Born On This Day...

In 1471 German artist, Albrecht Durer (Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)
In 1527 King Philip II Of Spain (1556-98)
In 1688 English poet/satirist, Alexander Pope
In 1780 English reformer, Elizabeth Fry
In 1844 French painter, Henri Julien Felix Rousseau
In 1860 Scientist/physiologist, Willem Einthoven (electrocardiograph)
In 1878 Aircraft pioneer, Glenn Curtis
In 1898 Financier/manufacturer, Armand Hammer (Arm & Hammer)
In 1899 Actor, Ralph Sanford (Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp)
In 1901 Bandleader/pianist, Horace Heidt (Musical Knights) [d: 12-1-86]
In 1902 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Earl Howard Averill (Indians) [d: 8-16-83]
In 1904 Actor, Robert Montgomery (Here Comes Mr. Jordan) [d: 9-27-81]
In 1904 Singer/bandleader, "Fats" Waller [d: 12-15-42]
In 1909 Actress/singer, Lola Lane (Lane Sisters) [d: 6-22-81]
In 1916 Author/singer, Harold Robbins (Carpetbaggers) [d: 10-14-97]
In 1917 Actor, Raymond Burr (Perry Mason, Ironsides) [d: 9-12-93]
In 1917 Actor/singer, Dennis Day (Jack Benny Show) [d: 5-22-88]
In 1920 Actor, Anthony Steel (Malta Story, Wooden Horse) [d: 3-21-01]
In 1921 Soviet civil rights leader, Andrei Sakharov [d: 12-14-89]
In 1924 Actress/panelist, Peggy Cass (To Tell The Truth) [d: 3-8-99]
In 1924 Former college basketball coach, Clarence "Big House" Gaines [d: 4-18-05]
In 1926 Author/poet, Robert Creeley [d: 3-30-05]
In 1926 Actor, Rick Jason (Lt. Gil Hanley-Combat) [d: 10-6-00]
In 1927 Actress, Kay Kendall (Genevieve, Les Girls) [d: 9-6-59]
In 1930 Bassist, Tommy Bryant (Ink Spots) [d: 3-1-82]
In 1939 Actor, David Groh (Joe Gerard-Rhoda, Melrose Place) [d: 2-13-08]
In 1939 Composer/conductor, Heinz Holliger (82)
In 1941 Singer/songwriter, Ronald Isley (Isley Brothers) (80)
In 1942 Astronaut, Robert C. Springer (STS-29, 38) (79)
In 1943 Keyboardist, Vincent Crane (Dexy's Midnight Runners) [d: 2-1-89]
In 1943 Guitarist, Hilton Valentine (The Animals) [d: 1-29-21]
In 1944 Singer, Marcie Blane (Bobby's Girl) (77)
In 1947 Bassist, Steve Currie (T. Rex) [d: 4-8-81]
In 1947 Actor, Richard Hatch (Apollo-Battlestar Galactica, Dynasty) [d: 2-7-17]
In 1948 Actress, Carol Potter (Cindy-Beverly Hills 90210, Sunset Beach) (73)
In 1948 Singer, Leo Sayer (When I Need You, Feel Like Dancing) (73)
In 1951 Former U.S. Senator/comedian, Al Franken (D-MN) (Stuart Smalley-SNL) (70)
In 1952 Actor, Mr. T [Laurence Tero] (Rocky III, BA Baracus-The A Team) (69)
In 1952 Football coach, Dave Wannstedt (Cowboys, Bears, Dolphins) (69)
In 1955 Drummer, Stan Lynch (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers) (66)
In 1957 Actor, Judge Reinhold (Beverly Hills Cop, The Santa Clause) (64)
In 1957 U.S. volleyball player, Sue Woodstra (Olympic-Silver-1984) (64)
In 1959 Actor, Nick Cassavetes (Face/Off, Astronaut's Wife) (62)
In 1961 Actor, Brent Briscoe (Green Mile, Driven, Mulholland Drive) [d: 10-18-17]
In 1961 Keyboardist, Timothy Lever (Dead or Alive) (60)
In 1966 Actress, Lisa Edelstein (Bobbi-Sports Night) (55)
In 1971 TV host/actor, Eric Nies (The Real World, The Grind) (50)
In 1972 Singer, Angelica (49)
In 1972 Playmate, Alesha Oreskovich (June-1993) (49)
In 1972 Rap singer, Notorious B.I.G. [Christopher Wallace] [d: 3-9-97]
In 1974 Actress, Fairuza Balk (Almost Famous) (47)
In 1974 Rap performer, Havoc (Mobb Deep) (47)
In 1976 Actor, Matthew Newmark (Joseph-Guns of Paradise) (45)
In 1980 Singer, Gotye ("Somebody That I Used To Know") (41)
In 1983 Reality star, Brandi Maxiell (Basketball Wives LA) (38)
In 1987 Actress, Ashlie Brillault (Lizzie McGuire) (34)
In 1992 Singer, Parker Cannon (The Story So Far) (29)
In 1992 Actor, Hutch Dano (Zeke and Luther, Ramona and Beezus) (29)
In 1992 Singer, Olivia Olson ("All I Want For Christmas") (29)
In 1994 British diver, Tom Daley (Bronze-Olympic-2012) (27)
In 1997 Actor, Kevin Quinn (Shameless, Chicago P.D.) (24)


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