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Samuel Adams is launching a new, limited-edition beer, and it's so strong, that it's illegal in 15 states. We're talking 28% alcohol! Samuel Adams only brews around 13,000 bottles of Utopias every two years, and it's not cheap -- the suggested retail price is $240 for one 25.4-ounce bottle. Keller's Creamery has created something that would be perfect for your Thanksgiving Dinner Table: a butter sculpture of a turkey. Available at Kroger and Wal-Mart, among others. Bailey's will, once again, be offering their Apple Pie flavor for your fall coffee drinks. If you're itching for a Pumpkin Spice fix, you have options: Target has Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee and Cold Brew concentrate. Starbucks is also offering a Pumpkin Spice Creamer Krusteaz and Pillsbury both offer a Pumpkin Bread quick mix for those who want to take the work out of making pumpkin bread. Pillsbury also has a Perfectly Pumpkin cake mix Bel Vita makes a Pumpkin Spice breakfast bisc


The U.S. death toll from COVID is on the verge of passing deaths during the Spanish Flu outbreak 100 years. And we have a vaccine. Beto O'Rourke is looking at a political comeback in Texas and is talking about running for governor. Pfizer says their vaccine works for kids 5-12 years old and will soon ask to have its use authorized. Kate Winslet says talks are underway to make season 2 of "Mare of Easttown" happen. And there it goes! Sears will close its last store, located in Illinois, on November 14. Former child star Jimmy Garrett, who is remembered for playing Lucille Ball's son Jerry Carmichael on CBS sitcom "The Lucy Show" was found dead Friday at his California home. He was 66. We're not making this up. Three people were injured by gunfire when a fight broke out Saturday in Pennsylvania... at a baby shower. There was apparently some problem with the presents. Princess Beatrice gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, with husband Edoardo Mapelli


National Dog Week   -- September 20-26. A celebration observed the last full week of September to bring attention to man's best friend and to educate all dog owners. Part of man's education is to know the top dog breeds to help men attract women: Mini pincher Chicks love mini versions of big dogs. They are little so they don't cost a lot to feed, and they look really tough especially with a studded collar. Beagle Charlie Brown was the sensitive underdog. You too can be the sensitive guy with a Beagle. Dalmatian Any dog who hangs out with firemen is a sure bet with the ladies. This dog is a born hero. English Pointer Cute enough for a lady to swoon over; tough enough so you won't look like a wimp. Dachshund This little guy is a wonder with the ladies. They are cute and are begging to be cared for. Greyhound Sleek and aerodynamic plus many Greyhounds need rescuing so you'll score some serious points with the ladies. So, cook some linguini and introduce her to Vincenzo

Music Calendar...

In 1946 "To Each His Own" by the Ink Spots is #1 on the charts. In 1957 Pat Boone appears on the cover of TV Guide. In 1959 "Sleep Walk" by Santo & Johnny hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 2 weeks. In 1961 Bob Dylan records his first album for Columbia Records. In 1963 "Sugar Shack" by the Fireballs enters on the U.S. top 40 chart. In 1963 "Blue Velvet" by Bobby Vinton hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 3 weeks. In 1966 While on a plane to his first European tour, Jimmy Hendrix changes the spelling of his first name to Jimi. In 1968 "All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix enters the U.S. top 40 chart. In 1968 "Harper Valley PTA" by Jeannie C. Riley is #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart. In 1971 "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" by Paul & Linda McCartney and "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers are both certified gold. In 1971 John Lennon & Yoko Ono appear on TV&

Today In History...

In 1784 First U.S. daily newspaper begins publication in Pennsylvania. In 1792 The French National Convention votes to abolish the monarchy. In 1893 A horseless carriage, believed to be the first gasoline-powered automobile built in the U.S., is taken for a short test drive in Springfield, MA, by Frank Duryea, who had designed the vehicle with his brother Charles. In 1897 The New York Sun runs its "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" editorial in response to a letter from 8-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon. In 1930 Johann Ostermeyer patents his invention, the flashbulb. In 1931 Britain goes off the gold standard. In 1937 "The Hobbit," by J.R.R. Tolkien is first published. In 1938 A hurricane hits New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut with wind gusts of 180 mph, killing 600. In 1948 Milton Berle makes his debut as permanent host of "The Texaco Star Theater" on NBC. In 1949 The People's Republic of China is proclaimed by its Communist leaders. In 1954

Born On This Day...

In 1645 Explorer, Louis Jolliet In 1756 Scottish inventor, John Loudon McAdam (asphalt) In 1788 Margaret Smith Taylor, wife of U.S. president Zachary Taylor In 1853 Physicist, Heike Onnes (liquid helium, superconductivity) In 1866 Author/historian, H.G. Wells (Time Machine, War of the Worlds) In 1867 U.S. secretary of war, Henry Lewis Stimson (World War II) In 1874 Composer, Gustav Holst (The Planets) In 1884 Football Hall-of-Famer, Hugh "Shorty" Ray (NFL officials) In 1893 Cartoonist, Frank Willard (Moon Mullins) In 1902 Publisher, Sir Allen Lane (founded Penguin Books) [d: 7-7-70] In 1907 Scientist, Sir Edward Crisp Bullard (geomagnetism) [d: 4-3-80] In 1907 Actor, Lloyd Gough (Mike Axel-Green Hornet) [d: 7-23-84] In 1912 Country singer/guitarist, Ted Daffan [d: 10-6-96] In 1912 Animator, Chuck Jones (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck) [d: 2-22-02] In 1916 Businessman, Ewing "Mr. K" Kauffman (founded KC Royals) [d: 8-1-93] In 1918 Actor, Rand Brooks (Boone-Adventures of Rin

Music Calendar...

In 1955 Tennessee Ernie Ford records "Sixteen Tons." In 1964 The Beatles' U.S. tour ends in New York with a charity concert. In 1966 Beatle George Harrison travels to India for his first meeting with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In 1968 "1, 2, 3, Red Light" by 1910 Fruitgum Company is certified gold. In 1969 "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 4 weeks. In 1970 Jim Morrison is convicted in a Miami court for indecent exposure stemming from a local performance by the Doors in March, 1969. In 1971 Peter Frampton leaves Humble Pie for a solo career. In 1972 Police find cannabis growing on Paul and Linda McCartney's farm. In 1972 "Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me" by Mac Davis and "Everybody Plays The Fool" by the Main Ingredient are both certified gold. In 1973 Jim Croce, 30, and four others are killed in a plane crash (on the way to a show in Sherman, Texas) at Nachitoches, Louisiana. In 1