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Keith Anderson Bio 
Timetraxx host Keith Anderson hails from the Rock and Roll capital of Cleveland, Ohio. That may explain his penchant for the popular music of the mid 20th century. His first childhood memories are of the tabletop radio in the kitchen.

“I was born in 1955 so you might think it was Chuck Berry or Elvis that are my first impressions, but it was actually Lawrence Welk, who had a Number 1 Top 40 hit in 1960 with 'Calcutta',” Keith recalls.

Throughout his school years, he would seldom be seen without a portable transistor radio, twirling the knob to hear all the powerhouse radio stations in area – WIXY, WJW, WHK, and WKYC and the radio disk jockeys who would inspire him to pursue a career in broadcasting.

His ambition was realized when he enlisted in the Air Force in 1973.

“I had no idea that the military had a broadcasting activity until I was stationed overseas,” he said.

Keith eventually went on to complete a 20 year career, retiring in 1993, with assignments…


38% of women surveyed say they're trying to cut back on gossiping.31% of guys have borrowed deodorant from their girlfriend.15% of people in a sleep study survey said they have been known to fall asleep in the bathroom at work.Despite being asked by their parents to do this for their own good, 19% of kids don't floss.Over 40% of us always add salt at mealtime.A study reveals that 7% of people buy more junk food when they bring their own bags to the store.51% of people who have these have a sunroof or convertible top have never used them.Research shows that many women worry this will give away their real age. What is it? Their hands.


Some theaters are planning 24-hour-a-day showings of "The Avengers: Endgame" when it opens tomorrow. With early ticket sales, they're thinking this could be a $900 million movie opening weekend.Batman finally shows up on the series finale of "Gotham" tonight on FOX.Jennifer Garner is People's "Most Beautiful" person of 2019, the magazine announced on Tuesday night.Today is the day that Joe Biden is supposed to announce he's running.A new study says Americans have increased their sitting time by over an hour during the past decade. We're spending almost a third of our waking hours sitting down, and computer use is partly to blame.2019 Record Store Day on April 13 yielded historic week for vinyl album sales. Albums by Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan & The Rolling Stones were among the top-selling Record Store Day, according to Nielsen Music.Another death at the Grand Canyon this week. Tuesday, a 70-year-old woman fell to her death.The NFL Draft…

World Penguin Day --

There are 17 species of penguins, and all their natural habitats are in the Southern hemisphere. Did you know the Emperor Penguin is the biggest of the 17 penguin species? And did you know, the largest gathering of people dressed as penguins is 972, achieved by Youngstown State University (USA) at the YSU WATTS Center in Youngstown, OH, on October 28, 2017. Under the rules, each participant had to be dressed head to toe as a penguin that consisted of a beak, a black and white bodysuit and webbed feet.


Christmas is exactly 8 months from today. Just sayin'...

Renee Zellweger turns the big 5-0 today and continues to be the poster child for not having plastic surgery.
You never really hear of her that much anymore. Of course, she never really heard of me to begin with.
She always looks like she would really rather be wearing sunglasses.
I've never met her, but I've heard that she's "different"... which is code, of course, for a little "out there."

Hank Azaria celebrates double-nickels today. The voice of Moe, Apu, Chief Wiggim, Carl and Comic Book Guy on "The Simpsons" turns 55 today. If you've never seen him in "The Birdcage," you owe it to yourself to watch it.

Al Pacino hits birthday number 79 today, but doesn't act his age. Although, he could if he wanted to.


On this date in 1684, a patent was granted for the thimble. I know what you're thinking. Sew?
There may be other uses, but its primary function is being a piece in the game of Monopoly.
I know it was a great invention at the time, but I don't know why. I just can't put my thumb on it.
The Inventor's Guild gave the invention one thumb up.
A thimble is something is used in a mysterious practice known as "sewing." Not exactly sure what that is, but I know a needle is involved. Must have something to do with drugs.

In 1792, a highwayman named Nicolas Jacques Pelletier received the honor of being the first person executed under French law by the guillotine.
He never had time to let it go to his head.
The honor might have gone to his head, but it couldn't.
It was then featured item of the day on the Home Chopping Network.

On this date in 1901, New York became the first state requiring license plates for cars. The fee was one dollar. See, I wouldn't mind if it was st…


On this date in 1704, the very first edition of an American newspaper, the Boston News Letter, was published for the first time. Today also marked the first time it was accidentally thrown on someone's roof.

In 1800, Congress authorizes the creation of the Library of Congress, just so the librarian could tell a few of them, "Shhhhhhhhhhh!"

On this date in 1833, the soda fountain was patented by a couple of jerks, Jacob Ebert and George Dulty. The trick had been making the soda wasn't too shaken up, or the foam would go all over the fountain.

In 1888, the very first Kodak camera hit the market.
I'm sure, at the time, they had no idea that Alexander Graham Bell's device would one day make the Kodak camera obsolete.
Up until then, the phrase, "Why don't you just take a picture?" didn't make sense.
Everyone was excited to see what developed.

On this date in 1908, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Murdock become the first to travel across the U.S. by car. Back then, i…


Luke Perry's Finale Riverdale Episode Features a "Beautiful" Moment Between Fred and Archie. A moment fans have been dreading is upon us: Luke Perry's final Riverdale episode airs Wednesday, April 24 on The CW. Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa tweeted the news along with a picture of Perry in character as Fred Andrews. "This week's Riverdale is the last episode Luke filmed. As always, Fred's imparting words of wisdom to Archie. A beautiful, true moment between a father and his son," Aguirre-Sacasa said. "Wish these scenes could go on forever..." In the episode titled "Chapter Fifty-Four: Fear the Reaper," Jellybean (Trinity Likins) goes missing, prompting Jughead (Cole Sprouse), Gladys (Gina Gershon) and FP (Skeet Ulrich) to follow a series of clues to get her home. Meanwhile, Archie (KJ Apa) deals with the fallout from his latest boxing match. The show creator has taken to Twitter to pay tribute to Perry since the actor …