• Meghan Markle's dad is threatening to start doing monthly interviews about her if she doesn't call him.
  • The University of Connecticut is where Kobe Bryant's daughter dreamed of going someday. Monday night, the team set aside a chair and a jersey for her during their game.
  • Drag queens will appear in Super Bowl commercials for the first time this Sunday, in a hummus commercial.
  • Kobe Bryant and his wife apparently had a deal where they would never ride together in a helicopter.
  • A low-powered TV station in Cincinnati has gotten the approval to change its station name to WKRP.
  • Kobe and his daughter Gigi apparently went to the 7am service at the Our Lady Queen of Angels in Newport Beach on Sunday, prior to the crash.
  • Meanwhile, almost 2 million people have signed an online petition to make Kobe Bryant the logo of the NBA.
  • In Sioux Falls, a Walmart parking lot had really iced over. So much, that whenever people tried to walk on it, they would slip and fall. One man observing this knew exactly what to do. When he saw someone that was about to walk on the icy parking lot, he would play the Benny Hill theme song... at least, until they fell. Police were called in and arrested the guy... but not until after a short chase while the song was playing.
  • A poll says nearly 1 in 4 Americans are cutting back on eating meat.
  • Bush's Beans announced it obtained a Guinness World Record by assembling a gargantuan Super Bowl snack -- a "seven-layer bean dip" with a total of 70 layers.
  • Atari is planning a series of hotels across the country with a video game theme. That'll be interesting.
  • Sony Pictures Television will not bring back rookie talk show, "The Mel Robbins Show," for a second season, the company confirmed Tuesday. The show's season concludes in early September.
  • Hunter Biden has agreed to start making child support payments to that woman in Arkansas who claimed he was the father of their child.
  • In Florida, a woman was arrested for calling 9-1-1 to tell the operator that she wanted to divorce her husband.
  • By the way, if you're keeping score at home, the Grammy's had their lowest ratings in 12 years on Sunday night.
  • In Florida, police had to be called in after five guys broke out into a fight... at a Five Guys hamburger joint. Seems repetitious.


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