Born On This Day...

In 1689 Educator, Edward Holyoke (10th president of Harvard College)

In 1864 German physicist/chemist, Walther Nernst (Nobel-1920)

In 1874 Illustrator/children's author Rose O'Neill (Kewpie Doll)

In 1886 U.S. Army 5-star general, Henry H. "Hap" Arnold (WWII)

In 1887 Broadway producer, George Abbott (The Pajama Game, Damn Yankees)

In 1893 Singer/dancer/actress, Charlotte Greenwood

In 1894 Hermann Oberth, founder of modern astronautics

In 1897 English actor, Basil Radford (Chance of a Lifetime)

In 1900 British war hero, Lord Louis Mountbatten [d: 8-27-79]

In 1903 Author, George Orwell (Animal Farm, 1984) [d: 1-21-50]

In 1903 Actress, Anne Revere (National Velvet) [d: 12-18-90]

In 1911 Actor, Reed Hadley (The Public Defender, Racket Squad) [d: 12-11-74]

In 1911 Boichemist, William Howard Stein (enzyme structure) [d: 2-2-80]

In 1915 Comedian/singer, Peter Lind Hayes (Peter Loves Mary) [d: 4-21-98]

In 1918 Actor, Ken Mayer (Major Robertson-Space Patrol) [d: 1-30-85]

In 1924 Director, Sidney Lumet (Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon) [d: 4-9-11]

In 1925 Singer/accordionist, Clifton Chenier (King of Zydeco) [d: 12-12-87]

In 1925 Actress, June Lockhart (Lassie, Maureen-Lost In Space) (93)

In 1925 American architect, Robert Venturi (Las Vegas) (93)

In 1928 Cartoonist, Pierre "Peyo" Culliford (Smurfs) [d: 12-24-92]

In 1933 Actor, Gary Crosby (Bill Dana Show, Adam 12, Chase) [d: 8-24-95]

In 1935 Singer/songwriter, Eddie Floyd [Falcons] (Knock on Wood) (83)

In 1935 Singer, Harold Melvin (& the Blue Notes) [d: 3-24-97]

In 1935 Actor, Laurent Terzieff (Head Over Heels, Milky Way) [d: 7-2-10]

In 1939 Actress, Barbara Montgomery (Casietta-Amen, Married People) (79)

In 1940 Bassist, Clint Warwick (The Moody Blues) [d: 5-15-04]

In 1942 Basketball hall-of-famer, Willis Reed (Knicks) (76)

In 1945 Singer/composer, Carly Simon (You're So Vain, Anticipation) (73)

In 1946 Guitarist/keyboardist, Allen Lanier (Blue Oyster Cult) [d: 8-14-13]

In 1946 Saxophonist/keyboardist, Ian McDonald (King Crimson, Foreigner) (72)

In 1947 Actor/comedian, Jimmie Walker (Good Times) (71)

In 1948 Actor, Michael Lembeck (Max-One Day At A Time) (70)

In 1949 TV hostess, Phyllis George Brown (Miss America-1971) (69)

In 1949 Actor, Kene Holliday (Carter Country, Tyler Hudson-Matlock) (69)

In 1949 Actress, Brenda Sykes (Jennifer-Ozzie's Girls) (69)

In 1951 Actor, Lee Wilkof (Delta House, Elliot Gabler-Newhart) (67)

In 1952 Singer/pianist, Tim Finn (Split Enz, Crowded House) (66)

In 1954 Singer/keyboardist, David Paich (Toto) (64)

In 1954 Actress, Lina Romay (Conan the Barbarian) [d: 2-15-12]

In 1955 Actor, Michael Sabatino (Knots Landing, Days of Our Lives) (63)

In 1959 Baseball player, Alejandro Pena (Dodgers) (59)

In 1961 Actor, Ricky Gervais (The Office, Life's Too Short) (57)

In 1963 Singer, George Michael [Wham!] (I Want Your Sex) [d: 12-25-16]

In 1963 Baseball player, Mike Stanley (Yankees) (55)

In 1963 Actress, Jackie Swanson (Kelly Gaines Boyd-Cheers) (55)

In 1964 Actress, Erica Gimpel (Angel Brown-Profiler) (54)

In 1966 Basketball player, Dikembe Mutombo (Nuggets) (52)

In 1968 Rap singer, Candyman (50)

In 1968 Rap singer, Richie Rich (50)

In 1969 Actress, Stephanie Cameron (Days of Our Lives, Melrose Place) (49)

In 1971 Guitarist, Sean Kelly (Sixpence None the Richer) (47)

In 1974 Drummer, Mario Calire (Wallflowers) (44)

In 1975 Acress, Linda Cardellini (Lindsay-Freaks & Geeks, Scooby Doo) (43)

In 1975 Spanish tennis player, Alberto Costa (43)

In 1981 Actor, Jordi Vilasuso (Tony Santos-Guiding Light) (37)


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