(Cosmopolitan) Tally up all the offenses you're guilty of and be honest.
  • Whipping open the window shade for a sunrise Boomerang (add 4 points)
  • Passive aggressively knocking your neighbor's elbow to claim an armrest that isn't really yours (add 2 points)
  • Clapping when the plane lands because you survived mild turbulence (add 4 points)
  • Choking everyone out with the stench of your urgent nail polish touch-ups (add 4 points)
  • Sticking your bag in a bin up front because you're too lazy to drag it all the way back to your seat (add 3 points)
  • Making yourself right at home by walking down the aisle barefoot like you own the plane (add 3 points)
  • Making shameless #PlaneContent like you're a travel influencer (FYI: you're visiting your aunt in Kansas) (add 3 points)
  • Snapping a pic for Twitter of someone else doing something gross (add 2 points)
  • Quoting "I'm ready to paartay" from "Bridesmaids" (add 5 points)
  • Dropping Skinny Pop crumbs all over the place like Hansel and Gretel (add 2 points)
  • Sleeping through your super-loud alarm for a solid 15 minutes (add 4 points)
  • Charging your phone in the bathroom because you happened to notice an outlet last time you were in there (add 3 points)
  • Obsessively looking over your shoulder at the man sitting next to you to see if they noticed the sex scene in your in-flight movie (add 1 point)
  • Flossing your teeth (add 2 points)
  • Playing Candy Crush with the sound on (add 2 points)
The Results:
0 to 13 points -- You're the kind of person who just looks like they smell good. When people see you waiting in line at the gate, they hope and pray they'll be sitting next to you.
14 to 30 points -- Someone's really on their sock-removing, nail-polishing, bathroom-bogging agenda. Activate your self-awareness switch, put away your toes, and we'll all be fine.
31 to 46 points -- Where are you even traveling that you have enough time to be this disruptive? Is "The Princess Diaries" a movie option? Make Julie Andrews your life coach.


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