"Corona Beer Sues For Naming Virus After Their Beer!"
Trash! But the case probably would have been thrown out, just like when we had that Miller High Life flu a few years ago.

"Man Arrested in Arizona with $4 Million worth of Drugs in Car!"
Truth! Now police know why 30-year-old Logan Lewis Pederson looked so nervous when they pulled him over. They found six 1-gallon jugs of meth, six bricks of cocaine, and a thousand packs of candy infused with THC in his car.

"Disneyland Closed Over Coronavirus!"
Truth! Disneyland in Hong Kong will remain closed indefinitely until they get this thing figured out.

"Playing Bridge is the Hot New Trend!"
Trash! It was boring then. It's boring now.

"Vermont Legislators Voting on Putting Emoji's on Car License Plates!"
Truth! State Rep. Rebecca White, a Democrat from Windsor, introduced the bill. The proposal would let drivers add one of six available emojis to their license plate.

"Man Balances Bowling Ball On His Index Finger!"
Trash! However, he tried. Now it's so flat, he could flip pancakes with it.

"New York Man Registers His Emotional Support Beer!"
Truth! Floyd Hayes actually registered his beer as an emotional support dog with USA Service Dog Registration, which promptly emailed him a registration code. An employee at USA Service Dog Registration, who declined to give her name, was not amused by the shenanigans.

"Man Plans Life-Size Statue of President Trump Made Out of Jell-O!"
Trash! He's using vanilla pudding.


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