Born On This Day...

In 1720 German storyteller, Baron Karl Munchhausen
In 1852 Charles Warren Fairbanks, 26th U.S. vice-president
In 1871 Astronomer, Frank Schlesinger (photography to map stellar positions)
In 1881 Engineer, Theodore Von Karman (designed the Bell X-1 airplane)
In 1884 Opera singer, Alma Gluck
In 1885 Bandleader, King "Papa Joe" Oliver (taught Louis Armstrong)
In 1888 Composer, Irving Berlin (God Bless America, White Christmas)
In 1889 Businessman, Walter Haas (credited with saving Levi Strauss & Co.)
In 1891 U.S. Secretary of Treasury, Henry Morgenthau Jr. (1934-45)
In 1892 English actress, Dame Margaret Rutherford
In 1893 Children's author/painter, Wanda Gag (Millions of Cats)
In 1894 Modern dance pioneer/choreographer, Martha Graham
In 1902 Brazilian opera singer, Bidu Sayao [d: 3-12-99]
In 1903 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Charlie Gehringer (Tigers) [d: 1-21-93]
In 1904 Spanish painter, Salvador Dali (surrealism) [d: 1-23-89]
In 1906 Jacqueline Cochran (first woman to break sound barrier) [d: 8-9-80]
In 1907 Baseball player, Truett Ripp Sewell (famed eephus pitch) [d: 9-3-89]
In 1907 Actor, Kent Taylor (Boston Blackie, Rough Riders) [d: 4-11-87]
In 1912 Actor/comedian, Foster Brooks (Miles-Mork & Mondy) [d: 12-22-01]
In 1912 Actor/comedian, Phil Silvers (Phil Silvers Show) [d: 11-1-85]
In 1913 Bandleader/arranger, Tutti Camarata [d: 4-20-05]
In 1914 Country singer, Bob Atcher [d: 10-31-93]
In 1915 Author/spy, Herbert Philbrick (spied on Communists) [d: 8-16-93]
In 1918 Physicist/author, Richard P. Feynman (Nobel-1965) [d: 2-15-88]
In 1920 Jazz singer, Beryl Bryden [d: 7-14-98]
In 1920 Actor, Denver Pyle (Doris Day Show, Dukes of Hazzard) [d: 12-25-97]
In 1924 English scientist, Antony Hewish (discovered pulsars) (97)
In 1924 English soccer player, Jackie Milburn (170 goals) [d: 10-9-88]
In 1927 Actor, Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay-Bewitched, Titanic, The Mummy) [d: 12-14-16]
In 1927 Comedian/actor, Mort Sahl (Big Party) (94)
In 1928 Artist, Yaacov Agam (pioneered optical and kinetic art) (93)
In 1930 Writer, Stanley Elkin (Living End) [d: 5-31-95]
In 1932 Fashion designer, Valentino (89)
In 1933 Muslim minister, Louis Farrakhan (million man march) (88)
In 1935 Actor, Doug McClure (Shenandoah, Virginian, Roots) [d: 02-05-95]
In 1936 Jazz pianist/composer, Carla Bley (85)
In 1941 Singer/songwriter, Eric Burdon (The Animals, War) (80)
In 1943 Bassist, Les Chadwick (Gerry & Pacemakers) [d: 12-26-19]
In 1946 Physician, Robert Jarvik (first permanent artificial heart) (75)
In 1947 Drummer, Butch Trucks (The Allman Brothers) [d: 1-24-17]
In 1948 Actress, Pam Ferris (Matilda) (73)
In 1950 Baseball player, Dane Iorg (Phillies, Cardinals) (71)
In 1952 Actress, Frances Fisher (Unforgiven, Titanic, True Crime) (69)
In 1953 Actor, Boyd Gaines (Mark-One Day At A Time) (68)
In 1955 Singer, Mark Herndon (Alabama) (66)
In 1959 Former MTV VJ/actress, Martha Quinn (Bradys, Full House) (62)
In 1963 U.S. welterweight boxer, Mark Breland (Olympic-Gold-1984) (58)
In 1963 Actor, Roark Critchlow (Mike Horton-Days of Our Lives) (58)
In 1963 Actress, Natasha Richardson (Parent Trap, Maid in Manhattan) [d: 3-18-09]
In 1964 Actress/model, Katie Wagner (MTV guest VJ) (57)
In 1967 U.S. welterweight boxer, Kenneth Gould (Olympic-Bronze-1988) (54)
In 1968 Actor, Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice, Fargo) (53)
In 1975 Actor, Coby Bell (Ty Davis Jr.-Third Watch, Burn Notice) (46)
In 1981 Actor, Austin O'Brien (Last Action Hero, Promised Land) (40)
In 1982 Actor, Jonathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer-General Hospital, Nashville) (39)
In 1983 Singer/actress, Holly Valance ("Kiss Kiss") (38)
In 1988 Model, Blac Chyna (33)
In 1989 Football player, Cam Newton (Panthers) (32)
In 1989 Singer, Prince Royce ("Stand by Me," "Corazon Sin Cara") (32)
In 1989 Actress, Jadyn Wong (Happy Quinn-Scorpion) (32)
In 1999 Actress, Sabrina Carpenter (Girl Meets World) (22)
In 1999 Actress, Madison Lintz (The Walking Dead) (22)


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