resolve, and he now hopes to build a temple dedicated to the US President. Krishna reportedly came up with the idea in February of last year, following the killing of a software engineer from Telangana by a US Navy veteran in an alleged hate crime. He says, "I was very much pained at the incident. I thought the only way the US president and his people could understand the greatness of Indians is to displa