• Richard Harrison, known as "The Old Man" on "Pawn Stars," died Monday, after a long battle with Parkinsons, his son and show co-star, Rick Harrison confirmed. He was 77. 
  • Brigette Nielsen has given birth to her fifth child, at the age of 54. Daughter Frida was born Friday in Los Angeles and weighed 5 pounds, 9 ounces. 
  • President Trump lashed out at a Virginia restaurant that refused to serve White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. He said the Red Hen restaurant is "filthy" and "badly needs a paint job." Critics were quick to point out that the president's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida was cited 78 times over three years for health code violations. 
  • North Korea's Kim Jong un has removed his father and grandfather from the country's official national oath. He wants it to be all about him. 
  • Alec Baldwin has extended Melania Trump a standing invitation to appear on "Saturday Night Live" alongside him impersonating her husband, President Donald Trump. 
  • Pete Davidson had some tattoo work done, to cover up the face of his ex-girlfriend, now that he's engaged to Ariana Grande. 
  • Rapper XXXTentacion will be laid to rest tomorrow in Florida, just over one week after the 20-year-old was fatally shot. His funeral will be open casket. 
  • The plan to split California into three separate states is still in play and will be on the ballot this November. 
  • Parks Associates research reveals one-third of U.S. broadband households own at least one product that can be controlled with their smartphone. 
  • A Canadian company is selling water packaged with a hot dog inside for $38 a bottle. 
  • A French priest was forced to retire after slapping a baby crying during baptism. 
  • Construction has begun in Texas on a 100,000 square foot arena for video gamers. 
  • Former president Barack Obama has plans to visit Kenya for the first time since leaving office. 
  • A Rhode Island bill would keep Donald Trump off the 2020 ballot unless he releases his tax returns. 
  • Only a couple of days after Heather Locklear was released from a three-day psychiatric hold, she was arrested again for battery on a police officer. 
  • Storm Chasers star Joel Taylor has been found dead of a drug overdose. He was 38. 
  • John McAfee, founder of the anti-virus company, is claiming that someone tried to kill him and slipped him something that put him in a hospital for a couple of days. 


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