A kiss may be just a kiss, but there's a lot going on behind those lips. Here are 10 findings about our puckers from Psychology Today:
  1. Lips flush darker during romantic excitement.
  2. Kissing drives up our bodies' levels of oxytocin, which promotes attachment and bonding between smoochers.
  3. Men like bigger, sloppier kisses than women because their sense of taste and smell is less keen.
  4. Gals prefer guys with medium size lips full enough to convey compassion and friendliness, but not so plump as to appear feminine.
  5. The novelty of kissing a new person may release dopamine in our body, which encourages romantic love.
  6. Guys are attracted to large, naturally full lips on women because they signal good health and youth.
  7. Most gals say they would not have romantic relations with their partner without kissing. But guys are more amenable to skipping the smooching.
  8. Men can unconsciously use kissing as a way to determine the level of estrogen in a woman's saliva and thus her fertility.
  9. Guys instinctively use smooching as a way to smooth over conflicts.
  10. But ladies incorrectly, believe that puckering up is not a good way to make up after a fight.


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