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Keith Anderson Bio 
Timetraxx host Keith Anderson hails from the Rock and Roll capital of Cleveland, Ohio. That may explain his penchant for the popular music of the mid 20th century. His first childhood memories are of the tabletop radio in the kitchen.

“I was born in 1955 so you might think it was Chuck Berry or Elvis that are my first impressions, but it was actually Lawrence Welk, who had a Number 1 Top 40 hit in 1960 with 'Calcutta',” Keith recalls.

Throughout his school years, he would seldom be seen without a portable transistor radio, twirling the knob to hear all the powerhouse radio stations in area – WIXY, WJW, WHK, and WKYC and the radio disk jockeys who would inspire him to pursue a career in broadcasting.

His ambition was realized when he enlisted in the Air Force in 1973.

“I had no idea that the military had a broadcasting activity until I was stationed overseas,” he said.

Keith eventually went on to complete a 20 year career, retiring in 1993, with assignments…

Music Calendar...

In 1963 Blues guitarist Elmore James dies in Chicago at age 45.
In 1964 The Beatles make their third appearance on the "Ed Sullivan Show," in a segment taped the previous April on the set of their movie "A Hard Day's Night." They perform "You Can't Do That."
In 1967 The Beatles watch Procol Harum perform at the Speakeasy in London.
In 1968 Mick Jagger and his girlfriend Marianne Faithful are arrested for weed possession.
In 1969 "Good Morning Starshine" by Oliver and "Baby I Love You" by Andy Kim both enter the U.S. top 40 chart.
In 1969 "Get Back" by the Beatles hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 5 weeks.
In 1970 Peter Green quits Fleetwood Mac to join a religious cult.
In 1974 Richard Pryor hosts NBC-TV's "The Midnight Special" with guests Olivia Newton-John and Boz Skaggs.
In 1974 Jazz great Duke Ellington dies of lung cancer at age 75.
In 1975 "Shining Star" by Earth Wind…

Today In History...

In 1738 John Wesley establishes the Methodist Church.
In 1830 The first U.S. passenger railroad service begins between Baltimore and Elliott's Mill, Maryland.
In 1844 Samuel F.B. Morse transmits the message "What hath God wrought!" from Washington to Baltimore, as he formally opened America's first telegraph line.
In 1881 Some 200 people die when the Canadian ferry "Princess Victoria" sinks near London, Ontario.
In 1883 The Brooklyn Bridge, linking Brooklyn and Manhattan, opens to traffic.
In 1899 The first auto repair shop opens in Cleveland, Ohio.
In 1935 The first major league baseball game played at night takes place in Cinncinati's Crosley Field as the Reds beat the Phillies, 2-1.
In 1941 The German battleship Bismarck sinks the British dreadnought Hood in the North Atlantic.
In 1959 The first house with built-in bomb shelter is exhibited in Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania.
In 1962 Astronaut Scott Carpenter becomes the second American to orbit the Earth as he …

Born On This Day...

In 1544 Physician/scientist, William Gilbert (magnetism)
In 1686 Physicist, Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit (Fahrenheit temperature scale)
In 1743 King George III of Great Britain (1760-1820)
In 1743 French politician/writer, Jean Paul Marat
In 1816 Painter, Emanuel Leutze (Washington Crossing the Delaware)
In 1819 Queen Victoria of Great Britain (1837-1901)
In 1882 Silet film actor, Creighton Hale (Cat & Canary)
In 1893 Writer/columnist, Elsa Maxwell (Hotel For Women)
In 1895 Publisher, Samuel I. Newhouse (Parade, Vogue, Glamour)
In 1904 British singer/comedian, George Formby [d: 3-6-61]
In 1909 Congressman, Wilbur D. Mills (Fanne Fox scandal) [d: 5-2-92]
In 1914 Actress, Lilli Palmer (The Boys From Brazil) [d: 1-27-86]
In 1918 Civil rights leader/mayor, Coleman Alexander Young [d: 11-29-97]
In 1925 Actress/director, Mai Zetterling (Hitchhiker) [d: 3-15-94]
In 1927 Olympic athlete, John Kelly Jr. (Olypmic-Bronze-1956) [d: 3-2-85]
In 1928 Writer/correspondent, Roger Caras [d: 2-18-01]

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