Brie and Nikki Bella Are Both Pregnant -- and Due Less Than 2 Weeks Apart: 'It's Crazy!' From birthdays to WWE titles, Nikki and Brie Bella have shared plenty together -- now, they can add being pregnant to their list. Surprise: Nikki and Brie Bella are (both!) pregnant! In this week's issue of PEOPLE, the Total Bella stars, both 36, reveal they're both expecting -- and they're due only a week and a half apart. "Wait, twins being pregnant at the same time?" Brie says. "People are going to think that's a joke. We both are shocked. People are going to think we planned it, but you can't really plan pregnancy!" "[It was] a total surprise," Nikki adds. "It took even me a good week to come to terms with like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm pregnant.' I'm not ready for it." Brie, who shares 2-year-old daughter Birdie with husband and pro wrestler Daniel Bryan, was "shocked" to learn she'd conceived shortly after she decided she was "meant to have one child." "My husband and I were trying for seven or eight months, but then I felt in my heart it was a sign from God, like, 'You guys are good with one,' so we stopped trying," says Brie. "When we were in France meeting Artem's family, I felt a little off. I was irritated and uncomfortable in my body. When we got home, I took a test two days before Thanksgiving, and when I saw the positive sign, I was like, 'Oh, s -- !'" For Nikki, she says she and her new fiance, Dancing with the Stars pro Artem Chigvintsev, weren't trying, but she had a "feeling." "I was in yoga, and I kept getting this feeling that you need to take a pregnancy test, but I wasn't even late yet," says Nikki, who got engaged during a romantic trip to France in November. "And so, I'm like, 'Why do I keep having this feeling? Am I getting twin vibes from her? Because she just told me she's pregnant?'" "I didn't tell Artem at this point," Nikki adds. "I just want to do this by myself. When I came back in, and it said pregnant, I had to sit down for a second." Because they share everything, from birthdays to WWE titles, the Bellas say they're experiencing the same symptoms too. "We have definitely felt better in our lives," says Brie. "It's actually crazy because we both have the same symptoms. So, we've been super nauseous." "I feel like I literally have a hangover every day and it's crazy because I'm not going out and partying," adds Nikki. "I'm not hitting up my usual happy hours. There's no wine in my life. It's like having a hangover. I think what's been the hardest part on me is feeling this hangover every day." She continues "My eating habits have changed. I thought that, 'Okay, I'm gonna stay healthy. I'm going to be good.' But when it kicks in, this feeling, you only want French fries and ketchup. Vegetables sound disgusting. Anything healthy, honestly, sounds disgusting." But despite the "hangovers," both Brie and Nikki are grateful for how things turned out. Total Bellas returns this spring on E!. (People)

Zac Efron Is Dating Halston Sage After Ending Relationship With Sarah Bro Split. It's over. Zac Efron and his swimmer girlfriend, Sarah Bro, have called it quits after less than a year of dating, Us Weekly exclusively confirms in the new issue. "The relationship just wasn't working out," a source tells Us. "She came back to L.A., and it never got going again." The former Disney Channel star, 32, has already moved on and is dating actress Halston Sage, another source tells Us exclusively. Efron and Sage, 26, "are in a serious relationship and in love," the insider says. "They spent the holidays together, with part of that time in Santa Barbara." The California native and Orville actress were costars in 2014's Neighbors and were briefly linked romantically in April 2014. By July of that year, Efron was single once again. In March 2019, Us broke the news that Efron and Bro, 23, were an item after the former couple sparked dating rumors. Before their relationship was confirmed, the Neighbors star and Olympian were spotted out together on various occasions, including their first sighting at a fitness class in Los Angeles in January 2019. Two months later, Efron and Bro added more fuel to the fire when they were seen attending an Ultimate Fighting Championship match in Las Vegas. They also attended a Los Angeles Kings game together days earlier. Efron does not follow Bro on Instagram, but the athlete follows her former beau and has continued to "like" his most recent pictures. Efron's split from Bro comes almost one month after the High School Musical alum faced a health scare while filming in Papua New Guinea. He was hospitalized after suffering from a serious bacterial infection, but the Greatest Showman actor later shared that he was doing OK following the scary incident. "Very thankful to everyone who has reached out. I did get sick in Papua New Guinea but I bounced back quick and finished an amazing 3 weeks in P.N.G.," he captioned a December 2019 Instagram post, where he was seen happily posing with children and locals. "I'm home for the holidays with my friends and family. Thanks for all the love and concern, see you in 2020!" Before Efron's breakup and new relationship were confirmed, Us broke the news that his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler parted ways after nearly nine years. "Vanessa and Austin are officially broken up, and Vanessa has been telling those close to her about their breakup," a source told Us exclusively on January 14. In the wake of Hudgens and Butler's split, fans of the 31-year-old Second Act actress and Efron's former relationship tweeted their desire for the exes to reconcile. One fan wrote that Hudgens being single "is Zac Efron's chance to revive Zanessa," while another user told Efron to "come get" his "woman." A third person shared a clip of Efron's character Troy Bolton in High School Musical 2 singing and dancing his way through a solo musical number, writing: "Zac Efron on his way to Vanessa Hudgens' house after hearing she's broke up with Austin Butler." Efron and Hudgens broke up in December 2010 after five years together. The Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile actor has also been linked to Lily Collins, Alexandra Daddario and Michelle Rodriguez. For more details, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now! (UsMagazine)

Laura Dern Reveals Why Marriage Story Made Her "Believe In Love." It's almost time for the big night! The 2020 Oscars are almost upon us, which means all of Hollywood's biggest celebrities are gearing up for their time in the spotlight. Actress Laura Dern sat down with E! News' Melanie Bromley to chat about her role in the hit film Marriage Story, and what it's like being nominated for Best Supporting Actress. "Lovely. We had our last screening and Q&A for Marriage Story on Saturday night and someone from Netflix said, 'And your first one was August 8th,' and I just realized that the journey every year that a group of movies go through, and the blessing of it, but also the bittersweet nature of celebrating with those who become family," she shared about the process of becoming an award winning film. The film, written and directed by Noah Baumbach, has gotten a lot of praise for its very real portrayal of divorce and marriage. While many people, including Melanie, ended the film feeling less than excited about the potential of ever walking down the aisle, Laura revealed that she had a much different take on the outcome of the movie. "I find the movie an incredible love story, so I believe in love more than ever when I see the movie," she shared. "Because love never goes away. And at the end of the film, it ends with the gesture based on love and loving. Through all the battle and all the heartbreak and divisiveness, when you love you love forever. Even if the relationship changes." That's one way of looking at it! Laura's experience this year has also been far different from that of many of her peers. She also starred in the hit film Little Women which was directed by her Marriage Story directors partner Greta Gerwig. "They're both incredible. It's so amazing that they're both nominated for Best Picture. They've made perfect movies in my opinion," she shared. "They both gave me such beautiful and equal collaborative experiences with unbelievably different characters. As Greta says, 'Oh you know with Noah you tear families apart, and in my movie you're the one who brings the families together.' That's just delicious and wonderful." "Their differences I feel like come from the fact that she is an actor and he as a filmmaker has always been the one that bears witness to the performance," she continued. "While she was sort of more inside it. Like she was almost playing it with me. That was both amazing, delicious ways to work with the director." As for how she's preparing for the big night, Laura admits she has no full-proof system. "I think it's so individual. It's like going to a swim meet when you're 10. What makes you comfortable and relaxed in this moment that people say is special," she revealed of her process. "What I know is having first come as a nominee at 22 is that I let anxiety take over really being in the experience...So hopefully I'll able to do that more and more with experience and gratitude working with people I love so much." (Eonline)

Why Claire Danes Decided Not to Do Titanic With Leonardo DiCaprio. Claire Danes wasn't ready for the fame that would surely come from Titanic. The actress has revealed that the beloved 1997 movie, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, almost had a different cast. While on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast this week, Danes said that she has "zero" regrets about walking away from the role opposite DiCaprio, despite being a "big Leo fan." The stars had actually just filmed Romeo + Juliet together before production on Titanic began. When asked if she got offered Titanic, Danes told Shepard, "I think I did. I'm not entirely clear on that. There was strong interest, but honestly, I'd just made this romantic epic with Leo in Mexico City, which is where they were going to shoot Titanic, and I just didn't have it in me." "And I remember, Leo and I shared a manager at the time, and we were there at the office. And I was on a balcony, which is funny...and Leo had this rental red convertible...and he was kinda going in circles in the parking lot," Danes recalled. "And I knew he was wrestling with the decision to do that movie or not and he just looked up at me, and he said, 'I'm doing it. I'm doing it.'" "And I could see he wasn't sure, but he was like, 'F--k it, I gotta do this thing.'" Danes said. "And I looked down on him going, I totally understand why you are doing it. And I'm not ready for that. And I think I really wasn't ready for it." Danes went on to explain that she didn't want the intense amount of fame that came along with the Titanic role, and she later witnessed it happen to DiCaprio after the movie was released. The Homeland actress then explained to Shepard why she has "zero" regrets about turning down the role. "I was just really clear about it," Danes said. "I wasn't conflicted, I wasn't." "I was just feeling eager to have different creative experiences, that felt like a repeat," Danes explained. "And, as I said, I think it was gonna propel me towards something that I knew I didn't have the resources to cope with. And I knew I had to do a lot of foundation building." You can hear Danes talk more about her career on the latest episode of Armchair Expert. (Eonline)

Rick Fox Speaks Out After It Was Feared He Too Was Killed in Kobe Bryant's Helicopter Crash. "My family went through, in the midst of all this, something that I couldn't imagine them experiencing," the former Los Angeles Lakers player said on Tuesday night's episode of Inside the NBA. Rick Fox is breaking his silence following rumors he was a victim in the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and seven other people on Sunday. Fox, 50, shared how the false reports affected his family as he joined Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Derek Fisher, and Kenny Smith for a special segment during Tuesday night's episode of Inside the NBA on TNT. "My family went through, in the midst of all this, something that I couldn't imagine them experiencing," Fox said, adding that it is one of his daughter's "greatest fears" to find out through social media that one of her parents died. "She, fortunately, called me and we were just talking and crying about the news of Kobe," Fox said. But it was while he was on the phone with her that he began to receive phone call after phone call, which he said he ignored because after hearing the devastating news, he "[wanted] to be with my kids and my family." Fox said that someone had told his best friend, King Rice, that he may have been on the helicopter. "I'm seeing King's number repeatedly going and going and going, and I think he's worried about me, so I said, 'I'm gonna talk to my best friend,' so I answered and said, 'Hey man, this is crazy about Kobe,' and he just was bawling," he recalled. "And I started crying. And he was like, 'You're alive!' And I was like, 'Well, yeah. Like what do you mean?' And it was in that moment that my phone just started going, and my mom and my sister and my brother... This has been a lot to process for all of us." "I'm glad that's over with, but it was hard to deal with because it shook a lot of people in my life," Fox, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics during his career in the NBA, said. On Sunday, Fox's stepdaughter Jillian Hervey tweeted out confirmation that he had not been aboard the helicopter with Kobe. "To confirm my stepdad Rick Fox is ALIVE and safe! I just got off the phone with my sister. We are all in shock and deeply saddened but please don't spread false news. #ripkobe ??," she wrote. Several sports journalists also confirmed that any reports Fox had died were not true. Kobe and Gianna were two of nine people to die in Sunday's helicopter crash that included Christina Mauser, John, Keri and Alyssa Altobelli, Sarah and Payton Chester and pilot Ara Zobayan. Kobe and Gianna are survived by the player's wife Vanessa, 37, and his daughters Natalia, 17, Bianka, 3, and Capri, 7 months. (People)

Two years after her split from Jack Antonoff, Lena Dunham says she's well and truly single. In her cover interview for Cosmopolitan UK's March issue, on sale starting Thursday, the Girls creator gets candid about her health struggles, her time in rehab and newfound sobriety, and how her perspective on love, dating and sex has evolved in recent years. Reflecting on her split from the Bleachers frontman, 35, after over five years together, Dunham, 33, said they "fell in love" when she was "really young" -- 25 at the time. "I look back and we had a great ride, we cared for each other, but you know what? We were both starting our careers and that was our true passion," she said. "The love you have for someone doesn't disappear because you don't have them; it's just logistically it doesn't work anymore." "I love him so much," she added. "He is a dear, dear friend of mine. Has it been easy every second? No, it's not easy to divide life with someone. There are definitely moments where I was catty, rude or sassy, but he has been beautifully accepting of those and I've been able to be accepting of his anger too. What's really nice is we don't try to pretend that we don't have this history together, but we're also willing to move forward." Dunham and Antonoff, met in 2012 after being set up on a blind date by Antonoff's sister Rachel and comedian Mike Birbiglia. Reps for the two confirmed to PEOPLE in January 2018 that the couple had called it quits, with a source adding that the breakup was "amicable." As she grappled with heartbreak, Dunham said she kept dating, even briefly getting engaged to one boyfriend who proposed with the lace of a Timberland boot while they were snowed in at her parents' apartment, per Cosmopolitan UK. (In July 2018, the actress was spotted holding hands with a mystery companion, but she has never publicly addressed the relationship.) "I'd just had a hysterectomy, I'd broken up with my boyfriend, I was in the process of breaking up with my business partner -- I had no business buying a pair of shoes, [let alone] getting engaged," she told the magazine. "Then I just went, 'You know what? I've been dating since I was 15 years old. I'm allowed to take a break.'" "Sobriety for me means so much more than just not doing drugs," she continued. "It also means that I abstain from negative relationships. It means I've taken a hiatus from dating, which has been amazing for me." Dunham said being "totally single" for the past 14 months has brought her "a lot clarity," adding that the last two years "have been the best time of my life." "I realized that until I was in a dynamic with someone who made me feel super-safe, I didn't want to do it," she said. "People right now will go, 'Oh my god, you haven't had sex in over a year,' and I'm like, 'No, actually it's been the most healing thing.'" As for potential future partners? "Here's the thing: if I meet someone who I think would be great to raise children with, that's wonderful, but I've compromised on too many things in my life," she said. "I'm not going to compromise on that." Last April, Dunham -- who had a cameo in Quentin Tarantino's Oscar-nominated Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood and is directing and executive-producing a new HBO series, Industry -- celebrated one year of sobriety with a lengthy post on Instagram, saying the journey has brought her "peace, joy and lasting connections." "Sobriety hasn't fixed my world. Life is still challenging -- that's the nature of the game," she wrote. "But every day I am surprised by the richness and depth of, well, reality. I don't need to escape this beautiful carnival. Instead, I'm on the ride." (People)

Rapper T.I. Apologizes to Daughters in Wake of Kobe Bryant Tragedy: 'Please Forgive Me'. "Please forgive me for any and all imperfections that cause misunderstandings between us," T.I. wrote on Instagram. T.I. is taking a moment to articulate his love for his daughters. In the wake of the Kobe Bryant tragedy that shook the world over the weekend, the "Live Your Life" rapper, 39, shared a heartfelt Instagram post dedicated to Zonnique and Deyjah on Monday. "I love you girls more than my vocabulary will allow me to express," T.I., born Clifford Harris, began the caption. "You have grown so much right before my very eyes & blossomed into strong, brilliantly opinionated, independent young women. I'm so proud of you both and I love you to no end, more than you'll ever know." On Sunday, Bryant died at age 41 in a helicopter crash that killed eight others, including the NBA star's 13-year-old daughter Gianna. The devastating loss seemed to put past disagreements in perspective, prompting T.I. to apologize to his girls. "Please forgive me for any and all imperfections that cause misunderstandings between us... Charge my mind, not my heart," he wrote, sharing a slideshow of photos with his daughters. "You see Life may throw us curveballs & deal us some pretty bad hands at times. But rest assured, you'll NEVER find yourself in a place too high or low for me to be there to catch you when you fall." He added: "I just Can't let another second go by without letting you know while we're still here in this life together... You have ALL MY LOVE FOR ALL MY LIFE... &AFTER??" Stepdaughter Zonnique, 23, soon responded to the post, writing "I love you pops." T.I. caused controversy last year when he made comments about his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah's virginity. On an episode of Red Table Talk in November, he sat down with Jada Pinkett Smith to address the statements he made on the Ladies Like Us podcast, when the artist spoke about making annual gynecologist appointments in order to check the status of his daughter's virginity. "From a place of truth, I began to embellish and exaggerate and I think a lot of people took it extremely literal," he said on Red Table Talk. T.I. clarified that the doctor visits were made when his daughter was younger, and that neither his daughter nor her mother, singer Ms. Niko, had "any" objection about him being there at the time. "She did have a problem with me talking about it however, and I understand that, and I am incredibly apologetic to her for that," he said at the time. "She understands my intentions and she knows who I am, who I've always been." Following news of Bryant's death on Sunday, countless stars shared tributes for the basketball legend, mourning those involved in the fatal crash while also emphasizing the importance of holding loved ones even closer. Sharing his initial reaction to Bryant's death, T.I. wrote on Instagram that it was "heartbreakingly painful to hear," also stressing that "life's too short." "My family's hearts go out to Mrs. Bryant & their beautiful children. Life's too short man," he captioned the post. "Love hard on your children & family & live everyday like your last. Try to remind yourself to treat the people you love like you'll never see them again. You never know... Prayers up for the Bryants.??" In a subsequent tribute post on Instagram, T.I. wrote that the loss was hard to process. "As a father I can't even imagine... ??," he said. "... Love conquers all. Through all the bulls -- life has to throw at us... Love is the only fool-proof tool we have." (People)

Some crook thought he'd be a big shot breaking into Billy Joel's house -- which would've been bad enough -- but trashing the piano man's beloved motorbikes too ... just makes him a heartless prick. Nassau County PD tells TMZ ... a burglary took place sometime between Saturday and Monday morning at a Long Island home, which sources tell us belongs to Billy. The cops say 12 motorcycles and a home office on the property had been vandalized. The extent of the damage is unclear, but even a little is gonna sting Billy badly ... 'cause the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer absolutely LOVES his motorcycles. He's a notorious gear head and owns a local bike shop with even more vintage motorcycles on hand. So, it's no secret around his native Long Island that he's got crazy love for his street machines. Cops say it appears the burglar or burglars smashed through a glass door leading into the garage. We don't know if Billy was home during the break-in, but we know he discovered the damage Monday morning and called cops. The police took a statement and are investigating. For now, Billy's keeping the faith the boys in blue can track down the suspect(s). (TMZ)

Shaun Weiss -- famous for playing Goldberg in "The Mighty Ducks" -- was just arrested again ... another chapter in a tragic downward spiral. Police in Marysville, CA say Weiss was busted for residential burglary and being under the influence of methamphetamine Sunday around 7 AM. Cops say they responded to a call for a burglary in progress and when they arrived on the scene, found Weiss ransacking a car in the home's garage. During the arrest, cops say Weiss displayed symptoms of being under the influence of meth and told officers he did not live in the home and the car wasn't his. Weiss was booked into Yuba County Jail, and his bail has been set at $52,500. You'll recall ... Weiss posed for a sad mug shot back in August 2018 when he was arrested for public intoxication, also in Northern California. He spent a few hours in the drunk tank and was released but not cited. As we've reported, Weiss has been stuck in a downward spiral in recent years ... he was busted for petty theft in 2017 before being busted for meth possession days after his release from jail. He checked into a rehab facility after his drunken bust, and then was busted in December 2018 for shoplifting. Weiss' friends have been trying to get him help ... and it looks like he needs it now more than ever. (TMZ)

NFL Hall of Famer Chris Doleman Dies at 58: 'He Lived a Life of Courage and Character'. The former Minnesota Vikings player died following "a prolonged and courageous battle against cancer," according to Hall of Fame CEO David Baker. NFL Hall of Famer Chris Doleman, who played 15 seasons as a professional football player, died Tuesday night after a long battle with brain cancer. He was 58. The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced the news Wednesday, remembering the former athlete as "not only a great football player but an outstanding human being," the statement read per ESPN. "The entire Pro Football Hall of Fame family mourns the passing of Chris Doleman after a prolonged and courageous battle against cancer," David Baker, the Hall of Fame's president and CEO, wrote. Doleman's fight with cancer began in 2018 when the athlete had to have surgery to remove a brain tumor. "One of the honors of my life was witnessing Chris get baptized in the Jordan River during a Hall of Fame trip to Israel," Baker added. "The legacy of Chris Doleman will live forever in Canton, Ohio, for generations to learn from how he lived a life of courage and character." The Minnesota Vikings -- who drafted Doleman in the first round of the 1985 NFL draft -- also sent their condolences after hearing about Doleman's passing. "The Minnesota Vikings express our deepest sympathies to Chris Doleman's family and friends upon his passing," the team shared in a statement. "Chris was a great example for players past and present, as he embodied all the best characteristics of a Viking -- resilience, toughness and a competitive spirit. Chris always carried himself with dignity and class. Vikings fans worldwide will greatly miss him." According to ESPN, the Indianapolis native spent the majority of his athletic career with the Vikings. He played on the team from 1985 to 1993 and finished his career with the team as an eight-time Pro Bowler in 1999. Doleman, who started out playing football for Pittsburgh, also played two seasons with the Atlanta Falcons and three with the San Francisco 49ers, totaling 975 combined tackles and 150.5 sacks across his 15-season career, according to NBC News. Doleman played in 17 postseason games, though he never made it to a Super Bowl. In 2011, he was inducted into the Vikings Ring of Honor and in 2012, the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (People)


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