The island of Manhattan was purchased from the Indians for $24 in trinkets in 1626. Today, a small one-bedroom studio apartment on the island costs over 2000 trinkets a month.

On this date in 1738, John Wesley established the Methodist Church. He was the original Method Man.

In 1844, Samuel Morse transmitted the very first telegraph message "What hath God wrought!" The guy at the other end responded back, "So, who's asking?" Trivia: At one time, the Capital Records building in Los Angeles had a flashing red light on top that spelled out Hollywood in morse code. So what number is represented in Morse code by five dashes? (zero)

The Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1883. All 16,000 of its owners were on hand for the ceremony.

On this date in 1899, the very first auto repair shop opened in Cleveland, Ohio. Next project -- inventing the auto!
It made repairs a bit challenging for the guy who owned the car in New York.
The only thing missing: mechanics!
The guy was actually on his way to New York, but his car broke down and the rest is history.

On this date in 1935, a major league baseball game was played at night for the very first time in Cincinnati. Since no one really saw it, including the players, the next time they tried this, it was with lights! Nobody knows who won because by the 9th inning, the batteries in the flashlight were ead.

In 1959, the very first house with built-in bomb shelter is exhibited in Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania. Bomb shelter, mother-in-law apartment... same thing.


Exactly 7 months to the day away from Christmas Eve!

Mark Ballas from "Dancing with the Stars" turns 31 today, unless he gets voted off.

Carl Anthony Payne turns 48 today. He played Cockroach on the old Bill Cosby Show. Whoever thought that one day, we'd have more respect for a Cockroach than Bill Cosby.

Actor John C. Reilly turns 52 today. I forget -- is he the one that song, "Harper Valley, P.T.A.?"

Kristin Scott Thomas turns 57 today. She starred in "The English Patient," a movie so slow that whenever they were showing it in theaters, they had to keep checking to see if the projector was still moving. It won nine Academy Awards and a special honor from FEMA. Yep, it was that slow.

Radar from "M*A*S*H," Gary Burghoff, turns 74 today. He's already had the birthday card signed and delivered for you.

Tommy Chong, of Cheech and Chong fame, is 79. Not that he knows it... Actor John C. Reilly turns 48 today. John's been doing so well, he's considering upgrading his middle name to C-plus.

Priscilla Presley celebrates number 72 today. So, now she can retire from whatever it is she is doing. There was a time when she was with the most wanted man in the world. Yes, I'm talking about Leslie Nielsen in those "Naked Gun" movies. Even though they got along, he wouldn't let her call him 'Shirley' either.

'Cilla was, of course, the king's first wife (married May 1, 1967) and mother of Lisa Marie. Time to play "Name The Elvis Flame!"

Ann Margaret
I screamed and fainted over "Conrad Birdie."
I was sometimes called the female Elvis.
I love motorcycles, and there were many reports that said I had a torrid affair with Elvis in Vegas.
I did go to his funeral in Memphis.

Ginger Alden
My dad was the sergeant that swore Elvis into the Army. I was two at the time.
I was asleep inside Graceland when he died.
I was a Memphis beauty queen.
People said I looked like Pricilla.
I was introduced on stage at Elvis' final TV special, which the estate will not release on video.

Linda Thompson
I was with Elvis from 1972-76.
I was a beauty queen.
There was a TV movie based on our relationship.
I later married Bruce Jenner.

Pricilla Presley
I was known as Elvis' secret "Lolita."
I was only 14 when I met him.
I am the most famous of all of the girls Elvis was with.
I'm the mother of his only child.

Cybil Shepherd
I wrote a book about my romance with Elvis.
I have had some success as a TV star.
I made a huge fashion statement when I wore sneakers to the Oscars.
Sometimes I'm "moonlight" as a "lounge singer."


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