On this date in 1927, Henry Ford stopped the production of the Model T and began producing the Model A. Most people always knew him as a T and A man.

In 1935, Babe Ruth hit his 714th and final home run.

On this date in 1946, Jordan officially became a kingdom, changing its name from Transjordan... because, well, people talked. It's now simply known as Jordan because of the complicated bathroom laws.

In 1953, the very first atomic cannon was fired at Frenchman Flat, Nevada. To give you an idea on how powerful the blast was, before the cannon was fired, the town was called Frenchman Hill.

On this date in 1961, President John Kennedy said he'd like to put a man on the moon within the decade. The man he had in mind was Richard Nixon.

In 1977, the first "Star Wars" movie, "Episode IV: A New Hope," opened nationally. So far, there have been eight successful "Star Wars" movies. But George Lucas also produced several other space movies that weren't nearly as successful. Here's the top five "Star Wars" movies you never saw:
  1. "Riding in Cars with Ewoks" 
  2. "The Bad News Bears go to Tatooine" 
  3. "Starsky & Vader" 
  4. "Animal Force" 
  5. "Intergalactic Police Academy 7" 


Exactly 7 months away from Christmas Day. Now who's silly for leaving the lights up? But, yeah, probably should take the tree down.

Anne Heche, who enjoyed a moment a splash of fame back when she was Ellen's sig other, turns 48 today.

Mike Myers is celebrating (Austin Powers fanfare)... one million years. OK, not really. He's 54. Has he got another Austin Powers in him? Maybe for... one million dollars!

Connie Sellecca turns 62 today and will have to endure another 20-minute, new age rendition of "Happy Birthday to you" by her husband, John Tesh.

Actress Karen Valentine turns 70 today. She's still in Room 222, but instead of being at a school, it's now in a 55 and older condo.

Puppeteer and director Frank Oz turns 73 today. He's not only the voice of Yoda, but also Miss Piggy. Huge identify crisis has he. Becoming a geezer, he is. For all those who say, "Men are such pigs!" Frank really is one.


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