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It Doesn't Matter How The Good Place Series Finale Ends. The Good Place experiment is over. Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, Tahani and their former demon torturer Michael, as well as the all-knowing Janet, have proved humans can get better as long as they try. Trying is what counts, and the cockroaches have saved themselves -- and humanity. They're in the Good Place and now The Good Place is ending after four seasons of laughs and philosophy. How it all ends is being kept under serious wraps. NBC's official description of "Whenever You're Ready" is even less descriptive than Game of Thrones episode releases. "Various conversations occur, between various groups of people." That's it. That's the episode description. And... it's perfect. Because it doesn't matter how The Good Place ends. It matters what you take away from The Good Place. The Good Place leaves behind a legacy of thoughtful comedy. Yes, it made us laugh, but it also made viewers th

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Fresh Off Her Grammys Sweep, Billie Eilish Will Perform at the 2020 Oscars. History in the making. 2020 is off to an amazing start for musician Billie Eilish. After sweeping the 2020 Grammys and breaking record, it was just announced that the musician will now take the stage at the 2020 Oscars next month. "Are you ready?" The Academy wrote in a tweet. "@billieeilish will take to the #Oscars stage for a special performance! Watch live on @ABC." The musician posted the same announcement on her account, and simply captioned it with a smiley face. No doubt that Billie is still reveling in all the excitement of winning five Grammys, and one for Best New Artist no less. She has been non-stop posting about the huge achievement and from the sounds of it, she's absolutely shocked at her huge achievements. "FIVE ARE YOU KIDDING," she captioned a sweet photo of her holding all five of her awards. Safe to say, she's having a great time so far. She'll be sh

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Justin Bieber Teases 'Yummy' Remix With This Fellow Singer. Bieber season is heating up. On the heels of releasing episode 2 of his 10-part Seasons docuseries, JB teased plans for a "Yummy" remix teaming him with Summer Walker on Wednesday (Jan. 29). "Might have to drop this @IAMSUMMERWALKER #yummy remix next week," he wrote while hinting that the collab could arrive at the top of February. Earlier this week, the "Sorry" artist also released the second single from his R&Bieber Changes album with the Kehlani-assisted "Get Me." Bieber's fifth studio album is due on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14). The 25-year-old is slated to perform at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 29, which will be hosted by Usher. (Billboard) Alicia Keys Reveals How Kobe Bryant Grammys Tribute Came Together in 'Minutes'. Alicia Keys stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday (Jan. 29) to talk about how her Grammys tribute to Kobe Bryant c


Prince William Admits He Can't 'Beat' Wife Kate Middleton at This Sport. The royal couple never hesitate at a chance to go head-to-head in sporting events. Game, set, match -- to Kate Middleton! The royal mom's love of tennis is no secret -- she's a regular at Wimbledon, patron of the All England Lawn Tennis Club and even has a tennis court at the country home she has with Prince William. And she's not afraid to show off her own skills on the court. Australian former tennis star Rod Laver revealed just how good the Duchess of Cambridge is -- admitting that she always wins against her husband. "I'd met William and Kate a few times, and in the Royal Box you get a chance to chat with them a little bit," the Australian athlete told the Daily Mail. "They play tennis against each other. William told me he couldn't beat her." Kate, 38, and Prince William, 37, never hesitate at a chance to show off their competitive sides and go head-to-head


Ciara Is Pregnant With Baby No. 3. Ciara and Russell Wilson are growing their family. The 34-year-old singer is expecting her third child. The "Beauty Mark" star announced the happy news by sharing a photo of herself posing in a bikini and baring her baby bump on Instagram. "Number 3," she captioned the sweet snapshot. The quarterback also shared a pic of the two on the beach. Ciara is already the proud mom to two kids: Sienna Princess Wilson, whom she welcomed with Wilson in 2017, and Future Zahir Wilburn, whom she welcomed with her ex Future in 2014. The celebrity opened up about how motherhood has impacted her as an artist during an interview for Vogue Arabia's February 2019 issue. "Being a mother of two made me feel even more confident, inspired, and fearless," she said at the time. She also talked about how becoming a mom has changed her perspective during a 2015 interview with E! News at the American Music Awards. She also talked about how becomi


( Cosmopolitan ) Tally up all the offenses you're guilty of and be honest. Whipping open the window shade for a sunrise Boomerang (add 4 points) Passive aggressively knocking your neighbor's elbow to claim an armrest that isn't really yours (add 2 points) Clapping when the plane lands because you survived mild turbulence (add 4 points) Choking everyone out with the stench of your urgent nail polish touch-ups (add 4 points) Sticking your bag in a bin up front because you're too lazy to drag it all the way back to your seat (add 3 points) Making yourself right at home by walking down the aisle barefoot like you own the plane (add 3 points) Making shameless #PlaneContent like you're a travel influencer (FYI: you're visiting your aunt in Kansas) (add 3 points) Snapping a pic for Twitter of someone else doing something gross (add 2 points) Quoting "I'm ready to paartay" from "Bridesmaids" (add 5 points) Dropping Skinny Pop crumbs


(Better Homes and Gardens) Get the scoop behind four common dog behaviors to figure out what your furry friend is telling you: When your dog yawns Though yawning can indicated boredom or fatigue, it can also be a sing of stress, especially if she's in an unfamiliar setting. "A yawn has a physiological function in preparing a dog for action. When a dog opens her mouth and inhales deeply, it gives her extra oxygen in case she needs to run or move quickly," says Nicholas Dodman, B.V.M.S., research coordinator for the Center for Canine Behavior Studies in Salisbury, Connecticut. If your dog yawns, especially several times in a row interspersed with licking her lips, try to calm her by talking to her, petting her, or removing her from the situation. When your dog wags her tail Wagging can mean your dog is excited or happy; it can also signal fear or mistrust. One way to decode a wag: Look at the direction, Dodman says. If the way swings more to the dog's right, it reflects


A women's magazine asked women what goes down before you say I do? 39% of women who have dreamt of saying I do ever since they were kids A woman's ideal wedding is a ceremony on the beach Four is the number of bridesmaids the average woman has A tropical island is the top place the average woman wants to spend her honeymoon 8% of brides to be who don't care what their engagement ring looks like as long as it's big 18% of brides to be picked out their own rock 4% of women popped the question instead of waiting to be asked 15% of women were surprised when their boyfriend proposed 10 to 13 months is the length of the average woman's engagement Choosing a wedding gown is the favorite thing about being a bride 13% chose a fitted, sexy wedding dress 9% of brides lost more than 15 pounds for their wedding 24% of brides got cold feet What she's most anxious about; the wedding not going smooth and him not being Mr. Right The wedding budget is what the ave


According to Good Housekeeping, a friend could cost you your job. The magazine offers these tips for developing friendships in the office so you don't get burned: Take it slow Choose your friends at work carefully, and no matter how well you get along at first, let the friendship develop at its own pace. Don't rush things. Don't share secrets too soon. Be strategic about what you reveal while many of us solve our personal problems by discussing them with others, don't do this at work. Gripe too much about all the stress in your life, and the boss may think you're not able to handle your job. Know your territory Every office has a personality. It may be happy and open. It could be quiet and private. If it's the latter, do your best to keep your personal life quiet and private as well. And even if it's a happy and open place, it is never appropriate to gossip about other employees' lives. Learn how to handle conflict When problems arise between you and ano


A survey says that 1 in 10 adults have damaged a smartphone while watching or playing in a sporting event. Over 4,400 seniors -- those over 65 -- visit the emergency room each year due to an accident involving walking their dog. Getting hit by a foul ball happens to Major league Baseball fans over 1,700 times each season. You've probably already used a password today and you'll most likely use at least five more by the end of the week. According to a study, people who are surgeons have are more likely to cause a car accident than others. A study says having a plant in the office can improve work productivity by 15%. Another study found that almost two thirds of women between the ages of 22-35 have admitted to taking a naked selfie. 4% of our waking hours is usually devoted to this. What is it? Having Me-Time.


Emilio Estevez is going to return as Coach Bombay in a "Mighty Ducks" TV series on Disney Plus. Speaking of returns, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover say they're up for one more "Lethal Weapon." Number five, if you're keeping score at home. A new law making its way through the legislature in Washington would make discriminating against someone because of their hair, illegal. Comedian Jack Burns has died at the age of 86. He was the front half of the comedy team of Burns and Schreiber, but before that, he was part of a two-man comedy team with George Carlin. Amazon is testing this out in Seattle-allowing food stamp users to have their groceries delivered. Bill Vinovich will be among the referees working the Super Bowl this Sunday. He's the one that missed the pass interference call in the Rams-Saints playoff game last year. "Days of our Lives" has been given a renewal at NBC for its 50th season. A last-minute edit to the Genesis commercial fo

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In 1955 RCA demonstrates the first music synthesizer. In 1958 Little Richard quits music at the height of his fame to attend evangelism college, where he stayed for 4 years. In 1959 Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper play Duluth, Minnesota, three days before their fatal plane crash. In 1963 17-year-old Neil Young performs his first professional gig at a country club in Winnipeg, Canada. In 1963 Tony Sheridan & the Beat Brothers record "What'd I Say" and "Ruby Baby." In 1963 The Beach Boys record "Surfin' USA." In 1968 "Judy In Disguise With Glasses" by John Fred & his Playboy Band and "Bend Me, Shape Me" by the American Breed are both certified gold. In 1969 Bobby Darin walks off the "Jackie Gleason Show" when he is not allowed to sing "Long Line Rider." In 1970 Creedence Clearwater Revival begins work on a TV special. In 1970 Phil Leash and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead are arrested on dr

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In 1606 Guy Fawkes, convicted for his part in the Gunpowder Plot against the English Parliament and King James I, is executed. In 1862 Telescope maker Alvin Clark discovers the dwarf companion ofSirius. In 1865 General Robert E. Lee is named general-in-chief of the Confederate armies. In 1917 Germany serves notice that it was beginning a policy of unrestricted submarine warfare. In 1934 President Franklin D. Roosevelt devalues the dollar in relation to gold. In 1944 During World War II, U.S. forces begin invading Kwajalein Atoll and other parts of the Japanese-held Marshall Islands. In 1945 U.S. Army Private Eddie Slovik is shot by an American firing squad in France during World War II, becoming the only American soldier executed for desertion since the Civil War. In 1948 The magnetic tape wire recorder is developed by Wireway. In 1949 "These Are My Children," TV's first soap opera begins on NBC. In 1950 President Harry Truman announces he had ordered the development of t

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In 1797 Austrian composer, Franz Schubert In 1830 Journalist, James Gillespie Blaine (co-founded Republican Party) In 1831 Inventor, Rudolph Wurlitzer (electric playing organs) In 1868 Chemist, Theodore Richards (atomic weights) (Nobel-1914) In 1875 American novelist, Zane Gray (America West) In 1881 Physical chemist, Irving Langmuir (Nobel-1932) In 1892 Comedian, Eddie Cantor (Colgate Comedy Hour) [d: 10-10-64] In 1894 Actor, Percy Helton (Homer Cratchit-The Beverly Hillbillies) In 1903 Actress, Tallulah Bankhead (Black Widow-TV's Batman) [d: 12-12-68] In 1903 Publisher, Gardner Cowles (founded Look Magazine) [d: 7-8-85] In 1912 Actor, John Boylan (Twin Peaks) [d: 11-16-94] In 1913 Football Hall-of-Famer, Don Hutson (Packers) [d: 6-26-97] In 1913 Football Hall-of-Famer, Wayne Millner (Redskins) [d: 11-19-76] In 1914 Boxer, "Jersey" Joe Walcott (heavyweight champ 1951-52) [d: 2-25-94] In 1915 TV personality, Garry Moore (I've Got A Secret) [d: 11-28-93] In 1919 Baseba

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New E! Series The Bradshaw Bunch Follows NFL Superstar Terry Bradshaw Home to Oklahoma. Terry Bradshaw has been a public figure since the 70s, so getting to know the man behind the multi-platform career feels long overdue. Lucky for fans, the superstar NFL quarterback, acclaimed sports broadcaster, talented vocalist, screen actor and championship quarter horse breeder makes his foray into a new arena in 2020: reality TV (well, sort of -- he has already tackled one stint on a competition series). According to an official announcement from E! released Wednesday, Jan. 29, Bradshaw and his family are slated to appear in a brand-new comedy docu-series dubbed The Bradshaw Bunch (working title), which will debut this summer. The upcoming series aims to give viewers a peek into Bradshaw's day-to-day, with his home in rural Oklahoma as its primary backdrop. Starring alongside the four-time Super Bowl champion will be his wife Tammy -- who appreciates a good prank as much as her husband does