It's time for a rational conversation!

This disrespect for the office of the President of the United States needs to stop! The Democrats preach tolerance, freedom of speech, and equality. But only if you agree with them! The Democratic Party, The Party Of Slavery! The KLU KLUX Klan, The Party responsible for erecting those confederate symbols of slavery in the city square, The party that tried their best to convince us all that the Civil War was about States Rights and Not Slavery! The party that separated minorities in the military, the party that took American citizens and place them in Japanese interment camps, the party that violently opposed school integration and minority voting rights. So if your part of the minority group, could you please explain to me why the hell you're a Democrat? Leopards don't change their spots! Democrats don't care about you, they care about POWER & CONTROL! So open your EYES and STOP being a member of the party that's enslaved you for YEARS!


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