Born On This Day...

In 1220 Russian ruler, Alexander Nevski

In 1672 Czar/Emperor of Russia, Peter The Great (1682-1725)

In 1800 German mathematician, Karl W. Feuerbach (Position of Feuerbach)

In 1835 English poet, Alfred Austin (Garden)

In 1846 Russian jeweler, Peter Carl Faberge (egg maker)

In 1902 Actor/comedian, Stepin Fetchit [d: 11-19-85]

In 1908 Scientist, Hannes Olof Alfven (debunked Big Bang theory) [d: 4-2-95]

In 1908 Mel Blanc (voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig) [d: 7-10-89]

In 1909 Orchestra leader, Benny Goodman (King of Swing) [d: 6-13-86]

In 1911 Actor, Douglas Fowley (TV's Wyatt Earp, Walking Tall) [d: 5-21-98]

In 1912 Actor, Hugh Griffith (Ben Hur, Mutiny on the Bounty) [d: 5-14-80]

In 1912 Dramatist/Playwright, Joseph Stein (Fiddler on the Roof) [d: 10-24-10]

In 1913 Jazz trumpeter/composer, George "Pee Wee" Erwin [d: 6-20-81]

In 1914 Game show host, Bobby Sherwood (Quick As A Flash) [d: 1-23-81]

In 1916 Scientist, Joseph W. Kennedy (co-discovered plutonium) [d: 5-5-57]

In 1920 Actor, John Heawood (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) [d: 12-11-95]

In 1920 Film director, Franklin J. Schaffner (Patton) [d: 7-2-89]

In 1922 Author, Harry Clement Stubbs (Needle, Iceworld) [d: 10-29-03]

In 1926 Christine Jorgensen (had first sex change operation) [d: 5-4-89]

In 1924 U.S. boxer, Norbert Schemansky (Olympic-Gold-1952) [d: 9-7-16]

In 1927 Actor, Clint Walker (Cheyenne, Dirty Dozen) (90)

In 1927 Author, Evelyn Wesler Zemel (American Glass Animals) [d: 8-15-92]

In 1929 British actor, Michael Mellinger (Goldfinger) [d: 3-17-04]

In 1935 Actress, Ruta Lee (Operation Eichmann, Marjorie Morningstar) (82)

In 1936 Actor, Keir Dullea (Dave-2001 A Space Odyssey, 2010) (81)

In 1939 Actor, Michael J. Pollard (Bonnie & Clyde, Roxanne) (78)

In 1940 Actor, David Ackroyd (Gary Ewing-Dallas, Little Women) (77)

In 1943 Football Hall-of-Famer, Gale Sayers (Bears) (74)

In 1945 Actress, Meredith MacRae (Billie Jo-Petticoat Junction) [d: 7-14-00]

In 1946 Political activist, Candy Lightner (MADD founder) (71)

In 1951 Actor, Stephen Tobolowsky (Thelma & Louise, Groundhog Day) (66)

In 1953 Actor, Colm Meaney (Chief O'Brien-ST: TNG, Deep Space Nine) (64)

In 1955 Drummer, Nicky Headon (Clash) (62)

In 1957 Actor, Kyle Secor (Tim-Homicide: Life On The Street) (60)

In 1958 Singer/guitarist, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette) (59)

In 1958 Astronaut, Michael E. Lopaz (59)

In 1958 Actor, Ted McGinley (Roger-Happy Days, Married With Children) (59)

In 1961 Russian model, Ella Arolovich (56)

In 1961 Actor, Ralph Carter (Michael Evans-Good Times) (56)

In 1961 Actor, John Terlesky (Guns Of Paradise, Sirens) (56)

In 1962 Actress, Tonya Pinkins (Livia Frye-All My Children) (55)

In 1963 Playmate, Lynda Wiesmeier (July-1982) (54)

In 1964 Country singer, Wynonna Judd (The Judds) (53)

In 1964 Guitarist, Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave) (53)

In 1964 Actor, Mark Sheppard (Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica) (53)

In 1965 Actress, Tammy Parks (Titanic) (52)

In 1966 Country singer, Steve Charles (51)

In 1967 Singer, Tim Burgess (Charlatans) (50)

In 1968 Actress, Renee Allman (Denielle Ashley-Port Charles) (49)

In 1969 Actor, Trey Parker (Newsies, South Park, BASEketball) (48)

In 1971 Actor, John Ross Bowie (The Big Bang Theory, Speechless) (46)

In 1971 Bassist, Patrick Dahlheimer (Live) (46)

In 1971 Stage actress/singer, Idina Menzel (Let it Go) (46)

In 1974 Rap singer, Cee-Lo (Goodie Mob) (43)

In 1976 Actor, Omri Katz (John Ross-Dallas, Eerie Indiana) (41)

In 1981 Actor, Blake Bashoff (Bushwacked, Judging Amy, Lost) (36)

In 1981 Rap simger, Remy Ma (Terror Squad) (36)

In 1984 Actress, Yael Grobglas (Jane the Virgin) (33)

In 1997 Actor, Jake Short (A.N.T. Farm, Shorts, Mighty Med) (20)

In 1999 Actor, Sean Giambrone (Adam-The Goldbergs) (18)


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