On this date in 1652, America's first traffic law went into effect prohibiting riding horses "at the gallop" in the New Amsterdam settlement (New York).
  • The radar cops had it the toughest, since radar hadn't been invented yet. 
  • That eventually became New York and, even if there were still horses on the streets, there's no way they'd be able to ever get up to gallop speed. 
  • The speed limit was 3 miles an hour, which, if you drive in New York, you know is still in effect today. 
  • Of course, it wasn't long until the speed trap was invented. 

In 1847, New York and Boston are linked by telegraph wires. The first message sent was, dot-dot, dash-dot, Yankees suck.

On this date in 1882, the bank of Japan was established, if you're wondering yen.

In 1934, the Federal Savings And Loan Association was created. Remember, without it, we never could have had the collapse.

In 1945, the FCC approved 13 channels for television. Now there are 13 shows with the word Chicago in the titles on just one network.

On this date in 1955, the first seat belt legislation was enacted in Illinois. Since the law wasn't mandatory, their slogan was "Click it or Frick it!" Actually, in the first bill, it was seat belts and garters. Times were different.

In 1966, the daytime soap "Dark Shadows" debuted on ABC-TV. To give "Twilight" fans an idea of how long ago that way, it was back when Edward was wearing training fangs.


Can you believe that a week from today is the 4th of July?

Madylin Sweeten, who played daughter Ally on "Everybody Loves Raymond" turns 27 today. Our little girl grew up!

Allana Masterson from "The Walking Dead" hits the big 3-0 today. She plays Tara on the show.

Khloe Kardashian turns 34 today. That's 114 in Kardashian years. She doesn't need anything. Move on, people.

Tobey Maguire celebrates his 43rd birthday today. Can Spider-Grandpa be far behind? He used to have such a young, innocent look. Now, it's more of an older, innocent look. Oh, what a tangled web he wove, until his acting outlook dove.

Director J.J. Abrams turns 52 today. He's got at least one more Star Wars movies left in him.

Julia Duffy turns 67 today. She went from young, ditzy blonde to older "I wonder if she's still alive?" blonde. She is.

H. Ross Perot is still around and turns 88 today. I can't believe his ears, either. He was our first attempt at a crazy president.
  • I used to say he was the last crazy person to run for president. Maybe he needs to make a third run? As you've probably figured out, he didn't win either time. 
  • If you'd like him to run again, he's all ears. 
  • When I say that, I can't believe my ears... of course, I can't believe his, either. 
  • He wasn't much of a speech maker, but he was a great listener with those ears. 


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