• A women's magazine asked women what goes down before you say I do?
  • 39% of women who have dreamt of saying I do ever since they were kids
  • A woman's ideal wedding is a ceremony on the beach
  • Four is the number of bridesmaids the average woman has
  • A tropical island is the top place the average woman wants to spend her honeymoon
  • 8% of brides to be who don't care what their engagement ring looks like as long as it's big
  • 18% of brides to be picked out their own rock
  • 4% of women popped the question instead of waiting to be asked
  • 15% of women were surprised when their boyfriend proposed
  • 10 to 13 months is the length of the average woman's engagement
  • Choosing a wedding gown is the favorite thing about being a bride
  • 13% chose a fitted, sexy wedding dress
  • 9% of brides lost more than 15 pounds for their wedding
  • 24% of brides got cold feet
  • What she's most anxious about; the wedding not going smooth and him not being Mr. Right
  • The wedding budget is what the average woman and her fiance most often fight about
  • The flowers were the first thing to go
  • Craziest things the average woman did while planning her wedding: went into serious debt, threatened to call off the wedding, and uninvited a guest
  • 2% hooked up at their bachelorette party
  • 85% had sex with their hubby post-reception


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