Mena Suvari begs Bed Bath & Beyond to stop selling down products. Mena Suvari is pleading with Bed Bath & Beyond to stop selling down pillows and bedding over concerns about animal cruelty. The actress, who is a vegan, sent a strongly worded letter to company CEO Steven H. Temares on Monday morning, denouncing the "violent treatment and environmental concerns" that she says go along with producing the animal-derived goods. "You can count me among the loyal Bed Bath & Beyond customers who flock to your store for design and decor inspiration. But today, I'm urging you to consider doing a little renovation and modernization of your own -- and moving beyond cruelty -- by removing down from your shelves entirely and offering only down-alternative bedding and fabrics," she wrote in the letter obtained by Page Six. Going into graphic detail, she wrote that "investigation after investigation has revealed that supply-house workers clamp live birds upside down between their knees and rip out handfuls of feathers as the geese and ducks struggle and squawk," and that "open wounds resulting from this barbaric plucking are hastily sewn up with needle and thread." According to animal rights group PETA, which has targeted companies using goose down in the past, "most down and other feathers are removed from ducks and geese during slaughter," but "birds in breeding flocks and those raised for meat and foie gras may be plucked repeatedly while they are still alive." Per PETA, Suvari will question Bed Bath & Beyond shareholders on its behalf during the company's annual meeting on Friday. Suvari, 39, stars in PETA's new anti-down campaign, which shows her surrounded by bloody feathers. A rep for Bed Bath & Beyond didn't immediately respond to Page Six's request for comment. (PageSix)

13 Reasons Why Co-Stars and More Celebrate Love at 2018 New York City LGBT Pride March. Love is love is love... Kate Walsh met up with 13 Reasons Why co-stars Brandon Flynn and Tommy Dorfman to spread some love at 2018 New York City LGBT Pride March on Sunday. The former Grey's Anatomy star posted a fun-loving Instagram photo with her two co-stars and wrote, "Just me with a coupla sexpots @tommy.dorfman @flynnagin11 happy #pride kitties!!" The famed annual New York City LGBT Pride March, also known as the New York City Pride March, travels down southward down Fifth Avenue and ends at Greenwich Village in Lower Manhattan. The event is known for its revelry, diversity cheer and colorful fun. People flocked to NYC for the festivities and celebs also flocked to Instagram to share in the joy of being your true self and expressing who you are -- no matter the cost. In addition to the Netflix co-stars, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Frankie J Grande, Kevin McHale and many more were just some of the stars who posted Instagram messages about #PRIDE. Some of them were in support and some of them were in gratitude about being able to live a life out loud. Check out how some of your favorite stars are supporting love however it looks... (Eonline)

Cardi B blinged up her baby registry ... just in time for her baby shower. Sources close to the rapper -- who's in her final month of pregnancy -- tell us she's asking for a few more big-ticket items for her daughter ... including a battery-powered Bentley Bentayga, so her girl can ride in style like her mom ... eventually. The mini kids' version of the luxury whip goes for $700 ... which is chump change compared to the $2,799 baller bassinet Cardi's requesting, to be completely covered in gold leaf for an extra $839. We're told Cardi added a BEABA Babycook Set for making baby food, as well. That's only $200. Cardi's baby shower went down in Atlanta this weekend, and if you're wondering if she actually got these items on her registry ... our sources say that's a yes. They'll definitely go well with her shiny metallic nursery theme. (TMZ)

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle take their romance to Montana. Newly public couple Donald Trump Jr., 40, and apparently outdoorsy Kimberly Guilfoyle, 49, took their romance out of New York and headed to Montana for a nature trip, where he also made his relationship Instagram official, over the weekend. "Great time floating the Stillwater River yesterday in MT with @kimberlyguilfoyle. It doesn't get prettier than this," he captioned a series of photos of them fly fishing. "What a way to spend a weekend. #fishing #flyfishing #montana #mt #outdoors." Trump Jr. also shared pictures of "The Five" co-host on his Instagram story. In one picture, he showed off Guilfoyle's enviable metabolism, as she posed in front of plates of eggs, bacon and French toast. "Metabolism ... I wish I had hers," he wrote. Guilfoyle also gave her boyfriend a shout-out on social media, captioning a series of photos, "Amazing weekend in Montana with @donaldjtrumpjr here are some shots from our trip to the Stillwater River which we floated for the day on Saturday. #flyfishing #fishing #weekend #outdoors #montana." Their fishing adventure came only after Trump Jr. finished his work for the week, which meant appearing at the Montana Republican Party's national convention in Billings on Friday. "Just as everyone else thanks their significant others, I got to thank Kimberly for coming out here. We're going to take her fishing tomorrow, then shooting," Trump Jr. told the crowd (via Vanity Fair), joking that he hoped she could handle his love of nature. "This is a miniature test to see if she really likes it, or if she's going to pretend to like it, but either way we're going to have a good time -- or at least I will." (PageSix)

Disco queen Gloria Gaynor was spotted at a show about the '70s musical genre's trailblazer Donna Summer this week. A source said that crowds have been dancing in the aisles at "Summer: The Donna Summer Musical," and Gaynor, who sang the anthem "I Will Survive," was in the mix along with Alex Trebek. While Summer eclipsed Gaynor's hit production, Naomi Wolf once called Gaynor: "one of the most casually influential political figures in the popular culture of the 1970s and 1980s." (Page Six)

Katherine Heigl tried to find light in a dark place by posing for photos with her relatives' headstones at a cemetery in Buffalo, New York, but some of her fans were quick to call the posts insensitive. "I noticed on my Instagram page that the post I posted earlier was getting a lot of reaction, and I realized you guys are right," the Grey's Anatomy alum, 39, said in a series of videos later on Sunday, June 24. "It was not appropriate and it was disrespectful and I've taken it down." Heigl explained that she was "trying to make a hard moment lighthearted" and didn't mean to offend anyone. "It's kind of a heavy thing to go and visit my loved ones' graves, and I decided to find some moments of levity and humor and didn't realize how inappropriate I was being," she continued. "I deeply apologize and I thank you guys for understanding that sometimes I don't think things through clearly enough and I am grateful for your input and for giving me a heads up when I'm maybe going too far. And thank you for forgiving me. Next time I will be more thoughtful about other people's feelings and not just my own." In the since-deleted pictures, the 27 Dresses actress posed alongside a memorial for her late older brother, Jason, who died at the age of 16 in 1986 from injuries he suffered in a car accident while out to lunch with some of his high school classmates. She also paid respect to her grandparents Reinhold and Margaretta Engelhardt. Heigl and her husband, Josh Kelley, later snapped photos next to various monuments at the graveyard. She posed for a goofy selfie with an angel, and captioned another post, "I also managed to get in a little gossip with the girls." Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter, 38, sat down next to a large stone with his last name on it. His wife of 10 years captioned the post, "[He] found his own grave... which was weird." The couple share daughters Nancy, 9, and Adalaide, 6, and son Joshua Jr., 18 months. (US Weekly)

No, Rihanna did not get busted for trespassing at Rite Aid ... but one woman pulled out all the stops to try to make it look that way. According to law enforcement ... the woman was busted last week at the Bev Hills Rite Aid and didn't have any ID on her. When cops asked her for her name, she said it was Robyn Rihanna Fenty ... which is the singer's government name. When cops asked her for her birthday, she said it was February 20 ... Rihanna's actual birthday. The woman made one mistake though -- she said she was born in 1986 ... but Rihanna was born in 1988. Obviously, cops knew they weren't dealing with the real RiRi, and the woman was cited for misdemeanor trespassing and was released. We're fairly certain Rihanna's life was not affected at all by the ordeal. (TMZ)

The woman who was engaged to Aaron Hernandez has given birth to a baby girl ... TMZ Sports has learned. Sources close to the family tell us ... Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez -- who has a previous child with the late New England Patriots star -- welcomed a healthy baby in a Rhode Island hospital on June 16. There were rumors that Aaron was the biological father (the product of frozen sperm) -- but that's NOT the case. We're told the father of the child is Dino Guilmette, an amateur boxer from Providence. We're told both parents are excited for the happy and healthy baby. Jenkins kept the pregnancy under wraps until last month ... saying, "I couldn't be a luckier woman to have such a perfect little girl that's prepared to become the best big sister, and even more blessed to welcome another babygirl to our home." Congrats!! (TMZ)

George Lopez just went off on Team USA soccer -- blasting the team for not qualifying for the World Cup. But it's clear, George's beef is less about soccer ... and more about the way he feels Latinos are being mistreated in America. "The U.S. is trying to keep Mexico out. Meanwhile, the United States can't even qualify for the World Cup." "They're too busy pointing f*cking fingers to be looking to see where the ball's going." Lopez added ... "The same people that are pointing the fingers are the same people that have Latinos come to their house every day and fix their meals, and change their kids, and clean their house and cut their grass, its hypocritical." "You know what? I have the power to tell all of your nannies that while you're at work ... to take YOUR kids and see how you like it." (TMZ)


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