• AAA estimates that 33 million Americans traveled somewhere over Memorial Day weekend. 88% of them on the highway. 
  • Gregg Allman died over the weekend of liver cancer. He was 69. 
  • A truck-trailer crashed into the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada early Thursday morning. None of the five employees, 30 female prostitutes and 10 customers inside at the time were injured. 
  • Ariana Grande announced that she's going to return to Manchester to perform a benefit concert for all the bombing victims. 
  • A California woman is suing Jelly Belly, saying that the company tricked her into thinking that a type of their jelly beans didn't contain sugar. 
  • Green Bay has been named America's Drunkest City. The city has 138 bars and more than 26% of adult residents regularly drink to excess or binge drink -- the national average is 18%. 
  • Apparently, the Katie Holmes/Jamie Foxx thing continues. 
  • Disney says that threat of cyber thieves stealing a copy of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie and holding it for ransom... was apparently a hoax. 
  • According to a Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs there is a 76% chance of getting in a fight if you mix booze with an energy drink. Better to sip the liquor without the energy juice. 
  • Tim Tebow now has his own baseball card. 
  • A Florida woman was arrested for assaulting her ex with an order of pork fried rice. 
  • Brace yourself -- Adam Sandler's latest movie, "The Meyerowitz Stories," is actually getting some Oscar buzz. Never thought you'd see Adam Sandler and the word Oscar in the same sentence, did you? 
  • Chris Cornell was laid to rest Friday in the Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles. There are reports that he had fresh track marks in his arms. 
  • Two counselors at a Pennsylvania addiction treatment center were found dead last week of drug overdoses. 
  • Niall Horan says a One Direction reunion in the near-ish future isn't out of the question. 
  • Seattle is the fastest-growing city in America. Not a surprise to anyone who lives there. 
  • At last count, UK police had arrested 9 suspected accomplices in last week's Manchester bombing. 
  • So far "The Mummy" and "Wonder Woman" have both canceled their red carpet London premieres due to security concerns.


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