I Just Graduated... From Cannabis College!

Around 40 students just graduated from college in Northeast Ohio - cannabis college. Students like Marian Tucker spent a year at the Cleveland School of Cannabis to earn their executive degrees. Tucker said, "It's a new and exciting industry coming to Ohio and I just wanted to be right at the front door. They taught me how to remember the regulations and apply it to real-life situations." Graduates got diplomas in cannabis horticulture, business, and medical application. Jacob Wagner, Dean of Student Services said, "Our students are pioneers; they are at the forefront. They are going to be the most employable candidates on the job market here in Ohio." And once it becomes legal this fall, graduates will be ready to work as growers, dispensary owners, and everything in between. (FOX 8)

Is Your Front Door the Right Color?

When it comes to paint color, homeowners have good reason to be back in black! It turns out houses with front doors in shades of black - from charcoal to jet - fetched $6,271 more than expected when sold, according to the latest paint color analysis from real-estate website Zillow. Tuxedo-style kitchen cabinetry - where the upper cabinets are white or light-colored and lower cabinets or kitchen islands are dark navy or black also earned a premium of more than $1,500. Zillow home-design expert Kerrie Kelly said, "We're seeing a notable shift in home design where pops of color - particularly in darker hues of blue and gray to even black - are becoming increasingly popular." Pops of color are especially important for front doors, according to Zillow. It often forms the first impression in a prospective home buyer's mind and can determine how they will view the rest of the property when touring a home. A door painted in a popular color can help make buyers feel that the property is well cared for. (

Turns Out Atheist Pastors Act Just Like Real Pastors

Mike Aus is a former pastor who left religion and founded a "church" for atheists in Texas later dubbed Houston Oasis. But it turns out Aus has more in common with some of his mainstream pastors than he'd like - and definitely not in a good way. Aus was forced to resign as executive director after a member accused him of sexual harassment. The official statement from the board to all Houston Oasis community members read in part: "... Mike Aus submitted his resignation as Executive Director of Houston Oasis. The Board of Directors has accepted his resignation. On Saturday June 9th, the Board of Directors became aware of an incident of sexual harassment by Mike Aus from a member of the Houston Oasis community. Sexual harassment is prohibited by Houston Oasis in its Code of Conduct, which can be found on our public website." While the details of the allegation (including the person who made it) have not been made public, it appears that the group took quick, decisive action when faced with the complaint. This wasn't a violation of the law, as they'll tell you, but it was a violation of their code of conduct. It took all of two days between receiving the report and Aus no longer running the group. Well, at least they didn't try to cover it up... which of course never happens in any other churches we're aware of. (

Well, You Wouldn't Want to Get Your Hands Dirty!

A restaurant in Shanghai, China, is making headlines after hiring two attractive crayfish peelers who do the dirty work right at the customers' tables! That way you can keep your head buried in your cellphone or chat with friends while still enjoying the seafood favorite. Crayfish are really popular in China these days, so the two young peelers usually handle around 100 crustaceans every day, which earns them a nice monthly salary of over 10,000 yuan ($1,500). The restaurant's owner said, "Peeling crayfish is actually quite an annoying thing to do and your hands get dirty, so we have introduced professional crayfish peelers here. The customers need not stop, and they can still eat crayfish." When he says "need not stop" he's referring to the fact that his restaurant is also very popular among mobile video game fans, many of which gather there to play in teams. But if you have someone peeling for you, how do you get to suck the heads? (Oddity Central)

Japanese Standards

Apparently in Japan, they don't mess around with that time-clock. It seems a 64-year-old employee of the Kobe Waterworks Bureau has been fined and reprimanded by his superiors for going on his lunch break three minutes early - on more than one occasion. The lunch break at the Kobe Waterworks Bureau starts at 12 pm sharp and lasts until 1 pm. However, an employee looking for "a change of pace" decided to leave his desk a few minutes early to go get himself a bento box from a nearby restaurant. Unfortunately for him, a senior colleague looking out the window from his office, saw the unnamed offender and ratted him out to management. An investigation revealed that the man had started his lunch break three minutes early a total of 26 times in the last 7 months, which they apparently decided was a huge deal. How huge? Huge enough that the managers of the waterworks bureau actually organized a televised press conference at the end of which they bowed to the Japanese people in apology for their employee's "deeply regrettable" actions. They said that the 64-year-old had violated a public service law that required public officials to "concentrate on their jobs", and had to suffer the consequences. Apart from being reprimanded by his superiors, the man was also fined half a day's pay for his actions. Okay granted - seems a little harsh. On the other hand, how would life in America be if we held our politicians and government employees to those kinds of standards? Hmmmm. (Oddity Central)

What Are You Doing Here?

In Paraguay, the family of 20-year-old Juan Ramón Alfonso Penayo was having a hard day. They were holding a wake for Juan after his charred remains were found on the side of the road near his village of Santa Teresa close to Paraguay's border with Brazil. He had last been seen leaving his house a few days earlier without telling anyone where he was going or why. The 700 kilometer land border between Paraguay and Brazil is disputed by several drug-trafficking gangs, and often the site of violence. Juan's relatives took the charred remains back to their village where they began preparing for the funeral. As per tradition, they held a wake in Juan Ramon's home, where locals came to pay their respects. Then a funny thing happened. Juan walked into his house as if nothing was wrong, only to find his loved ones gathered around a casket. Needless to say, it was quite the reunion! The burned body, obviously incorrectly identified as Juan, was taken back to the morgue but it has yet to be claimed by anyone. (Oddity Central)

Bad News Bear

Wildlife officials in Alaska think the same brown bear that killed a solo hiker outside Anchorage also mauled one of the volunteers looking for him. The volunteer suffered serious injuries to his leg but is expected to survive. Last Monday, 44-year-old avid hiker Michael Soltis took off on a solo trek Monday in Eagle River but never returned. On Wednesday, one of the volunteers looking for him was attacked by a brown bear, and the search team found the body of Soltis nearby. A statement from police read: "It appears the brown bear was protecting the body (of Soltis) when it attacked a member of the search party." Authorities are warning hikers to stay away from the area but have not decided whether the bear needs to be tracked and killed. First, they'll try to figure out the circumstances of Soltis' death-if he stumbled onto the bear's cubs or a food source, for example. There's also the chance he died of natural causes first. (Anchorage Daily News)

What the What?

There's a new video out there - of a 21-year-old woman named Lynn Lew - who claims the key to her clear and glowing skin is that she drinks her dog's urine. Yep, Ms. Lew reckons the yellow stuff has cleared up her acne and she even claims it can cure cancer. In the very disturbing video, we're treated to a demonstration of how Lynn goes about collecting her samples. She walks her unsuspecting dog to a tree so it can do its business, and right on cue, it lifts its leg and pees into a plastic cup Lynn has waiting for it. Some viewers have said the video can't be real as the plastic cup is not in view while the dog pees, but others are convinced by Lynn's lack of hesitation. Nevertheless, we, along with apparently a good number of doctors, strongly advise that you DO NOT DO THIS! (Metro)


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