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Music Calendar...

In 1940 Lionel Hampton joins the Nat King Cole trio to record "Central Avenue Breakdown" and "Jack the Bellboy." In 1963 The Rolling Stones begin their first recording session at London's Olympic Sound Studios. In 1964 Bob Dylan arrives in Britain for his first tour. In 1967 Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones are all in court, defending themselves in separate drug-related cases. In 1968 Jim Morrison of the Doors incites an riot during a Chicago concert, then escapes backstage as the crowd battles with police. In 1969 The Turtles and the Temptations play Tricia Nixon's White House Masque Ball. In 1969 "Get Back" b/w "Don't Let Me Down" by Beatles and "Love Theme From 40 Romeo & Juliet" by Henry Mancini both enter on the U.S. top chart. In 1973 Alice Cooper appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. In 1974 The Who sell out four nights in Madison Square Garden (80,000 seats) in less than 8 hours. In 1974 Eric

Today In History...

In 1497 Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci sails on his first voyage to the New World. America was named for him. In 1503 Columbus discovers the Cayman Islands. In 1774 Louis XVI becomes King Of France at age four. In 1775 The Continental Congress issues paper currency for the first time. In 1775 Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys capture the British-held fortress at Ticonderoga, New York. In 1818 American patriot Paul Revere dies in Boston. In 1865 Union forces capture Confederate President Jefferson Davis in Irwinville, Georgia. In 1869 A golden spike is driven at Promontory, Utah, marking the completion of the first transcontinental railroad in the United States. In 1872 Victoria Woodhull becomes the first woman nominated for the U.S. presidency by the National Equal Rights party. In 1908 The first Mother's Day is observed during church services in Grafton, West Virginia, and Philadelphia. In 1924 J. Edgar Hoover becomes the director of the FBI. In 1930 The first U.S. plane

Born On This Day...

In 1730 Attorney/judge, George Ross (signed the Declaration of Independence) In 1755 Explorer, Robert Gray (first to carry U.S. flag around the world) In 1788 French physicist, Augustin-Jean Fresnel (optics pioneer) In 1789 Historian/publisher, Jared Sparks (North American Review) In 1838 Stage actor, John Wilkes Booth (assassinated Lincoln) In 1850 Merchant, Sir Thomas Lipton (Lipton Tea) In 1868 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Edward "Ed" Barrow (Yankees) In 1882 Actor, Thurston Hall (Mr. Schuyler-Topper) In 1888 Conductor/composer, Max Steiner (Gone With The Wind, Casablanca) In 1898 Historian, Ariel Durant (The Story of Civilization) In 1898 German biochemist, Rudolf Schoenheimer ("tagging" molecules) In 1899 Dancer/actor, Fred Astaire (Easter Parade, Daddy Long Legs) In 1899 Composer, Dimitri Tiomkin (High Noon, The High And The Mighty) In 1900 Cartoonist, Vincent T. Hamlin (created Alley Oop) [d: 6-14-93] In 1902 Film producer, David O. Selznick (Gone With The Wind) [

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Queen Elizabeth II's physician says Prince Philip's cause of death was simply "old age." He passed away on April 9 at the age of 99. Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos' rocket company, opened up ticket sales yesterday for suborbital sightseeing trips on its New Shepard spacecraft. They're expected to cost around $200,000. A Florida high school student accused of rigging her school's homecoming queen election will be charged as an adult and could face up to 16 years in prison. Jimmie Johnson is joining NBC Sports' Indy 500 coverage. If you were up in the wee hours this morning and took a peek outside, those shooting stars were part of the Eta Aquarid meteor shower, which comes from the debris trail of the famed Halley's comet. Dunkin and Chipotle are both offering freebies to nurses during National Nurses Week, which begins today. Nestle is introducing a pea milk brand called Wunda to take on the likes of Oatly. Carole Baskin of "Tiger King" fame has

Music Calendar...

In 1947 The sheet music for "White Christmas" by Irving Berlin is first published. In 1950 "The Third Man Theme" by Guy Lombardo hits #1 on the charts and stayed there for 11 weeks. In 1957 "I'm Walking" by Ricky Nelson and "Love Letters In The Sand" by Pat Boone both enter the U.S. top 40 chart. In 1965 Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards composes "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." In 1971 Ike & Tina Turner receive their only gold record for their version of "Proud Mary." In 1972 "Rocket Man" by Elton John and "Song Sung Blue" by Neil Diamond both enter the U.S. top 40 chart. In 1973 Paul Simon begins his first tour in 20 years without Art Garfunkel. In 1976 Santana appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. In 1977 Led Zeppelin plays before 76,000 Michigan fans, breaking the group's own world attendance record. In 1977 The Kinks, James Brown and Kenny Rogers appear on NBC-TV's &

Today In History...

In 1840 England introduces its first postage stamp. In 1851 Dr. John Farrie receives a patent for a "refrigeration machine." In 1860 "The Olympic Club," the first athletic club in U.S., is founded. In 1861 Arkansas secedes from the Union. In 1882 Congress overrides President Arthur's veto of the Chinese Exclusion Act, barring Chinese immigrants from the U.S. for ten years. In 1889 The Paris Exposition formally opens featuring the just completed Eiffel Tower. In 1910 Britain's King Edward VII dies. In 1915 Babe Ruth hits his first major league home run as a player for the Boston Red Sox. In 1935 The Works Progress Administration begins operating. In 1937 The hydrogen-filled German dirigible "Hindenburg" bursts into flames and crashes while docking in Lakehurst, New Jersey, killing 36 out of the 97 on board. In 1941 Soviet dictator Josef Stalin assumes the premiership, replacing Vyacheslav M. Molotov. In 1942 During World War II, some 15,000 American

Born On This Day...

In 1740 Attorney, John Penn (signed the Declaration of Independence) In 1742 Botanist, Jean Senebier (plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen) In 1808 U.S. Supreme Court Justice, William Strong (1870-80) In 1829 Phoebe Ann Coffin, first female ordained minister in New England In 1846 Inventor, Worcester Reed Warner (machine tools) In 1856 Explorer, Robert E. Peary (North Pole) In 1856 Psychologist/author, Dr. Sigmund Freud (psychoanalysis) In 1861 Hindu poet, Rabindranath Tagore In 1870 Financier, A.P. Giannini (founded Bank of America) In 1872 Astronomer/mathematician, Willem de Sitter (studied Jupiter) In 1888 Manufacturer, Russell Stover (created Eskimo Pie) In 1895 Actor, Rudolph Valentino (The Sheik, Cobra, Son of The Sheik) In 1898 Manufacturer, Daniel Gerber (Gerber Baby Food) In 1904 Actress, Catherine Lacey (The Mummy's Shroud) [d: 9-23-79] In 1907 Football Hall-of-Famer, Weeb Ewbank (Colts, Jets) [d: 11-17-98] In 1912 Actor, Bill Quinn (The Rifleman, The Rockford Files) [

Here's a Han Solo quiz from for "Star Wars Day."

1. Han Solo was told that he would be paid 17,000 to transport Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker across the galaxy. He would be paid 17,000 of what? (Credits) 2. According to the "Star Wars" official website, what is the name of the medal given to Han Solo at the end of "Star Wars IV: A New Hope"? (The Alderaanian Medal of Freedom was given to both Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, for aiding in the destruction of the Death Star) 3. For much of Han Solo's youth, who did he work for? This is, again, according to the "Star Wars" official website. (Garris Shrike -- a smuggler that Han spent much time with as a young boy) 4. Jabba the Hutt sent out loads of bounty hunters throughout the galaxy to locate Han Solo. Which bounty hunters who were sent to find Han? (The bounty hunters sent to find Han Solo included Dengar, Bossk, IG-88, 4-LOM and, of course, Boba Fett) 5. When Han Solo was on the moon of Endor, with the Ewoks, which Ewok seemed to be quite fond of Han?

It's May 4 or "Star Wars Day."

Time   magazine ranked the top best "Star Wars" moments from all of the films. Here's the top ten: 10. Vader unmasked, Episode VI - Return of the Jedi Why is Vader considered one of the most compelling movie villains of all time? It's at least in part due to his utterly terrifying mask, which kept the "real" Vader hidden from view. So it was all the more powerful when, with Vader drawing his last breaths, Luke removed the Sith Lord's mask, revealing the face of a remorseful and disfigured old man. 9. Luke and Vader's first lightsaber duel, Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Even without the iconic reveal that Vader is Luke's father, not the man who murdered him, the Sith Lord's first battle with his newly trained son is one for the books. This high stakes showdown between good and evil is the perfect culmination of the events leading up to it. Not to mention that the actual fighting is a vast improvement on the choreography of the only light

National Egg Month

On average Americans eat 100 eggs per year. Our favorite breakfast: 53 percent say eggs on Sunday morning. And according to the International Egg Commission Hungarian men eat an average of 300 eggs a year. Making them the leading egg consumers in the world. California dream expert and psychologist Paul Slovic says dreams about eggs indicate a problem that can scramble your personal relationships. Most likely you are about to get into a fight with relatives or friends. Treat them with kid gloves until the problem is solved. According to Dr. Beryl West, how you like your eggs reveals a lot about your personality: Sunny-side up: You are an optimist and easy going. Hard-boiled: You're a no-nonsense type. You're quick to form opinions. Soft-boiled: You're gentle, sensitive, neat - but you're not always easy to please. Scrambled: You're agreeable and very steady. You go with the flow. Over easy: You are very precise. You know exactly what you want out of life. Poached: Yo

It's still National Pet Week

Men's Health   sniffs out the stats on the creatures that keep you company: 78% of men currently own a pet 3% of men have never owned an animal in their lives 4% of men keep a reptile in their personal zoo A dog is the animal the average guy is most likely to keep around Labrador retriever is men's favorite breed 19% of men have dressed their pets up for Halloween or Christmas 69% of men give their pets gifts on birthdays and holidays 15% of men keep a picture of their pet on their desk at work 10% of men have been told they look like their pet 72% of men say they'd risk their lives to save their pets 73% of men think their furry pals would return the favor 20% of men have used their pet to try to pick up women 78% say the gambit worked 15% of men say they would put their pet's health before their own if money was tight 46% of men have been interrupted during sex by a nosy pet 59% of married men would want their pet if they got divorced 46% of men would seek visitation

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Music Calendar...

In 1886 The Gramophone, the first practical phonograph, is patented. In 1940 Duke Ellington first records "Cottontail" and "Don't Get Around Much Anymore." In 1940 "The Woodpecker Song" by Glenn Miller is #1 on the charts. In 1956 Gene Vincent records "Be Bop A Lula." In 1959 John Coltrane records "Naima." In 1959 The first annual Grammy Awards are held. Domenico Modugno's "Volare" is named Best Record and Henry Mancini's "Music From Peter Gunn" wins Best Album. In 1964 The Moody Blues are formed in Birmingham, England, with members Denny Laine, Mike Pinder, Ray Thomas, Graeme Edge and Clint Warwick. In 1964 The Beatles' LP "Beatles' Second Album" hits #1 on the U.S. albums chart and stayed there for 5 weeks. In 1967 "Happy Together" by the Turtles is certified gold. In 1968 After seeing 16-year-old Mary Hopkin on the ITV Network talent show "Opportunity Knocks," mode

Today In History...

In 1626 Dutch explorer Peter Minuit lands on present-day Manhattan Island. In 1776 Rhode Island declares independence from England, two months before the Declaration of Independence was adopted. In 1886 A labor demonstration for an eight-hour work day at Haymarket Square in Chicago turns into a riot when a bomb explodes. In 1916 Responding to a demand from President Wilson, Germany agrees to limit its submarine warfare, thereby averting a diplomatic break with Washington. In 1927 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences is founded. In 1932 Mobster Al Capone, convicted of income-tax evasion, enters the federal penitentiary in Atlanta. In 1942 The Battle of the Coral Sea, the first naval clash fought entirely with carrier aircraft, begins during World War II. In 1946 A 2-day riot at Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay kills five. In 1961 The first "Freedom Riders" leave Washington, DC, for New Orleans to challenge racial segregation in interstate buses and bus terminals

Born On This Day...

In 1796 American educator/author, Horace Mann In 1806 Engineer, Sir William F. Cooke (co-invented electric telegraph) In 1820 Julia Gardiner Tyler, second wife of U.S. President John Tyler In 1825 Author/biologist, Thomas Henry Huxley (promoted Darwinism) In 1874 Engineer, Frank Conrad (established first commercial radio station) In 1877 Boxer/businessman, Arthur Lang In 1902 Country singer, Al Dexter (Pistol Packin' Mama) [d: 1-28-84] In 1903 Actor, Luther Adler (Voyage of the Damned) [d: 12-8-84] In 1909 Actor, Howard Da Silva (Ben Franklin-1776) [d: 2-16-86] In 1914 Children's author/illustrator, Paul Frame (Hardy Boys) [d: 11-8-94] In 1919 Swiss skater, Hansreudi "Frack" Mauch (Frick & Frack) [d: 6-4-79] In 1921 Actress, Patsy Garrett (Nanny & the Professor) [d: 1-8-15] In 1928 Golfer, Betsy Rawls (U.S. Womens Open 1951, 53, 57, 60) (93) In 1928 Jazz trumpeter, Maynard Ferguson (Gonna Fly Now) [d: 8-23-06] In 1928 Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak (1981-20

Born On This Day...

In 1827 British explorer, John Hanning Speke In 1874 French perfume designer, Francois Coty In 1892 Actress, Beulah Bondi (Mrs. Bailey-It's A Wonderful Life) In 1892 British physicist, Sir George Thomson (electron diffraction) In 1898 Israeli prime minister, Golda Meir (1969-1974) In 1902 Actor/narrator, Jack LaRue [d: 1-11-84] In 1902 Actor, Walter Slezak (Bedtime for Bonzo) [d: 4-21-83] In 1905 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Charles Herbert Ruffing (Yankees) [d: 2-17-86] In 1906 Actress, Mary Astor (Maltese Falcon) [d: 9-25-87] In 1906 Children's author, Anna Roosevelt Halsted [d: 12-1-75] In 1907 Gossip columnist, Earl Wilson (The Midnight Earl) [d: 1-16-87] In 1911 Jazz musician, John "Yank" Lawson [d: 2-18-95] In 1913 Playwright/dramatist, William Inge [d: 6-10-73] In 1915 Broadcast journalist, Frank Blair (Today Show) [d: 3-14-95] In 1919 Broadway librettist, Betty Comden (Bells Are Ringing) [d: 11-23-06] In 1919 Folk singer/songwriter, Pete Seeger (Weavers, Kingston T