High heels and tight-fitting or pointed-toe shoes are the leading cause of ingrown toenails. This excruciatingly painful condition, also known as Onychocryptosis, occurs when the toes compress together, forcing the big toenails to grow into the skin. High heels create chronic pressure on the big toenails and prevent them from growing properly. Additionally, shoe pressure can cause the nail to puncture the skin leading to infection. Other causes can include trauma to the nail or fungal infections. So, how can you wear heels and keep your feet healthy? Dr. Stuck offers this advice to manage ingrown toenails and prevent infection:
  • Cut out a cardboard tracing of each foot and attempt to place it in the shoe when shopping for a new pair. If it does not fit, then the shoes are too narrow.
  • Refrain from wearing tight hosiery.
  • Limit the amount of time in heels.
  • Wear heels on days that require limited walking or standing.
  • Trim toenails straight across the top.
  • Soak your feet in lukewarm, soapy water or Epsom salts.
  • Dry your feet and toes thoroughly with a clean towel.
  • use a mild antiseptic solution on your toes.
In general, if you give your feet the attention they need, they will look and feel healthy. A bit of extra care will allow women who prefer fashionable high heels to continue to wear them.


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