"Woman Washes Winning Lottery Ticket worth $26 Million!"
Truth! And California Lotto officials say surveillance video of her buying the ticket isn't enough to declare her a winner. She's out of luck!

"Two-Year-Old Shoots Both His Parents!"
Truth! In Maine. The kid found the loaded gun on the nightstand in his parent's bedroom. He fired. Both got shot. Fortunately both will live.

"SCUBA Divers No Longer Required to Wear Masks!"
Trash! Then again, drowning does prevent COVID.

"Ricky Schroeder Goes to Sam's Club And Yells At An Employee!"
Trash! The tour he was planning has been canceled.

"70% of Americans Say They Read More and Feel Smarter From Pandemic!"
Truth! Except you. All you did was make stupid sour dough bread and binge watch Disney Plus. Dummy.

"West Virginia Man Sets Fire to Little Debbie Truck!"
Truth! Oh the humanity. All those Cosmic Brownies. All those Swiss Rolls. I can't go on.

"Ford to Make Amphibian Car That Goes On Land And Water!"
Trash! The Ford Frogger was just an urban myth.


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