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This Day In Music History 05-31


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All of the answers contain the word "bull."  Assume control of a sticky situation? (Take the bull by the horns)  What daredevils do annually in Pamplona? (Run with the bulls)  Nucleus of an archery target? (Bull's eye)  Former name of basketball's Wizards? (Washington Bullets)  Kid who'll steal your lunch money? (Bully)  What you call that clumsy dope who's always breaking something? (Bull in a china shop)  Probably most feared breed of dog? (Pit Bull Terrier)  Gold or silver in the form of bars? (Bullion)  Costner film about minor league baseball? ("Bull Durham")  Rocky the Flying Squirrel's sidekick? (Bullwinkle)  Actress who drove the "Speed" bus? (Sandra Bullock)  Opening line of Three Dog Night's "Joy To The World?" (Jeremiah was a bullfrog)  Where relief pitchers warm up? (Bullpen)  Major battle that took place in Manassas? (Bull Run)


Research shows that one in six cell phones are contaminated with fecal matter that could contain E.Coli.'s Brent Rose explains how to de-gunk your phone without damaging it. Kill germs Once a week, clean your phone with alcohol-free disinfectant wipes available at any drugstore says Charles Gerba, Ph.D. a microbiologist at the University of Arizona. Alcohol can rub off the special coating on the screen that repels oil. Then dry it off immediately with a super soft cloth. Erase fingerprints Use a microfiber cloth the kind that generally comes with new sunglasses. It is soft and will not scratch the screen but is effective at removing fingerprints and grease from the glass. Bacteria are transferred from our hands and mouth to the phone, says Gerba. Clean filthy buttons Forget cotton swabs bits of fiber can come off inside the phone creating a bigger problem, says Rose. Instead, use a can of compressed air from any office supply store. A few short blasts will get rid of


When men travel, 20% of men sleep nude while staying at hotels, according to Hilton Garden Inn, which the sleep survey. Want more? 93% of road warriors say they get a decent night's sleep in hotels.  65% say they sleep on their side, while only 15% sleep on their stomach. Men prefer the right side, and women prefer the left.  48% sleep in something other than pajamas when they are in a hotel, and onein five men sleep in the buff. Men prefer their boxers and a t-shirt over pajamas.  More than 85% of men watch TV to relax and more than 40% of women read before going to bed in their hotel room. One out of 10 men will surf the Internet before hitting the hay.  More than 80% of travelers have no trouble setting their in-room alarm clock; however one-third of travelers instead opt for a wake-up call, whereas one out of 10 travelers don't need to use an alarm clock/call to wake-up.


What you do during the first 15 minutes after you first wake up in the morning could make your day successful or sabotage it. That's the word from productivity coach Hillary Rettig, author of "The 7 Secrets of the Prolific," who maintains that most of us are freshest and most energetic in the early morning hours. And it's all about time management -- even at 5:30am. "Good time-managers value ever smaller amounts of time. Those first few minutes of your day -- both at home and when you get to the office -- are vital," Rettig tells Entrepreneur magazine. How can you make the most of this precious, early-morning time? Rettig advises the following: 1. Do not go online. It may feel automatic to turn on your phone or computer and check email and social media before you've even had your first cup of coffee. Don't do it! You may intend to spend only a few minutes online, but that can easily turn into an hour or more, something Rettig calls "getting suc


If you're embarrassed to wear sandals or flip-flops because your toenails look terrible, we may have a simple solution: Trim them more frequently. If you let your toenails grow too long, it can cause discoloration, blisters and other problems, says Loyola University Medical Center podiatrist Dr. Coleen Napolitano. If a toenail is allowed to grow too long, it can jam the end of the shoe, causing a microtrauma with each step. Thousands of such microtraumas can discolor the toenail. "By following a few simple guidelines, you can keep your toenails healthy while also looking great in sandals," Napolitano said. Five tips to keep your toenails in tip-top shape: The toenail should extend no farther than the end of the toe. When cutting your toenails, leave only a sliver of white at the end of the nail. Cut your toenails even shorter if you do high-impact activities, such as running and Zumba classes.  If you polish toenails, use a base coat. Painting your toenails red without


Here are some traits that reveal the status of your self-esteem. People who are always late. Their sense of self is so fragile, and they need a positive response so often, that they can't bear the thought of having to wait for someone else to arrive. So in order to avoid feeling bad about themselves, they arrive late. People who are always early. They're fragile, too. They assume that if they're late they'll be rejected, so they come early to get approval. Their self-esteem is based on the response of others, not on their own. People who dress perfectly. Overperfect dressers also have and inflated sense of self, but they express it by having to be perfect. Otherwise they're afraid they'll be rejected. The opposite can apply to those who don't try to look good. Some people don't try to look good because their sense of self is so low that they don't care what others think.


Canned foods are great for outdoor trips, lazy college students, and anyone looking for a quick snack or meal. However, there are some strange canned foods that you probably never knew existed: Fish Alligator Grasshoppers Rattlesnake Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches Frog Legs Pork Brains Sushi Cheeseburger Bacon


From Men's Health: Act shy around beautiful women. Be yourself. Worst case, she is not into you. Best case: She say, "Let's go back to your place." Be a music snob. Music is as amazing as it ever was. Boy yourself a Spotify subscription and embrace the Top 50 without shame. Help a buddy move a couch. Carrying a 350 pound piece of furniture down four flights of stairs in exchange for free pizza and beer is not a smart way to spend a weekend. Remind him that he can afford to pay professionals now. Never play hooky. Because few things in life compare to the unmitigated joy of calling in sick to relax in the yard with a cold beer and a well-worn paper back. Stand off to the side of the dance floor. Hiding in the corner because you don't want to be noticed is for insecure teens. We don't care if you have zero dancing ability, and neither should you. The only people laughing are the cowards too afraid to join in. Avoid the doctor. "It's just indigesti


Americans love to watch television. From reality TV to late-night talk shows, from sitcoms to dramas, we spend, on average, three hours a day in front of the television. That's the word from the American Time Use Survey published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to find out just what it is we're do in our leisure time when we're not working or sleeping. How we use our time: 1. Personal care activities (includes sleeping) Average time spent: 9.49 hours Americans engaged on a given day: 100 percent 2. Leisure and sports (includes watching TV) Average time spent: 5.37 hours Americans engaged on a given day: 96.2 percent 3. Household activities Average time spent: 1.74 hours Americans engaged on a given day: 73.7 percent 4. Eating and drinking Average time spent: 1.25 hours Americans engaged on a given day: 96 percent 5. Purchasing goods and services in brick-and-mortar stores Average time spent: 0.72 hours Americans engaged on a given day: 41.4 percent 6. Caring for and


(Entertainment Weekly) "Wonder Woman" opens this Friday and in all of her 76 years, Princess Diana has been reinvented by ever generation:  1941 - All Star Comics number 8 introduces William Moulton Marston's groundbreaking superhero; a Wonder Woman who would triumph not with fists or firepower, but with love.  1942-Despite Marston's hope of creating a female leader, All Star Comics' Justice Society of America invites Wonder Woman to be its secretary.  1954-Psychiatrist Dr. Fredric Wertham warns parents that Wonder Woman is a lesbian in his alarmist book, Seduction of the Innocent.  1968 - DC Comics updates Wonder Woman in a controversial move stripping her powers and turning her into a mod-dressed secret agent.  1972-Gloria Steinem's feminist magazine Ms. nominates Wonder Woman for president on the cover of its very first issue.  1975-1979-For three seasons on TV, Lynda Carter popularizes Wonder Woman's gold bracelets, lasso of truth, and ballerina


I love the 4-day work week that follows a 3-day weekend. The tough part is trying to keep straight what day of the week it is! Tiger Woods was arrested for DUI over Memorial Day weekend. You'd think he, if anyone, would know best when it's time to use a driver. The New York Post gets credit for this headline: "DUI of the Tiger" Tiger claims he took four shots, but only wrote down three. Not even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson could save "Baywatch: the movie." Ironically, it could not be rescued. Do you think Kim Jong Un shoots off those missiles over the weekend just in case someone asks, "So, how was your weekend?" "Oh, just fired off a big rocket, if you know what I mean... " Prince Charles has received an honorary degree from a school in Transylvania. Insert your vampire joke here. Former Ford CEO Mark Fields will be given a $54.4-million severance package. That'll show him.


Texas Police Save a Poor Kid's Birthday In Hurst, Texas, Jennifer Day and her husband sent out invitations for their 8-year-old son Graham's birthday party. Nobody responded but they hoped for the best and baked cakes and bought pizza. But no one showed up. It seems Graham had the same heartbreaking experience when he turned 6. Jennifer says Graham was devastated and cried, "This always happens." She said, "He said it in the most broken voice I've ever heard and something snapped in me and it was like no, this is not happening to him again." Desperate to cheer up her son, she posted a message on the Next door neighborhood website that read: "I think I'm posting this out of utter emotional distress ... but I need to ask if anyone wants to come to an 8 yr old boys birthday party to show him that he's loved and valued as a person. NO gifts are required other than the gift of friendship." But still no one came. In a desperate, last resort,


According to a recent survey, driving a race car is #1 on most people's bucket list, beating out skydiving.  The average American blows their nose about 256 times a year.  According to a recent survey, 1 out of 2 women would trade in their designer shoes for perfect arms.  The average salary for baby-sitting ranges from $13 to $14 an hour.  Three out of five couples have gone on vacation without their significant other.


23% of women say this is their partner's worst habit? Leaving wet towel on the bed.


Ariana Grande is going to put on a benefit concert for the Manchester bombing victims in Manchester this Sunday, along with friends Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Pharrel Williams and others.  Miranda Kerr and Snapchat's Evan Spiegel were married last Saturday. That would be Orlando Bloom's ex.  The former dictator of Panama, Manuel Noriega, has died. He was 83.  Australia is considering a ban on anyone coming to their country who is a convicted pedophile.  Americans made 433 million fewer trips to restaurants at lunchtime last year, resulting in roughly $3.2 billion in lost business for restaurants. It was the lowest level of lunch traffic in at least four decades.  John Legend chipped in $5,000 to help pay off the lunch meal debt for Seattle Public Schools.  The Memorial Day Weekend box office was the lowest it's been in 18 years.  A female zookeeper was killed by a tiger at a zoo in Cambridge, England, on Monday.  The Pacific Northwest is enjoying a record


On this date in 1787 the Constitutional Convention decided on a bi-cameral Congress. The consensus was that all of them would "walk a mile for a cameral." In 1790, Congress passed the very first copyright law. It actually wasn't their idea: they stole it from a book, word for word.  On this date in 1868, the first recorded bicycle race took place in France.  It was slower than you'd expect, as the bicycle had been invented... but not the pedal.  This in spite of the No Peddlers signs.  It was very exciting... mostly because bicycle brakes hadn't been invented yet.  At first, everyone thought it was a joke since the only three contestants were a Frenchman, a German and a Brit.  Needless to say, the guy with the training wheels came in second.  In 1894, the U.S. Senate voted unanimously to declare a policy of non-interference in the Hawaiian Islands. Hard to believe we ever kept our nose out of anybody's business. It was on this date in 1919 that the

Music Calendar...

In 1809 Composer Franz Joseph Haydn dies in Vienna, Austria. In 1956 Buddy Holly sees the John Wayne movie "The Searchers" and the line "That'll be the day" inspires him to write the song. In 1961 Chuck Berry cuts the ribbon on Berryland Amusement Park outside of St. Louis, Missouri. In 1964 The Dave Clark Five makes their first appearance on "Ed Sullivan." In 1969 John Lennon & Yoko Ono record "Give Peace A Chance," with Tom & Dick Smothers singing in the background, during their "bed-in" at Hotel La Reine in Montreal. In 1969 Jimi Hendrix appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. In 1969 The Rolling Stones record "Honky Tonk Women." In 1969 "My Cherie Amour" by Stevie Wonder and "Spinning Wheel" by Blood, Sweat & Tears both enter the U.S. top 40 chart. In 1969 "Love (Can Make You Happy)" by Mercy peaks at #2 on the U.S. top 40 chart. In 1973 The a

Today In History...

In 1787 The Constitutional Convention decides on a bi-cameral Congress. In 1868 The first recorded bicycle race, 2 kilometers in Paris, France. In 1879 The first electric railway opens at the Berlin Trades Exposition. In 1889 More than 2,000 people perish when a dam breaks sending water through Johnstown, Pennsylvania. In 1894 The U.S. Senate votes unanimously to declare a policy of non-interference in the Hawaiian Islands. In 1910 The Union of South Africa is founded. In 1913 The 17th Amendment to the Constitution, providing for the popular election of U.S. senators, is declared in effect. In 1916 During World War I, British and German fleets fight the Battle of Justland off Denmark. In 1919 The first wedding in an airplane takes place over Houston, Texas. In 1945 World War II production of the B-24 Liberator bombers ended with 18,188 delivered. The largest quantity of one airplane ever made. In 1961 South Africa becomes an independent republic. In 1962 World War II Gestapo

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In 1819 American poet, Walt Whitman (Father of Free Verse in America) In 1841 Industrialist, William Rockefeller (Standard Oil) In 1857 Religious leader, Pope Pius XI (1922-39) In 1872 Scientist/astrophysicist, Charles Greeley Abbot (Sun Constant) In 1889 Actress, Madge Blake (The Real McCoys, Aunt Harriet-TV's Batman) In 1894 Comedian, Fred Allen (Allen's Alley, What's My Line) In 1898 Clergyman/author, Norman Vincent Peale (Positive Thinking) In 1904 Saxophonist, Otto "Toby" Hardwicke (Duke Ellington) [d: 8-5-70] In 1908 Actor, Don Ameche (Cocoon, Trading Places) [d: 12-6-93] In 1912 Actor, Dave O'Brien (Kiss Me Kate) [d: 11-8-69] In 1912 Actress, Barbara Pepper (Doris Ziffel-Green Acres) [d: 7-18-69] In 1916 Actor, John Vivyan (Mr. Lucky) [d: 12-20-83] In 1922 Actor, Denholm Elliott (Marcus-Raiders of the Last Ark) [d: 10-6-92] In 1923 Prince Ranier III of Monaco (Grace Kelly's widow) [d: 4-6-05] In 1929 Actress


George Clooney Skips Humanitarian Award Ceremony to Be Home With Amal Before She Gives Birth. The countdown is on! George Clooney wasn't able to travel to Yerevan, Armenia over the weekend because he was at home with wife Amal Clooney while the two prepare to become parents in the coming days. The actor turned activist gave a video address at the award ceremony of the Aurora Price for Awakening Humanity when he joked about his current self-imposed travel ban of sorts. "I really would have been [in Yerevan] but if I came there and my wife had twins while I was there, I could never come home." Last year, however, Clooney was able to be on hand at the ceremony and serve as the co-chair of the award's prize selection committee. E! News previously reported that the Clooneys are in full-blown nesting mode while they await the arrival of their little ones. "They're counting down [the days] and pretty much at the edge of their seats," a source shared with us jus