Health offers these four smart moves that can backfire over the holidays.

Cramming in workouts

Squeezing in your usual 60-minute sweat session may seem like a good way to dodge weight gain, but you run the risk of burning out. "If your to-do list is already overflowing, don't add stress by forcing a long workout," says wellness coach Jessica Smith. Try splitting up your routine with a short strength sequence in the morning, a walk at lunch, and a brief yoga flow before bed.

Stocking up on sleep

Got a few days off for the holidays? You may be tempted to long extra sleep. Just keep in mind that straying from your normal patterns can throw off your body clock and set you up for restless nights.

Brushing after red wine

This might actually raise your risk of staining. Wine's acidity can dissolve tooth enamel, and brushing right after sipping can contribute to erosion. Instead, rinse your mouth with water.

Making lots of "light" recipes

"The trouble is, many people say to themselves, 'It's healthier or lower calorie, so I can have two or three or five of these,"" says Smith. You're better off with a small serving of a full-fat, full-calorie favorite and savoring every delicious bite.


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