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Interesting Facts 12-1-22


 Adam Sandler Claims His Girls Wrote Hilarious Speech

Adam Sandler claimed his hilarious acceptance speech at the Gotham Independent Film Awards Monday night was written by daughters Sadie and Sunny, ages 16 and 14-but the tone was a lot closer to Sandler's comedy routines than anything teenage girls would say. Sandler claimed the girls had agreed to write the acceptance speech for a tribute award on the condition that he deliver it in that goofy Southern accent you do all your dumb speeches in. Sandler read from his notes "Thank you for giving our daddy, Mr. Adam Sandler, this prestigious lifetime, all-time, primetime, GOAT achievement Tribute Award," using his goofy Southern accent. (Newser)

 Workers dig through trash to recover lost wedding rings

A New Hampshire man who accidentally threw his wife's wedding rings in the trash was able to find them again with some help from sanitation workers. Kevin Butler of Windham said he didn't realize until his trash was at the local transfer station that the napkin he threw in the garbage contained his wife's rings, which had been wrapped up to dry after being cleaned. Butler went back to the transfer station, where he explained the situation. A team reviewed surveillance camera footage to identify the area with 20 tons of trash most likely to contain the bag from Butler's home. When the team finally found the right bag, the rings were literally in the very last napkin in the bag. Butler said he is thankful to have the rings back, even though it meant digging through trash and brought the transfer station workers pizza as a way of thanks. (UPI)

 World's first test run of a hydrogen jet engine a success

Rolls-Royce and European airline easyJet announced that they've successfully tested a hydrogen jet engine - technology the companies hope might eventually help erase aviation's greenhouse gas emissions. Aviation is considered one of the most difficult industries to clean up because it's much harder to make electric planes than electric vehicles. Batteries charged with renewable solar and wind energy are still too bulky for long flights. So airlines and plane manufacturers are working to develop planes that can run on cleaner fuels like hydrogen, which produces water vapor instead of carbon dioxide when burned. (TheVerge)

 BBC journalist detained during Chinese Covid protests

Chinese police beat a BBC journalist in Shanghai and briefly arrested him while he was covering anti-government lock-down protests gripping the nation. He had been filming the crowds at the nation's largest protest in Shanghai on Sunday and held several hours before being freed. China's government said the journalist hadn't presented his press credentials. (BBC)

 Tokyo opens first poop museum

Among the many synonyms for excrement that exist in the Japanese language, the founders of the Tokyo Unko Museum chose the most candid one, unko, to name an irreverent space designed for female Instagram users. With Japanese influencers in mind, Kobayashi filled the museum's rooms with toilets and poop-shaped pieces in shades of turquoise, fuchsia and lemon yellow. The colors follow the palette of the Japanese kawaii aesthetic, which combines the cutesy and the grotesque. There are neon signs with the word poop written in 16 languages. A tearoom serves huge cakes topped with golden feces. Another room features colorful droppings that move when stroked like furry animals. (Elpais)

 Teens build ‘Gingerbread Cathedral,' get out of writing essay

Three teens at a Utah high school made an especially festive gingerbread creation, of towering proportions. The teacher gave three options for the end of the semester, a large multiple choice test, a three-page essay on how to start a mortgage or build a gingerbread house. One of the teens had visited the National Cathedral last year, and fell in love with the architecture of it, so the trio spent nine days creating a plywood form and applying graham crackers, frosting, pretzels, chocolates, Hershey kisses, Sixlets, Jolly Ranchers and gumdrops. When asked if it was worth skipping the essay both boys interviewed answered, "100%." (KSLTV5)