If you were in charge of mowing the lawn at the White House, you would need 8 hours to do it.A recent study labeled men who wear Hawaiian shirts as 'vulgar' and 'inauthentic.'70% of people who say they have self-esteem issues also admit to honking their horn.The little finger is the smallest on your hand. This finger is actually responsible for 50% of your hand strength.A survey reveals that one in three snake bite victims were drunk when bitten.10% of women say they've hidden snacks in the bedroom and their partner doesn't known about it.Even though a lot of people think shaving regularly makes the hair grow back faster, there is no scientific evidence of this.Three quarters of women find if a man is wearing a gold chain, it's "super tacky."California is home to the largest what? The largest county (San Bernardino County).


Three Mile Island, the site of a nuclear meltdown in 1979 that forever changed America's view on nuclear energy, officially shut down at noon on Friday.Carson Daly announced Friday that his wife, Siri, was pregnant with their fourth child.A lawsuit claims that both Lowe's and Home Depot have been secretly using facial recognition software on everyone that enters their stores.Walgreens is working with Google and testing drone delivery.First, he threw in his hat, now New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is throwing in the towel in his bid to become president. Game over.Music producer Mark Ronson says he identifies as a sapiosexual. By definition: "Someone who finds intelligence and the human mind to be the most sexually attractive feature for a potential sexual relationship."A tour bus carrying members of the road crew for country singer Josh Turner plunged off a cliff in central California, killing one person and injuring seven others. Josh was not on board.A Nebraska w…

Music Calendar...

In 1935 Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys record for the first time at a session for Brunswick Records in Dallas.
In 1957 "That'll Be The Day" by Buddy Holly & the Crickets hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart. It was their only #1 single.
In 1965 The Yardbirds and Jerry Lee Lewis appear on TV's "Shindig."
In 1966 The Rolling Stones begin their British tour at London's Albert Hall.
In 1967 Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention play their first British concert at London's Royal Albert Hall, backed by an orchestra.
In 1967 The Monkees appear on the cover of TV Guide.
In 1967 Strawberry Alarm Clock performs "Incense & Peppermints" on ABC-TV's "American Bandstand."
In 1967 "People Are Strange" by the Doors enters the U.S. top 40 chart.
In 1967 "The Letter" by the Box Tops hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 4 weeks.
In 1969 Diana Ross appears on the cover of Look magazine.
In 1969 The London Dail…

Today In History...

In 1642 Harvard College holds its first commencement.
In 1779 During the Revolutionary War, the American warship Bon Homme Richard, commanded by John Paul Jones, defeats the HMS Serapis after Jones declares: "I have not yet begun to fight!"
In 1780 British spy John Andre is captured along with papers revealing Benedict Arnold's plot to surrender West Point to the British.
In 1806 The Lewis and Clark expedition returns to St. Louis from the Pacific Northwest.
In 1846 Johann Galle and Heinrich d'Arrest discover the planet Neptune.
In 1859 Daniel Emmett publishes "I Wish I Was In Dixie."
In 1912 The first Mack Sennett "Keystone Comedy" movie is released.
In 1926 Gene Tunney scores a ten-round decision over Jack Dempsey to win the world heavyweight boxing title in Philadelphia.
In 1932 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is formed.
In 1938 A time capsule, to be opened in the year 6939, is buried on the grounds of the World's Fair in New York City.
In 1939 Sigmund F…

Born On This Day...

In 63 -BC- First Roman Emperor, Augustus Caesar
In 1713 Ferdinand VI, king of Spain (1746-59)
In 1745 Pioneer, John Sevier (first governor of Tennessee)
In 1791 German astronomer, Johann Encke (Encke's Comet)
In 1800 Educator, William H. McGuffey (McGuffey Readers)
In 1819 Physicist, Armand Hippolyte Louis Fizeau (measured speed of light)
In 1838 Feminist, Victoria Woodhull (first woman to run for president)
In 1850 Poet/journalist, Eugene Field (Little Boy Blue)
In 1852 Surgeon, William Halsted (established first U.S. surgical school)
In 1861 German engineer, Robert Bosch (invented the spark plug)
In 1865 Author, Baroness Emmusky Orczy (The Scarlet Pimpernel)
In 1880 Nutritionist, John Boyd Orr
In 1889 Political columnist/journalist, Walter Lippmann
In 1899 U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Tom C. Clark (1949-67)
In 1890 Friedrich Paulus, led German 6th Army on Stalingrad (WWII)
In 1897 Surrealistic painter, Paul Delvaux
In 1897 Actor, Walter Pigeon (Forbidden Planet, Mrs. Miniver)
In 1899 U.S. Supreme…

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